The Literary annual register, and catalogue raisonné of new publications [afterw.] Churton's literary register and London miscellany


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Página 53 - GUIDE me, O Thou Great Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land ; I am weak, but Thou art mighty ; Hold me with Thy powerful hand ; Bread of Heaven ! Feed me till I want no more.
Página 49 - I have taken all knowledge to be my province; and if I could purge it of two sorts of rovers, whereof the one with frivolous disputations, confutations, and verbosities; the other with blind experiments and auricular traditions and impostures, hath committed so many spoils; I hope I should bring in industrious observations, grounded conclusions, and profitable inventions and discoveries; the best state of that province. This, whether it be curiosity, or vain glory, or nature, or, if one take it favourably,...
Página 3 - On this occasion, amidst a variety of ceremonies, the names of young women were put into a box, from which they were drawn by the men as chance directed.
Página 44 - CARPENTER'S (Dr. WB) Zoology. A Systematic View of the Structure, Habits, Instincts, and Uses of the principal Families of the Animal Kingdom, and of the chief Forms of Fossil Remains. Revised by WS Dallas, FLS Numerous Woodcuts. 2 vols. 6s. each. Mechanical Philosophy. Astronomy, and Horology. A Popular Exposition. 181 Woodcuts. CARPENTER'S Works.— C^tfwW. - Vegetable Physiology and Systematic Botany.
Página 76 - Leicester House. Some years after he was released from his prison, and conducted out of France, he sent for this girl, who soon acquired such a dominion over him, that she was acquainted with all his schemes, and trusted with his most secret correspondence. As soon as this was known in England, all those persons of distinction, who were attached to him, were greatly alarmed; they imagined that this wench had been placed in .his family by the English ministers; and, considering her sister's situation,...
Página 49 - I wax now somewhat ancient ; one and thirty years is a .great deal of sand in the hour-glass. My health, I thank God, I find confirmed; and I do not fear that action shall impair it : because 1 account my ordinary course of study and meditation to be more painful than most parts of action are.
Página 80 - That they were designed to answer, at least, a twofold use, namely, to serve as belfries, and as keeps, or places of strength, in which the sacred utensils, books, relics, and other valuables were deposited, and into which the ecclesiastics, to whom they belonged, could retire for security in cases of sudden predatory attack. III. That they were probably also used, when occasion required, as beacons and watchtowers.
Página 177 - ... occasions his complete separation from the sight and hearing of his fellows), instead of excluding him from divine service and instruction ; — in providing him with the means of taking exercise in the open air whenever it is...
Página 91 - NEALE'S (EV) Feasts and Fasts : an Essay on the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Laws relating to Sundays and other Holidays, and Days of Fasting; with Notices of the Origin of those Days, and of the Sittings and Vacations of the Courts.
Página 117 - Babies crowed to hear the music, and boys ran out to see the pretty trainers, with feathers and bright buttons, " the harlequins of the nineteenth century." Of course, none of these were in a proper position to be shot at. " Where are your soldiers 7" they asked. "We have none,

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