Global Health Perspectives In Prediabetes And Diabetes Prevention

Bergman Michael
World Scientific, 15 jul. 2014 - 500 páginas
This comprehensive text is unique in its compilation of experiences in addressing the global diabetes epidemic and description of diverse worldwide prevention initiatives. Background chapters describe the diagnosis and definition of diabetes, the epidemiology, pathophysiology of prediabetes as well as clinical trial evidence for diabetes prevention and treatment. Furthermore, the critical role of government in formulating a global health agenda, policy perspectives for European initiatives, the importance of nutritional policies for diabetes prevention as well as the development of the necessary capacity and infrastructure for diabetes prevention are described. Given the prevalence of diabetes in South Asians and migrants, one chapter focuses on risk factors and prevention of diabetes in these communities. Other chapters detail local and regional approaches covering a truly global span: United States, Latin America, Europe, India, Turkey, (Siberia) Russia, the Middle East and North Africa, South Africa, Israel, East Asia and Australia.Authored by academic experts in endocrinology and diabetes and global leaders in epidemiology and public health, this landmark text is an authoritative reference for a diverse audience including government, public health and policy experts and researchers, academicians, healthcare professionals, endocrinologists and clinicians interested in prediabetes and diabetes prevention, graduate students and faculty in public and global health graduate programs, epidemiologists, nutritionists, sociologists and those in translational medicine. Readers will broaden their awareness of the prevailing and burgeoning diabetes epidemic and the remarkably creative worldwide prevention initiatives undertaken to address the seemingly insurmountable inherent challenges posed by this global health care crisis. The text is an attestation to the wonderful potential for enormous human collaboration and achievement when communal organizations, governments at local, regional and national levels, researchers, the medical and public health communities, and nutrition experts join with global citizenry in confronting one of the most significant healthcare challenges witnessed in this century.

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Diagnosis and Definition
Epidemiology of Prediabetes
Pathophysiology of Prediabetes Role of Lipotoxicity?
Primary Prevention Trials in Type 2 Diabetes
Treatment of Prediabetes
Diabetes Prevention and Nutrition Policies from a Global Perspective
Global Health and Governmental Policies in Diabetes Prevention
Infrastructure and Capacity for Diabetes Prevention in The United States
Characteristics of PrediabetesDiabetes and Prevention Initiatives in East Asia
Real Life Diabetes Prevention Initiatives in India
Diabetes Prevention in the Middle East and North Africa Region
Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention in South Africa
Prevention of Diabetes in Israel
Diabetes Prevention in Australia The Challenges of Scalingup and Rollingout Programs
Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention Initiatives in Turkey
Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention Initiatives in Siberia Russia

Epidemiological Trends Risk Factors and Prevention of Diabetes Special Focus on South Asians and Migrants
European Initiatives in Diabetes Prevention Policy Perspectives
Real Life Diabetes Prevention in Europe
Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention Initiatives in LatinAmerica LA
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