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Página 23 - When all is saId and done, the rule of brotherhood remains as the indispensable prerequisite to success in the kind of national life for which we strive. Each man must work for himself, and unless he so works no outside help can avail him ; but each man must remember also that he is indeed his brother's keeper, and that while no man who refuses to walk can be carried with advantage to himself or any one else, yet that each at times stumbles or halts, that each at times needs to have the helping hand...
Página 12 - Contents: Among friends — The Anglo-American school of polite unlearning — The hundred worst books — The convention of books — In praise of politicians — My missionary life in Persia — The colonel in the theological seminary — The romance of ethics — The merry devil of education.
Página 5 - THE WORLD'S COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS. A Descriptive Account of the Economic Plants of the World and of their Commercial Uses. By WG FREEMAN, B.Sc., FLS, and SE CHANDLER, D.Sc., FLS With contributions by TA HENRY, D.Sc., FCS, CE JONES, B.Sc., FLS, and EH WILSON.
Página 12 - Contents: On the nature of the individual. — On certain conditions of man. — On the nature of hatred. — On the nature of the tribe. — Nature and value of ethnic motives. — The Hebrew problem. — The problem of the African. — The categoric motive in human relations. — The conditions of the contacts of men.. — The significance of variety and species in organic life. — The way out.
Página 18 - There has been a steady growth in the use of the library. This growth is probably greater in the use of the building and the reading rooms, with their collections of reference books and periodicals and works of art. of which no exact record has been or can be taken, than in the number of persons who have taken out cards and who have taken out books for home use.
Página 6 - Yhe development of printing as an art. A handbook of the exhibition in honor of the bi-centenary of Franklin's birth held at the Boston Public Library under the auspices of the Society of Printers. Publications of the Society, number II. Boston, Massachusetts, January i to 29, 1906. Boston, Mass., The Society, 1906. [6], 94 p. 224™. Stark, Adam, 1784-1867. 655.1 LSOI *°3" Printing : its antecedents, origin, history, and results.
Página 22 - Contents: Fashions in literature; The American newspaper; Certain diversities of American life; The Pilgrim. and the American of today; Nathan Hale; Some causes of the prevailing discontent; Education of the negro; The indeterminate sentence; The life-saving and life-proloning art; Literary copyright; The pursuit of happines; Truthfulness; Literature and the stage; "HH
Página 14 - Jekyll (GERTRUDE). HOME AND GARDEN: Notes and Thoughts, Practical and Critical, of a Worker in both. With 53 Illustrations from Photographs. 8vo, 10s.
Página 11 - Lives of Seventy of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. Edited and Annotated in the Light of Recent Discoveries, by EH and EW BLASHFIELD and AA HOPKINS.
Página 8 - ... Shorthouse— The Quest. FOURTH SERIES : The Vicar of Morwenstow — Fanny Burney— A Note on " Daddy " Crisp — George Herbert — John Keats — Benjamin Franklin — Charles Lamb Again — Walt Whitman — William Blake— The Theme of Paradise Lost —The Letters of Horace Walpole. FIFTH SERIES: The Greek Anthology — The Praise of Dickens — George Gissing — Mrs. Gaskell — Philip Freneau — Thoreau's Journal — The Centenary of Longfellow — Donald G. Mitchell— James Thomson...

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