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Drawing, An Introduction to Technical. Part II

(W. Ahhott), 789. Etching, The Art of (E. S. Lumsden), 434. Pictures, Some Notable (A. A. Sainsbury), 516. Roman Churches, Wanderings Through Ancient (R. Lanciani), 719,

ATLASES AND MAPS Atlas, The Chambers of Commerce (edited by G.

Philip and T. S. Sheldrake), 517. Atlas, w, and A. K. Johnston's, 339, 632. Atlas, Ward, Lock & Co's Favourite, 439. Atlas, Ward, Lock & Co's New, 439. Atlas of the British Empire, Historical and Modern

(C. G. Rohertson and J. G. Rartholomew), 250. Atlas of the World, Pitman's Commercial, 439. Atlases, Philips' Comparative Series of Wall, 339 Calendar, Philips' British Empire, 1925, 339. Geography of the Ancient World, The, 632. Map of the British Empire, The Navy league 792. Map of the World, Bacoo's Contour School, 339. Map Projections, A Concise Guide to (G. V. Gordon

and F. Evans), 792. Maps (W. and A. K. Johnston), 342.

BIOGRAPHY Bacon, Francis (1561-1626), (Dr. I. Levine), 621. Ben Jonson (C. H. Herford and P. Simpson), 788. Burney, Fanny (Prof. E. Morley), 543. Butler, H. M.: A Memoir (J. R. M. Butler), 853. Biltler, Samuel (C. E. M. Joad), 57. Canning, The New Policy of, 1822–7 (H. Temperley),

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Quiller-Couch), 435. Disraeli and Gladstone (D. C. Somervell), 754. Galton, The Life, Letters, and Labours of Francis

(Prof. K. Pearson), 57. Gray, Letters of Thomas (J. Beresford), 790. Gresham, Sir Thomas (F. R. Salter), 789. Harvey, Williain (1578-1657) (R. B. H. Wyatt), 433. Horace (Prof. A. Y. Campbell), 247. Howson of Holt (J. H. Simpson), 624. In the House of My Pilgrimage (L. M. Faithful), 58. Johnson, LL.D., Anecdotes of the late Samuel (H. L.

Piozzi, edited by S. C. Roberts), 435. Keats, John (A. Lowell), 335. Lady Margaret (E. M. G. Routh), 337. Lamb, Selected Letters of Charles (edited by G. T.

Clapton), 791. Let, Robert E. (Major-General Sir F.Maurice), 624. Léonard, Nicholas Gerain (Dr. W. M. Kerby!, 436. Lister, Lord (1827-1912) (Dr. C. Dukes), 433. More, Sir Thomas (1478-1538) (G. R. Potler), 789. Napier, Sir C. (Dr. T. R. Holmes), 621. Napoleon: An Outline (C. R. Ballard), 250 ; The

First (E. of Kerry), 851.
Newman, Cardinal (B. Newman), 337.
Paine, Thomas (1737-1809) (F. J. Gourd), 337.
Pepys, A School Edition of the Diary of Samuel

(edited by C. J. Hall), 256.
Pitt, Life of William (J. H. Rise), 857.
Shackleton, Sir E.., C.V.O., &c. (II. R. Mill), 58.
Watt, James (1736-1819) (T. H. Marshall), 516.
Women, Pioneer (M. E. Tabor), 624.

Aeschylean Tragedy (Prof. H. W. Smyth), 249.
Books named in lists, 249, 434, 516, 586, 789.
Caesar in Britain (edited by Dr. W. D. Lowe), 789.
Camilla : A Latin Reading Book (M. Reed), 624.
Cicero, Selections (edited by Dr. W. D. Lowe), 789.
Collectania Alexandrina (I. V. Powell), 852.
Fall of Troy, The (edited by Dr. W. D. Lowe), 789.
Greece, Authors of (Rev. T. W. Lamh), 60.
Greece, Social Life in (Y. P. Mahaffy), 853.
Greece, The Pageant of (R. W. Livingstone), 624.
Greece, The Writers of (Prof. G. Norwood), 624.
Greece and Rome, Our Debt to; Architecture

(Prof. A. M. Brooks), 434 ; Mythology (D. J. E. Harrison), 434; Stoicism and its influence

(Prof. R. M. Wenley), 431. Greek-English Lexicon, A. Part I (compiled by

Dr. H. G. Liddell and Dr. R. Scott), 621. Greek Prose Composition, with Digest of Greek

Idioms, Theory of Advanced. Part III (J.

Donovan), 249. Hannibal, Scenes from the Life of (edited by

Dr. W. D. Lowe), 789. Homer's Odyssey (H. B. Cotterill), 60. Juvenal's Tenth Satire and Johnson's The Vanity of

Human Wishes (E, H. Blakeney), 516. Latin, An Anthology of Medieval (S. Gaseler), 516. Latin, Unprepared (edited by E. C. Marchant), 624. Latin on the Direct Method (W. H. D. Rouse and

R. B. Appleton), 788. Latin Poetry, A Book of (chosen by E. V. Rieu), 624. Latin Poets, A Few Words on Verse Translation froin

(W. E. Heitland), 621. Latin Prose Composition (J. A. Nairn), 853. Latina, Lingua. Primus Annus (W. L. Paine and

C. L. Mainwaring), 789. Lucian, Certain Select Dialogues of (F. Hickes), 516. M. Tulli Ciceronis. De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum

(edited by Prof. J. S. Reid), 624, 853.

(vid, Selections from (Dr. W. D. Lowe), 789. Petronius, The Cena Trimalchionis of (&c.) (edited

by W. B. Sedgwick), 516. Pliny's Letters, Anecdotes from (edited by Dr. W. D.

Lowel, 789. Rome, A Literary History of (Prof. J. W'. Duff), 515. Rome, Authors of (Dr. J. A. Nairn), 60. Sappho and Her Infuence (D. M. Robinson), 566. Tales of Great Generals (Dr. W. D. Iowe), 789. Tales of the Civil War Caesar's)(Dr.W.D. Lowe!,789. Theocritus, The Idylls of (R. C. Trevelyan), 621,

ECONOMICS Commerce for Beginners, The Elements of (M®

Clark), 566. Economics, Everyone's (Dr. R. Jones), 517. Economics of Social Problems (H. A. Silverman), 856. Labour and Profits (B. Cable), 517. Mercantile Law, Stevens' (H. Jacobs), 517. Political Economiy, Palgrave's Dictionary of (edited

by H. Higgs), 517. Population (A. M. Carr-Saunders), 517. Problems in Home Economics Teaching (I. F.

Bowman), 856. Unemployment (J.L. F. Vogel), 856. Usury, A Discourse upon (1572) (T. Wilson), 517, 566.

EDUCATION A Pedagogue's Commonplace Book (E. Rowland),834. Adolescent, Open Channels for the (T. J. Leonhardt),

518. Adult School Movement, The (G. C. Martin), 438. Auto-Education Guides. III (Dr. J. White), 720. Bedford School. A History of late J. Sargeaunt), 438. Books named in lists, 60, 249, 337, 439, 518, 720. Child, Consider the (M. Eaton), 851. Cinema in Education, The (Sir J. Marchant), 438. Education. An Essay Towards a Philosophy of

(C. M. Mason), 337. Education, Beginning the Child's (E. F. Lynch), 518. Education, Imperial Studies in (edited by E. C.

Martin), 337. Education, Social Problems and (E. R. Groves), 854. Education, The Foundations of. Vol. I (Prof. J. J.

Findlay), 719. Education, The Johns Hopkins University Studies in.

No. 8. (Dr. E. E. Franklin), 518. Education, The Purpose of (St. G, L. F. Pitt), 60. Education, Visual (F N. Freeman and others), 60. Education and Life (edited by J. A. Dale), 337. Education by Life (edited by H. B. Smith), 720. Education in East Africa (Dr. T. J. Jones), 518. Education in Canada (F. B. Low), 854. Education since 1789, Nationalism and (Prof. E. H.

Reisner), 438. Educational Advancenient Abroad (F. J. C. Hearn

shaw), 854. Educational Year Book of the International Institute

of Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1924

(edited by Prof. I. L. Kandel), 720. Juveniles, The Employment and Welfare of (0. B.

King), 518. Junior High School Curricula (Prof. H.C. Hines), 249, Junior High School Life (E. V. Thomas-Tindal and

J. D. Myers), 249. Language Training: Learning to Read (A. F.

Mackenzie), 790. Method, Foundations of (W. H. Kilpatrick), 854. School and Home (A. Patri), 854. School, The Changing (Dr. P. B. Ballard), 518. Schools, A Book about: Schoolboys, Schoolmasters,

and School Books (A. R. H. Moncrieff), 518. Teaching of English "Series (Sir H. Newbolt), 518. The Platoon School (Dr. C. I,. Spain), 240.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE A Paladin of Philanthropy (A. Dobson), 790. Andersen, The Story of Hans (E. H. Moorhouse), 173. Animal Geography (W. P. Pycraft), 103. Arthur Mee's Talks to Boys, and Talks to Girls, 790. Australasia and New Zealand (B. C. Wallis), 103. Carlyle, The Best of (selected by T. 0. Glencross), 101. Carlyle's Essay on Sir Walter Scott (A. Smith), 436. Composition based on the Study of English Masters

of style, A New Course of (A. Cruse), 721. Copy, 1924 (Columbia University), 855. Criticism, Principles of Literary (1. A. Richards), 173. David Copperfield the Younger (C. Dickens), 564. Dryden, John (edited by Mr. St. L. Strachey), 790. Elocution and Gesture (A. Hasluck), 790. England's Green and Pleasant Land, 855. English, A History of Modern Colloquial (H. C.

Wyld), 435. English, Modern (Dr. J. H. Jagger), 721. English, The Modern Handbook of. Part I (Prof.

H. D. de Gourville), 563. English, Use and Abuse of (R. Masson), 101. English Authors, Hours with (edited by Prof. E. T.

Campagnac), 256, 563. English Essays (edited by E. D'Oyley), 563. English Grammar, An Elementary Historical New

(Prof. J. and E. M. Wright), 60. English Grammar and Composition, A Junior Course

of. Part I (L. Marsh and J. N. Goodman), 721. English in America, Fuphon (M. E. De Witt), 563. English in England, The Teaching of (report), 260. English in Secondary Schools for Girls, The Teaching

of (G. H. Bracken), 256. Engilsh Literature, A Short History (E. Albert), 700. English Practice, A Higher Course of (R. B. Morgan

aud R. B. Latimer), 790.

English Prose and How to Write It (R. Blatchford),

790. English Studies, The Year's Work in. Vol. IV

(edited by Sir S. Lee and F. S. Boas), 338. English Synonyms, Illustrations of (M. A. Pink), 563. English Through Actions (H. E. Palmer and D.

Palmer), 563. Essays, Goldsmith's (selected by A. H. Sleight), 790. Essays, Macaulay's Historical and Literary, 790. Essays, Zigzags in France, etc. (E. V. Lucas), 790. Essays and Studies by Menibers of the English

Association. Vol. X (E. K. Chambers), 172. Essays by Divers Hands (J. Drinkwater). 855. Fairy Tales from Grimm (edited by S. E. Wiltse), 338. Faustus, The History of (edited by Dr. W. Rose), 790. Folklore Studies : Ancient and Modern (Prof. W'. R.

Halliday), 100. French History, Heroes of (L. Creighton), 623. Grammar of Function, The Junior Outline (E. M.

Palser and R. T. Lewis), 564. Gulliver's Travels. I and II (J. Swift), 564. Hazlitt, The Best of (Compiled by P. P. Howe), 101. Hazlitt, William (A. J. Wyatt), 855. Il Novellino: The Hundred Old Tales (E. Storer),

797. Impressions and Comments (H. Ellis), 101. In the Land of Youth (J. Stephens), 100. Leaves from the Golden Bough (Lady Frazer), 100. Literature, Modern Russian (D. S. Mirsky), 563. Literature, The Craft of (W. E. Williams), 564. Literature, The Way of (edited by Prof. E. de

Selincourt), 172. Literary Study, The Art of (H. B. Charlton), 435. Love Among the Artists (B. Shaw), 172. My Tower in Desmond (S. R. Lysaght), 790. Mystery of Edwin Drood, The (C. Dickens), 790. Off to the Sea, 436. Old English Grammar (Prof. J. Wright and E. M.

Wright), 563. Our Sussex Parish (T. Geering), 435. Pictures from Italy (C. Dickens), 790. Plays from Old Stories, New, 564. Précis Book, A First (C. N. Pocock), 436. Précis.Writing, A Systematic Course (J. Compton),

564. Précis Writing, Selected Passages for (T. E. J. Brad

shaw and G. G. Phillips), 256. Précis-Writing on Historical, Social, Literary, and

other Subjects, A Compendium of (F. E. Robe

son), 564. Prose. The Principles of English (G. L. Tarpley), 721. Prose, The Way of (J. Drinkwater), 173. Reader and Guide for New Americans. Books I

and II (A. W. Castle), 256. Readers, The Sunshine First and Second Infant

Primers, 564. Romanticism, A History of Modern English. Vol. I

(Dr. H. G. de Maar), 172. Sea, The Lure of the (selected by F. H. Lee), 790. Sentences and Thinking (Profs. N. Foerster and J. M.

Steadman), 338. Sesame and Lilies (J. Ruskin), 623. Shakespeare, A Preface to (G. H. Cowling), 435, 515. Shakespeare Plays and Poems, Notes on the Author

ship of the (Dr. B. E. Lawrence), 564. Short Stories of To-day (J. W. Marriott), 102. Socialist, An Unsocial (B. Shaw), 172. Speaking, Purposive (Prof. R. West), 256. Speech-Training for Scottish Students (W. Grant and

E. Robson), 855. Talks with Shepherds (W. Johnson), 790. Tennyson : Select Poems (edited by S. G. Dunn), 102. The Book of the Happy Warrior (H. Newboit), 721. The Golden Quill (F. 0. Mann), 102. The Irrational Knot (B. Shaw), 172. The Little World (S. Benson), 790. The Mouse Story (translated from the Danish of

K. H. With), 173. The Noblest Frailty (M. Sadleir), 435. The Old Curiosity Shop (C. Dickens), 790. The Old Ladies (H. Walpole), 60. The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn (H. Kingsley,

“ The Stones of Venice," (J. Ruskin), 721.
The Tree of Knowledge (Dr. E. E. Bradford), 102.
The Victors (P. Deane), 563.
The Water Babies (C. Kingsley), 565.
The Wind in the Willows (K. Grahame), 564.
The World's Library of Best Books (W.Whitten), 172.
Tour in Ireland, A. (C. Maxwell), 855.
Voyages of Sir Francis Drake and Sir Humfrey

Gilbert (R. Hakluyt), 623.
Westward Ho! (C. Kingsley), 564.
What Toby Saw in Australia (E. L. Elias), 436.
Words and Idioms (L. P. Smith), 564.

GEOGRAPHY Africa and Her Peoples (F. D. Walker), 64. America, North (Prof. J. R. Smith), 566. America, South (compiled by W. J. Glover), 632. Asia (J. Thomas), 439. British Empire, The : A Study in Colonial Geography

(Prof. A. Demangeon), 792. Business Geography, Modern (E. Huntingdon and

S. W. Cushing), 722. Commercial Reader, Pitman's Junior. Our Food

Supplies (F. W. Chambers), 439.
Continents and Oceans, The Origin of (Prof. A.

Wegener), 339.
Eugland at Work and Play, 439.
Eurasia (B. C. Adams), 139.

European Literature in the Nineteenth Century (B.

Croce), 56. Exploration, Adventures of. Books I-III (Sir J. S.

Kettie and S. C. Gilmour), 632. Far East, The : China and Japan (W. J. Glover),

439. From Pole to Pole (Prof. L. W. Lyde and E. M.

Butterworth), 632. Geographies, Dent's Historical and Economic

(Dr. H. Piggott and R. J. Finch), 439. Geography, A Progressive. (C. B. Thurston),

517, 632. Geography. Book II (R. E. Party), 792. Geography Commercial (A. L. Curr), 517; (A. & C.

Black, The Reviewer) (C.), 554. Geography, First Lessons in (P. A. Knowlton), 339. Geography, Individual Work in Empire (W. S.

Birkett), 439. Geography, Local (C. G. Beasley), 339. Geography, Nelson's Intermediate. Vol. II (J. H.

Birrell), 439. Geography, Readable Physical (J. A. O. Muirhead),

339. Geography : The Scientific Study of Human Settle

ment. Book I (R. E. Parry), 439. Geography and History, The Relations of (the late

H. B. George), 339. Geography and History Meet, Where (W.L. Bunting),

439. Geography and Travel, Stanford's Compendium of

Europe (edited by B. C. Wallis), 64. Geography for Little Children, A Picture. Part I.

Asia (Bryher), 517. Geography Exercise Books, Kingsway Series, 857. Geography Makers, Real Stories of the (J. T. Faris),

617. Geography of Commerce, The (W. P. Rutter), 792. Geography of Common Things, (H. C. Barnard), 517. Geography of England and Wales (Historical) (E.H.

Carrier), 792 Geography of Europe, An Economic (D. H. Smith),

366. Geography of the World, A School (Prof. L. W.

Lyde), 439. Geography Practice, Nelson's. · Parts 1 and V

(edited by Dr. J. Gunn), 103, 439. Geography, Through Map-Reading, 722. How we are Clothed (J. F. Chamberlain), 339. How we are Fed (J. F. Chamberlain), 339. Industries of the World, The (R. E. T. Ridout), 439. London, Introducing (E. V. Lucas), 722. London, Rambles in Greater (W. Jerrold), 632. Madeira (A. Lethbridge), 339. Nelson's Geography Practice (Dr. J. Gunn), 857. New Zealand and the Isles of the Pacific (compiled

by W. J. Glover), 439. Oxford and District, de to, 439. Paris, Old-Time (Dr. G. F. Edwards), 566. Peoples and Places. Book IV (G. Guest), 339, Posi-War Britain (A. Siegfried), 64. Primitive Labour L. H. D. Buxton), 339. Scottish Homeland, The (R. M. Munro), 64. Sea Traders, The (A. Hurd), 439. Silchester, The Book of (J. Thomson), 336. Some Aspects of Imperial Communications (Major

A. V. T. Wakely), 339. South Africa (W. J. Glover), 64. The Keener Sight: Talks and Exercises on Deduc.

tional Geography (J. R. Crossland), 632. The Surface of the Earth (H. Pickles), 792. Traders in East and West (F. L. Bowman and E. J.

Roper), 64. Wales : An Economic Geography (L. B. Cundall and T. Landman), 722.

HISTORY American History, Factors in (A. F. Pollard), 726. Armour and Weapons in the Middle Ages (C. H.

Ashdown), 857. Are Age, The (J. D. Kendrick), 857. Bibliography of Naval History (G. Callender), 218. Britain, Everyday Life in Roman (M. and C. H. B.

Quennell), 340. Britain, The Last Age of Roman (e. Foord), 792. Britain in the Modern World ( C. J. B. Gaskoin), 519. British Commonwealth and its Unsolved Problems,

The (C. M. MacInnes), 519. British History, Black's Picture Stories of (Uncle

Robert), 519. Czechoslovakia (edited by Prof. J. Gruber), 519. Diplomatic Relations of Great Britain and U.S.A.

(R. B. Moway), 857. England, Prejudice and Promise in Fifteenth Cen

tury (C. L. Kingsford), 567. England under the Early Tudors (1485-1529) (C. H.

Williams), 567. English-Speaking Nations, The (G. W. Morris and

L. S. Wood), 250. Europe, The Expansion of (1415–1799) (Prof. W. C.

Abbott), 567. Europe in the Seventeenth Century (D. Ogg), 340. Europe Overseas (J. A. Williamson), 519. European History, Notes on (W. Edwards), 250. France, Life in Medieval (J. Evans), 726. Greek Commonwealth, The (A. Zimmern), 250. Greek Historians, Readings from the. Vols. I-III

(R. Mackie and others), 250. Histoire Politique de l'Europe Contemporaine.

Tome I (Prof. Ch. Seignobos), 104. Historians, The Great (K. Bell and G. Morgan), 250. History, A Brief Survey of English Constitutional

(D. G. E. Hall), 851.

MISCELLANEOUS Argonauts, The Voyage of the (J. R. Bacon), 433. Child Care and Protection, The International Year

Book of, 634. Dance, The (M. N. H'Doubler), 572. Directory of Women Teachers, The, 572. Gambling and Betting (Dr. R. H. Charles), 844. Gardening, The New Book of, 246. Gift Books for Children, 58, 830. Golf Links, The Professor on the (C. W. Bailey), 705. Greek Athletics (F. A. Wright), 344. Gymnastics, Priinary (N. Bukh), 572. How to Own and Equip a House (R. A. Bateman),

795. Income Tax Simplified (A. Fieldhouse and E. E.

Fieldhouse), 795. League Neu's (League of Nations Union), 634. Other Publications, 68, 251, 344, 442, 634, 730. Pitman's Commercial Library, 768. Safety First for School and Home (H. E. Beard), 344. Shorthand Exercises, The Student's Complete Phono

graphic (A. and E. E. Fieldhouse), 793. Stay Young (R. L. Goldman), 795. Travel Diary of a Philosopher (H. Keyserling), 662 Welfare Work in Industry (E. T. Kelly), 572.

MODERN LANGUAGES A Travers le Sahara en Ballon (J. Verne), 626. Anthology of the Modernista Movement in Spanish

America, An (edited by Prof. A. Coester), 174. Bombonnel, le Tueur de Panthères, 626. Causeries Caran D'Ache (W. H. Anstie), 524. Cervantes. La Gitanilla (Prof. E. A. Peers), 251. Chancel, J.: Le Pari d'un Lycéen (G. Wenger), 524. Cinq Semaines en Aéroplane (par. H. de Gorsse), 626. Cinq Semaines en Ballon (J. Verne), 626. Contigo Pan Y Cebolla

: Comedia en Cuatro Actos (D. M. E. de Gorostiza), 251. Dutch, A Grammar of Modern (E. Kruisinga), 438. Einführung in die Deutsche Literatur (Dr. M.

Schenker und Dr. O. Hassler), 342. Français Classique, Le (Prof. G. Cayrou), 102. France, Au Pays de (Mme and G. H. Camerlynck),

342. French. Dale Chart of Literature and History

(P. L. Rawes), 102. French, Further Steps in (W. Ripman), 566. French, Further Translation from and into (E. C.

Bearman), 566. French, The "Certificate" Free Composition in

(E. G. Le Grand), 251. French-English and English-French Dictionary of

Technical Terms (J. 0. Kettridge), 524. French Composition (M. Moraud), 251. French Correspondence, A Handbook of (J. Chéron

and Prof. E. M. Schenck); 342. French Grammar (H. E. Berthon), 342. French Grammar, A (M. Kennedy), 724. French, Grammar, Commonsense (W. H. King), 342. French Idioms and Proverbs (De v. Payen-Payne),

174. French Poems of To-day: An Anthology (compiled

by De V. Payen-Payne and I. H. Clarke), 174. French Reader, A Simplified (J. M. Moore), 64. French Reader, Easiest (M. Ceppi), 174. French Short Stories (T. B. Rudmose-Brown), 566. German. Dale Chart of Literature and History (J. S.

Heber), 102. German Authors, Passages from (E. K. Bennett), 862. German Composition from German Models (J. P.

Ivens), 626. German Course for Science Students, A (J. Bithell

and Dr. A. C. Dunstan), 342. German Poetry Book (compiled by A. W. Bain), 102. German Translation and Composition (A. Picton),

626. Italian Reader, Beginners' (L. A. Wilkins and C. D.

Santelli), 862. La Büche (A. France), 724. La Cena de Baltasar (Calderon), 174. La Fayette, Mme de La Princesse de Clèves (edited

by Prof. H. Ashton), 724. La Gitanilla : from Cervantes' "Novelas Ejem.

plares "(R. M. Macandrew), 174. La Petite Ville (par L. B. Picard), 626. Lamps New and old (French Unseens for Matricula

tion, &c.) (compiled by B. M. N. Perkins), 794. Language Teaching, Modernism in (H.E. Moore), 488. Larousse Illustré, Nouveau Petit (C. Augé), 342. Le Chien Retrouvé (V. Partington), 862. Le Nez d'un Notaire (E. About), 862. Lesebuch zur Einführung in die deutsche Literatur

(Dr. M. Schenker and Dr. O. Hassler), 342. Molière. Les Précieuses Ridicules (H. Ashton), 626. Pas à Pas (R. A. Spencer), 524. Pathelin et Autres Pièces (Prof. M. Dondo), 64. Poésies du xixe siècle, Choix de (A. Wiel), 842. Poesias Originales (L. de Leon), 174. Spanish Dictionary, Marlborough's (A. J. R. V.

Garcia), 794. Spanish Poetry Book for School and Home, A

(compiled by Prof. E. A. Peers), 103. Un Verano en España: A Spanish Reader (R. B.

Weems), 794. Voltaire: Selections, with Appreciations by Pope,

Goldsmith, Carlyle, and Taine (A. Digeon and e. Fannière), 794.

History, Modern (I.. C. Smith), 726.
History, Movements in European (D. H. Lawrence),

History, Recent American (Prof. L. B. Shippee), 519.
History for British Schools, A (D. C. Somervell), 726.
History for British Schools, An Outline of (D. C.

Somervell), 726.
History in Picture and Story, World. Book I.

Prehistoric Times (J. Higginbottom), 519.
History Notes, English (W. J. R. Gibbs), 857.
History of Civilization, A Brief (J. S. Hoyland), 340.
History of English Life and Labour, A Short (E.

Hope), 340.
History of Gaelic Ireland (Dr. P. W. Joyce), 340.
History of Great Britain, Mowat's Graphic, 726.
History of India, A Sketch of the (H. Dodwell), 567.
History of Ireland, A Short (C. Maxwell), 567.
History of Mankind, A Short (H. G. Wells), 519.
History of the American People, The (C. A. Beard

and W. C. Bagley), 519.
India, The Making of (A. Y. Ali), 857.
Language: A Linguistic Introduction to History

(Prof. J. Vendryes), 335. Laws of the Kings of England from Edmund to

Henry I (edited by A. J. Robertson), 726.
London Life in the Eighteenth Century (M. D.

George), 519.
Lorenzo the Magnificent, In the Days of (A. G.

Andrews), 60.
Modern Times (Prof. J. H. Robinson), 567.
Naval Side of British History, The (Prof. G. Cal.

lender), 57, 219.
Normans and Plantagenets, A.D. 1066-1485, The (J.

Ewing), 519.
Oxford, A History of the University of, Vols I and

II (C. E. Mallet), 100.
Piracy in the Ancient World (H. A. Ormerod), 64.
Roman Empire, Selections from Gibbon's Decline and

Fall of the (H. G. Rawlinson and W. N. V.

Dunlop), 726.
Roman Fate, Iterum or a Further Discussion of the

(W. E. Heitland), 567.
Rome, Eternal (Prof. G. Showerman), 171.
Sidelights on the Thirty Years' War (H. G. R.

Reade), 433.
Social and Industrial Change, The Main Currents of,

1870-1924 (T. G. Williams). 567.
Social and Political Ideas of Some Great Thinkers of

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Printed in Gt. Britain by THE CAMPFIELD Press, St. Albans ; and Published for the Proprietors by Mr. William Rice, Three Ludgate Broadway, London, E.C. 4


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COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS, University Examination

Postal Institution.

Principal :
Mr. E. S. WEYMOUTH, M.A. (Lond.),



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February 1925 issue ready


January 31. Advertisemert scale is on
page 27
The latest time for prepaid

Royal Charter, 1849.
Advertisements is


For announcements of

On Tuesday evenings, beginning on

February 3rd. Six Lectures on "The
See below and p. 26.

Teaching of Arithmetic and Algebra,"

by W. E, Paterson, Esq., M.A. See p. 33.

On Thursday evenings, beginning on FOR SALES, TRANSFERS, February 5th. Six on "The Teaching AMALGAMATIONS

of Geography," by Ernest Young, Esq., see pp. 7, 43, 44, 46, 48, 49, 51

B.Sc., F.R.G.S.

On Friday evenings, beginning on
Particulars of the 1925 Series of Articles on February 6th. Six on Modern Methods

SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS in the Teaching of English,” by Frank

Roscoe, Esq., M.A. will be found on page 45

On Friday evenings, beginning on

March 20th. Three on "The Nature UNIVERSITY OF ST. ANDREWS to the Development of the Person

of Personality," with special reference L.L.A. DIPLOMA FOR WOMEN ality of a Child," by Dr. William Brown.

Further particulars may be obdrawn to the ordinary and Honours Diplomas tained from the Secretary. for Teachers, which are strongly recommended as suitable for those who are or intend to be teachers.

Examinations are held at Aberdeen, Bedford,
Belfast, Birmingham, Blackburn, Brighton, Bristol,
Cambridge, Cardiff, Croydon, Dublin, Edinburgh,
Exeter, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London,
Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle-on-Tyne,

Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Plymouth, St.
Andrews, Sheffield, Southampton, and several other

Information regarding the Examinations may be
obtained from the SECRETARY, L.L.A. Scheme,
The University, St. Andrews.

During the five years 1920–1924

TUTORS.—Thirty Tutors, Graduates in' very high Honours (Medallists, First Class Honours, &c.)

THE attention of Candidates is

The Institution offers preparation
through the post for some of the

Higher University Examinations.
Medical and Dental Preliminary

Arts Examinations.
Examinations in Physiology and

Health Visitors' Examination.

Joint Agency for Women Teachers

[blocks in formation]

The Agency has been established to enable teachers to find posts in Public and Private Schools and Training Colleges at the lowest possible cost. It is managed by a Committee appointed by the Education Guild, College of Preceptors, Head Mistresses' Association, Association of Assistant Mistresses, and Welsh County Schools' Association.

No Registration Fees are charged to Members of the above Association, and their commissions are reduced. Hours for Interviews

11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 3 to 5 p.m. Saturdays, 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 2 to 3 p.m. Registrar-MISS ALICE M. FOUNTAIN, 8 Oakley House, 14, 16, 18 Bloomsbury Street,

London, w.c. 1.

[blocks in formation]

The Association of University Women Teachers,

74 GREAT RUSSELL STREET, W.C. 1 (3rd floor). Recommends Teachers and Lecturers. Teachers, with University qualifications, requiring posts in Public or Private Schools, are invited to apply to the Secretary-Mrs. B. BROUGH. Subscription bs. per annum. Tel.: Museum 3127.

to London Matriculation, containing
Articles on Text-Books, Model Examin-
ation Papers, and particulars of Courses
of Preparation may be had post free by
Private Students from the SECRETARY,

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(Late The Teachers' Guild.)
Established 1884.

President (1924): The Right Hon. H. A. L. FISHER, M.P.

, OF TEACHERS Objects.--To promote Co-operation and facilitate Interchange of Opinion among

APPLICANTS FOR ADMISSION SHOULD APPLY TO all persons interested in the study and practice of Education.

THE SECRETARY : 47 BEDFORD SQUARE WCI The Guild offers to all members the use of a Social Club where educational papers may be seen and meals obtained Bedroom The Society for the Oversea Settlement of British Women accommodation is also available for limited periods. Lectures and Conferences are held regularly through the year.


Information and advice gratis to all classes of women, as to openings in Subscription to the Guild, {I IS. per annum (minimum); or a Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. Escort and all arrangements made Life Membership Fee of £10. Entrance Fee, ios.

for the journey, reception, and introduction. Qualified women teachers wanted For forms and further particulars apply to

The Imperial Colonist, monthly, 2 d. post free. Apply to-

General Secretary, 3 & 4 Clement's Inn, Strand, W.C. 2 9 Brunswick Square, W.C. 1.

Telephone : Regent 5220.

for the Dominions.

Residential and HOLIDAY Quarters for Teachers




Halls of Residence for Men.



[blocks in formation]


Warden : Miss M. E. DOBSON, M.A., B.Sc., B.D.

University Hall, which was opened in 1896 by the University of St. Andrews, accommodates 70 students. In addition there is an overflow house in which 16 additional students may reside.

All degrees granted by the University are open to women. The academical year extends over three terms of approximately nine and a half weeks each and the Residence Fees vary from £22-428 per term.

Matriculation and Class Fees vary according to the Faculty chosen.

For further information, apply to the W'ARDEN, University Hall, St. Andrews, Fife.

RANKIN HALL, 44-46 Ullet Road.

FEES : £70 a year. Applications should be made
to the W'ARDEN, Rankin Hall.

Hall of Residence for Women Students

22 and 23 Torrington Square, London, W.C.1.--Central, comfortable, quiet, and inexpensive. Terms, 6s, each, bed and breakfast. Recommended by hundreds in scholastic profession.


CIUB, 74 Prince's Square, Bayswater.-Residential Club.-Students and working gentle. women. Partial board from 25s. double and single roonis. Two minutes' walk Kensington Gardens. SECRETARY,

DAYING Guests received in old-

world farmhouse, beautiful country, foothills of Dartmoor. Unlimited farm and garden produce. Separate tables. Terms from 2 guineas inclusive.-BETTISON, Justleigh, Devon.


for young men in nice home; good cooking. Near park, river ; also good train service, buses, &c. Apply--17 Baronsfield Road, East Twickenham, Middlesex.


Warden : Miss BAILEY.


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This Hall is principally for Students in the Faculties of Arts, Science, and Law. All degrees, &c., granted by the University are open to Women.

For particulars as to fees, &c., apply
to the WARDEN, Masson Hall, George
Square, Edinburgh.

DEAL Guest House.—Hot water,

lavatory basins, electric light, penny-in-slot gas
fire in each bedroom. Pure, varied, generous diet,
four good reception rooms, central, garden, near sea.
Write fof tariff.--Mr. and Mrs. MASSINGHAM, 17
Norfolk Terrace.

Guest house,
overlooking sea ; 100 beds. Reasonable
terms. Open all the year. Large Party now booking
for Christmas (including many teachers) ; over 100
already booked for next Summer - Send stamped
envelope for Booklet, Mrs. Gibbs, Phone 208.



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RESIDENCE (under exceptionally healthy con-
ditions) for Women Students of the UNIVERSITY

FEES, 50 to 62 guineas per session of about 32 weeks, according to accommodation. Students pursue Degree Courses in Arts or Science. A complete Course of Secondary Training (Recognized) for University Graduates in preparation for Teachers' Diplomas, Preparation for Diplomas in Geography, Music, and Agriculture.

Early application shor be mad to the SENIOR WARDEN, Miss C. P. TREMAIN, B.A.

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Pleïades, Blonay s/Vevey ; téléphone 15 Blonay; alt. 2,250 ft.; comfortable family home, all rooms with balconies facing south, beautiful views, narcissi fields ; 7-8 frs. per day.

English spoken. Broadcasting Large garden; tennis, croquet.--Mlle LSA. BONJOUR, Prop.


d'Edimbourg.--Near Porte de Namur. Best situation of the town. Easy access to all parts. Delicious home cooking. Full board from 16 to 25 frs. per day. Special ternis for Societies.



[blocks in formation]

Residence for

the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire.

Principal : Miss KATE HURLBATT,

Somerville College, Oxford. Fees, £75, £70, and £65 per annum. College tuition fees, Arts, £15, and Science, £20 per annuni. Scholarships of £25 awarded on the result of Entrance Scholarship Examination of University College, Cardiff, held annually in the Spring. Students prepared for the B.A., B.Sc., and Degrees of the University of Wales. Departments for Elementary and Secondary Training are attached to the College. Students with recognized academic qualifications can enter in October for one year Secondary Training Course. In the Medical School the composition fee varies from £20 to £35 per annum.Apply to the PRINCIPAL.

Guest House. Alt., 600 ft. Rest and comfort
amid beautiful scenery.-Mrs. Ludlow, The Briars,
Crich, near Matlock (Ambergate Station).


facing Baths. Guests received in fine old
Manor House. Every modern comfort. Three acres
of beautiful garden. Nearest to Golf Links. Tele-
gram and Telephone: 53 Droit wich. Illustrated


Hotel, opposite British Museum, Great Russell Street.--Bedroom, Breakfast, and Attendance, from 8s. 6d. per night. Telegrams : “ Thackeray, London." Telephone : Museum 1230 (2 lines).

Propriété privée. Etudes de la langue Conversation; diction.

Grand repos.

Prix spéciaux pour Septembre. Références.--Madame MARSY, Fère-en-Tardenois, Aisne, France.


GOOD Boarding House would take


young men at school and for holiday. Room for two at 170 frs. per head, single room at 200-250 frs. View on the Alps and lake ; good air.-Apply, Mrs. DIND-BERTHOLET, 17 Av. Druey, Lausanne, Suisse.

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