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10 LEO. A GEOGRAPHICAL HISTORIE OF AFRICA, Written in Arabicke and Italian by Iohn Leo a More, borne in Granada, and brought up in Barbarie. Translated and collected by Iohn Pory. Londini, Impensis Georg. Bishop. 1600.

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Sm. folio, with folding map; a sound copy in the original vellum ; 1600


Although the Arabic original was written about the year 1515, the information it conveys represents for the most part a somewhat earlier period. It gives us the historical geography of Africa as known to educated Granadan and Moorish Mohammedans about the year 1490.


portrait; cloth

British East Africa or Ibea. Post 8vo., with

1893 12 MOREL (Edmund B.). Affairs of West Africa. 8vo., with 3 maps and 36 plates; cloth (pub. 12s net)

1902 13 OLIVER (Lieut. S. P.). Madagascar and the Malagasy. With sketches in the Provinces of Tamatave, Betanimena, and Ankova. Impl. 8vo., with 24 tinted plates; cloth


14 WELLBY (Captain M. S.). 'Twixt Sirdar and Menelik. An Account of a Year's Expedition from Zeila to Cairo through unknown Abyssinia. 8vo., with numerous illustrations, of which many occupy the full page; cloth



Including a Collection of scarce Tracts relating to Puritanism, Non-Conform Congregationalism in New England, from an old country library; all be copies in contemporary binding

15 ACRELIUS (Israel). Beskrifning om de Swenska Församlingars forna och närwarande Tilstand, uti det sa kallade Nya Swerige, sedan Nya Nederland, men nu för tiden Pensylvanien . . De la Ware, WästYersey och New Castle County.

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Small 4to., fine copy in the original half calf

Stockholm, 1759

Nearly half the book is occupied by a description and History of Pennsylvania under Swedish, Dutch, and English rule. The remainder is a History of the Church and of the Missions among the Indians, etc.


COLLATION: 10 preliminary leaves (a and b in fours, c in two); text A-Rrr in

The Barlow copy fetched 55 dollars.

16 ALLEN (Tho.). A Chain of Scripture Chronology, from the Creation of the World to the Death of Jesus Christ. With engraved title by W. Hollar, and 8 tables, 1659;-with 18 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf 1643.60

Mr. Allen was pastor of the church in Charlestown, 1639-51. He married the widow of John Harvard. 17 AMERICAN RAILROADS. A volume containing 48 PAMPHLETS RELATING TO EARLY AMERICAN RAILWAYS, CANALS, etc., the majority PRINTED IN AMERICA, and very scarce. 8vo., half morocco 1825-40

INCLUDING: Report upon the Finances and Internal Improvements of the State of New York, 1838.-Annual Report of the New England Institution for the Education of the Blind, Boston, 1836.-Memoir of the Delaware and Raritan Canal, and Camden and Amboy Rail Road, 1836.-Facts and Suggestions relating to the NewYork and Albany Railroad, N. F., 1832.—Engineers' Reports to the Stockholders of the Tuscumbia, Courtland, and Decatur Railroad Co., c. 1835.—Silliman (B.) Report made to the Maryland Mining Co., N. Y., 1838.-First Report of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Co., folding map, New Orleans, 1836.-Documents relating to the Presidential Election of 1801, Phil., 1831.-Cotton, Cultivation, Manufacture, and Foreign Trade of, 1836.-Keene (R. R.) Exemplification of the Administration of Justice in New Orleans, title defective, N. O., 1838.-Act to Provide for the Construction of a Rail Road from Auburn to Rochester, 1836, N. Y., 1838.-Charter, etc., of the Maryland and N. Y. Iron and Coal Co., N. Y., 1839.-Report of the N. Y. and Harlem Rail Road Co., 1837, N. Y., 1837.-Act to Incorporate the Utica and Schenectady Rail-Road Co., 1833.-Circular to the Stockholders of the New Jersey Rail Road, folding map, Newark, 1833.-Documents relating to a Grant of Land made to J. C.

Beales and Jose M. Boynela in Texas, N. Y., 1833.-Prospectus of the Atlantic Dock
Co., with plan, N. Y., 1840.-Letter from the Secretary of War re a Canal from Lake
Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River, folding map, Wash., 1827.-Act to Incorporate
a Company to Form an Artificial Navigation between the Passaic and Delaware Rivers,
1824. By-laws of the Morris Canal and Banking Co., 1826.-Act to Incorporate the
N. Y. and Harlem Rail Road Co., N. Y., 1838.—On the Supply of Pure Water for
New York, etc., 1832-Rep. of the Morris Canal and Banking Co., 1836, map, N. Y.,
1836.-Rep. of the Auburn and Rochester Rail Road Co., 1837, Canandaigua, 1837.-
Pontchartrain Rail Road Prospectus, etc.-Rep. of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
Co., 1838, Wash., 1838.-Considerations on the N. Y. and Erie Railroad, c. 1833.-
Reynolds (J.) On Constructing Railways on the "Continuous-Bearing" Principle,
1837.-Report on the Charleston and Hamburg Rail Road, by W. Howard, with map,
Charleston, 1829.-And others.

18 ANDRE. Authentic Narrative of the Causes which led to the Death of
MAJOR ANDRÈ, Adjutant-General of his Majesty's Forces in North
America. By JOSHUA HETT SMITH. To which is added, a Monody on
the Death of Major Andrè. By MISS SEWARD. 8vo., with portrait,
map, and plate; calf; VERY SCARCE
19 BARTRAM (William). Travels through North and South Carolina,
Georgia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee Country, the extensive
territories of the Muscogulges or Creek Confederacy, and the country
of the Chactaws. 8vo., with 9 plates; calf

Dublin, 1793 20 BEAUCLERK. LITHOGRAPHIC VIEWS of MILITARY OPERATIONS in Canada, under H. E. Sir John Colborne, during the late Insurrection. From Sketches by LORD CHARLES BEAUCLERK. Accompanied by Notes, historical and descriptive. Impl. 4to., pp. 24, with map and 6 COLOURED plates; sewed, SCARCE

1840 21 [BEVERLY (Colonel R.).] HISTORY OF VIRGINIA, in four Parts. Second edition, revis'd and enlarg'd by the Author. 8vo., with frontispiece by Gribelin and 14 plates; margins of pp. 1-140 slightly wormed; old


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1722 22 BIRKBECK (Morris). Notes of a Journey in America, from the Coast of Virginia to the Territory of Illinois. 8vo., half bound 1818 23 BORDONE. LIBRO DI BENE- | DETTO BORDONE | Nel qual si ragiona de tutte l'Isole del mon- | do │. . | . .. CON IL BReve di PAPA Leone. Et gratia & priuilegio della | Illustrissima Signoria com' | M.D.XXVIII. Fol. 83 marked LXXIII reverse, line 11: quello di chi ui le manda. | REGISTRO.......¶ Impresso in Vinegia per Nicolo d' Aristotile, detto Zoppino, nel mese di Giugno, del M.D. XXVIII ...


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Small folio, 83 leaves, with numerous woodcut maps, a few leaves stained; hf. russia

1528 FIRST EDITION. Besides a general map including the New World, there is a view of Mexico, and some maps of the West Indian Islands.


another issue with the same title-page. Fol. 83 verso (marked on the obverse LXXIII) line 7 . . di chi ui le manda. | COPIA DElle lettere PREFETTO DELLA IN- dia la noua Spagna detta, alla Cesarea Maesta rescritte... Fol. 84 obverse (marked LXXIII): . . Impresse in Vinegia per Nicolo d'Aristotile, detto Zoppino, nel mese | di Giugno, del M.D.XXXIIII.

Small folio, 84 leaves, with the same maps as in the preceding edition; hf. morocco neat

1534 The only addition in this edition is the "Lettere del Prefetto," in which there is an account of the conquest of Peru occupying two pages. 25 BOSSU. Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes Occidentales; contenant une Relation des differens Peuples qui habitent les Environs du grand Fleuve Saint-Louis, appellé vulgairement le Mississipi; leur Religion; lear Gouvernement; leurs Moeurs; leurs Guerres et leur Commerce. 2 vols., 12mo., with numerous pretty engraved plates; in the original paper wrappers, UNCUT

£ s. d.

2 16 0

1 10 0

55 0

1 16 0

0 3 6



Paris, 1768

1 5 0


POPOL VUH. Le Livre Sacré et les mythes de l'Antiquité Américaine, avec les Livres heroïques et historiques des Quichés. Par L'Abbé Brasseur de Bourbourg. Roy. 8vo., with frontispiece; sewed

Paris, 1861 27 BULKELEY (Peter). The Gospel-Covenant; or the Covenant of Grace opened... Preached in CONCORD in NEUU-ENGLAND. Sm. 4to., old

The only published work of the first minister of Concord, Mass.
The present copy lacks pp. 185-224.


28 CALDERON] DE LA B[ARCA]. Life in Mexico, during a Residence of two years in that Country. By Madame C[ALDERON] DA LA B[ARCA]. With a Preface by W. H. PRESCOTT. 8vo., cloth


29 CATECHISME DU DIOCESE DE QUEBEC. Par Monseigneur Jean de la Croix de Saint Valier, Evêque de Quebec. 12mo., vellum

Rare, the Brinley copy fetched $40.


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Paris, 1702 30 COBBET (Thomas, Teacher of the Church at Lynne in New-England). THE CIVIL MAGISTRATES PÕUUER In matters of Religion Modestly Debated... TOGETHER WITH A Brief Answer to a certain Slanderous Pamphlet called Ill News from New-England By JOHN CLARK of Road-Iland. 2 parts, 1653;-with 2 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf 1625-53 15 (William). A Year's Residence in the United States of America. Part I, containing a Description of the Face of the Country, and an Account of Experiments in the Cultivation of the Ruta Baga. 8vo., half calf


RARE, the second part is often missing.


32 COLUMBUS (Christopher). AUTOGRAFOS DE CRISTOBAL COLON y Papeles de America los publica La Duquesa de Berwick y de Alba. Sm. folio, with numerous facsimiles; sd. Madrid, 1892 A highly valuable collection, in which are printed the autograph and other MS. documents about 60 in number, preserved in the archives of the Dukes of Alva. Facsimiles are given of all those which are specially interesting.

33 COOKE (Captain Edward). Voyage to the SOUTH SEA, and Round the World, perform'd in 1708-11. Containing... a Description of the American Coasts from Tierra del Fuego in the South, to California in the North, . . . 8vo., with map and plates; calf, neatly rebacked 1712 34 COSMOGRAPHIE INTRODUCTIO. (Title:) Cofmographie introductio: cum quibufdam Geometrie ac Astronomie principijs ad eam rem | necessarijs. Infuper quattuor Americi Ve fpucij nauigationes ... (On the reverse: Maximiliano Cefari | Augusto. Philefius | Vogefigena.

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(Fol. 2a:) Anteloquium | Diuo Maximiliano | Cefari Augufto Martinus | Ilacomilus (Fol. 14b, under a diagram of a sphere :) Hacten' exequuti capita ppofita, h' ipfas expaciationes fequeter introducam Vefputij, fingulo facto exitu circa inftitutu tradentes. Finis introductionis. (Foll. 15-16 are united as one leaf, on the front of which is the diagram of a Globe (the so-called Mappemonde), and on the reverse fourteen lines of letterpress beginning:) Propofitu eft hoc libello quanda Cofmographiae introductione fcribere: qua nos tam in folido q3 plano depinximus... (Fol. 17a:) Quattuor Americi vefpu- tij | Nauigationes. Philefius Vogefigena | Lectori | (Fol. 34a :)... Preffit apud Preffit apud Argentora- | cos hoc opus Inge

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niofus vir Ioannes | grüniger. Anno poft natu faluatore
fupra fefquimillefimu Nono. | Ioanne Adelpho Mulicho
Argentinen Caftigatore.

Small 4to., Gothic letter; two margins slightly cut into;
old calf

£ s. d.

Strassburg, 1509 35 0 0

The 34 leaves of which this edition consists bear signatures, thus: A and B in four, C 8 leaves (of which the double leaf containing the so-called Mappemonde, forms two); D 4, E 6, and F 8.-The particular value of the edition of 1509 lies in the circumstance that it was the first to reveal the name of the compiler and editor of this famous geographical work-the Cosmographic Introductio. In the editions of 1507 his personality had been concealed under the vague appellation of the Gymnasium Vosagense. But now he claimed his rights as author, and turned the we into the I, besides making some other small modifications. This copy is bound up with CARBEN (Victor) de Vita et Moribus Iudæorum. Paris, 1511; Clichtoveus de laudibus Sci Sudovici et Sanctæ Ceciliæ. Paris, 1516-The autograph of Baluze appears at the beginning of the volume.

the same. Sm. 4to., a good and very large copy (208x159 mm.); vellum

1509 48 00

36 COTTON (John, Pastor of Boston in New England). AN EXPOSITION UPON The Thirteenth CHAPTER of the REVELATION, 1655-An Abstract of Laws and Government . . . Collected. . by.. JOHN COTTON ..and now published by William Aspinwall, 1655; with 6 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf


The second Tract is very rare.


The way of Life: or, GODS WAY AND COURSE, IN BRINGING THE SOULE INTO, keeping it in, and carrying it on, in the wayes of life and peace, 1641-GODS MERCIE MIXED WITH HIS IUSTICE, 1641;-in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf


33 0

1641 THE POWRING OUT OF THE SEVEN VIALS: or an Exposition of the 16. Chapter of the Revelation. Sm. 4to., old calf

0 16 0






another copy, 1642-The Churches Resurrection, or the Opening of the fift and sixt verses of the 20th. Chap. of the Revelation, 1642; -with 10 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf 1642-47 The Churches Resurrection, or the Opening of the fift and sixt verses of the 20th. Chap. of the REVELATION. Sm. 4to., pp. 30; unbound 1642

1 15 0

0 16 0

THE BLOUDY TENENT, washed, And made white in the bloud of the Lambe, 1647-THE POWRING Out of the Seven VIALS, 1645— The Churches Resurrection, 1642-The Way of the Churches of CHRIST in NEW ENGLAND, 1645-OF THE HOLINESSE OF CHURCH-MEMBERS, 1650-THE KEYES of the Kingdom of HEAVEN. . . The second time Imprinted, 1644 SINGING OF PSALMES A Gospel Ordinance, 1650-MATHER (Richard) Church-Government and Church-Covenant discussed, 1643;-in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf, FINE COPIES 1642-50 24 0 0 THE BLOUDY TENENT, 1647-MATHER (Richard) and W. TOMPSON. A Modest and Brotherly ANSUUER To Mr. CHARLES HERLE his Book, against the Independency of Churches, 1644-HERLE. The Independency on Scriptures of the Independency of Churches, 1644;-with 20 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf; RARE

1643-8 12 12 0

THE COVENANT of Gods free Grace, 1645-Leo (William).
A Sermon preached at Lambeth, April 21, 1645 at the Funerall of . . .
Daniel Featley. With engraved frontispiece, 1645;-with 14 other
Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf


GOSPEL CONVERSION Now published for the generall good, by
FRANCIS CORNWELL. 12mo., a fine copy in the original sheepskin


The Barlow copy fetched $12.

0 18 0

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45 COTTON (John). Christ the Fountaine of Life: or, Sundry Choice Sermons on part of the fift Chapter of the first Epistle of St. John, 1651Willan (Edw.). Six Sermons, 1651;-in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf 1651 A Briefe Exposition with Practicall Observations upon the Whole Book of Ecclesiastes. . Published by Anthony Tuckney, 1654PAUL. The Life of the most learned Father Paul . . . authour of the History of the Counsell of Trent. Translated out of Italian by a Person of Quality. With portrait engraved by Lombart, 1651;with another Tract in 1 vol., 12mo., old calf








A Briefe Exposition . . . upon the Whole Book of ECCLESIASTES...
Published by ANTHONY TUCKNEY, 1654-A Brief Exposition upon the
whole Book of CANTICLES, 1655;-in 1 vol., cr. 8vo., old calf 1654-5

The Covenant of GRACE, Discovering The Great Work of a Sinners
Reconciliation to God. . . Whereunto are added: Certain Queries
tending to Accommodadation (sic) between the Presbyterian and
Congregationall Churches. Also, A Discussion of the Civill Magistrates
Power in motters (sic) of Religion. 12mo., original sheepskin




Printed by M. S. for Francis Eglesfield and John Allen, 1655 A Practical Commentary, or an Exposition with Observations, Reasons, and Uses upon the First Epistle Generall of JOHN. Sm. folio, old calf 1656 0

BAILY (Robert). THE DISSUASIVE From The ERRORS of the Time, Vindicated from the Exceptions of Mr. COTTON and Mr. TOMBES. 1655;-with 6 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf 1650-63

The Barlow copy fetched $19.

NORTON (John). Abel being Dead yet speaketh; or, the LIFE & DEATH OF . . . Mr. JOHN COTTON, 1658-FIRMIN (Giles). STABLISHING AGAINST SHAKING: or, A Discovery of the Prince of Darknesse .. working in the deluded people called, QUAKERS, 1656-TYTHES Vindicated from Anti-Christianisme and Oppression, 1659;-with 13 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf 1620-59

The "Life of Cotton" is VERY RARE, the Barlow copy fetched $30; the last 5 pages contain a Catalogue of Books printed for L. Lloyd, including several by N. England Divines.

The Rev. Giles Firmin married a daughter of the Rev. Nathaniel Ward, and resided for several years in New England. His Tracts are very scarce; the Barlow copy of his "Stablishing against Shaking "fetched $10. 50.

OWEN (John). A Defence of Mr. JOHN COTTON From the imputation of Selfe Contradiction, charged on him by Mr. Dan: Cawdrey. Written by himselfe not long before his death, 1658-ALLEN (John). Judicially Astrologers Totally Routed, 1659;-with 4 other Tracts in 1 vol., 12mo., old calf 1618-60 53 COUCH. Praxis Catholica: or, the Countryman's Universal Remedy: Wherein is plainly and briefly laid down the Nature, Matter, Manner, Place and Cure of most Diseases, incident to the Body of Man; not hitherto discovered . . . Written by Robert Couch. at Boston in New England. . Now published by Chr. Pack. 12mo., old calf 54 CRAWSHAW (W.). A SERMON PREACHED IN LONDON before the right honorable the Lord LAVVARRE, Lord Gouernour and Captaine Generall of VIRGINEA AT THE SAID LORD GENERALL HIS leaue taking of ENGLAND his Natiue Country, and departure for VIRGINEA, Febr. 21, 1609, several leaves stained and a few headlines cut into, 1610;—with 13 other Tracts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf; RARE 1606-58

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55 DAVENPORT (John). The KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST Indispensably required of all men that would be saved. . . By John Davenport, B.D. and Pastor to the Church of Christ at New-Haven in New England, Printed for L. Chapman, 1653; RARE;-with 3 other Tracts. in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf

The Brinley copy fetched 33 dollars.


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