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way or bis road, but do not travel right through; though I doubt if the French Revolution would 'bavé occorred in the last century, had it not been for the association of Freema

There were many causes at work, wbich, when combined, produced that revolution, and much of its direction arose from those secret associations; but the form of the government, its oppressions on the people, with the exactions of the priesthood were the first and most powerful causes of that revolution. The secret'associations were seized on as a means of facilitating that; which the more sensible part of the French people saw to be necessary. The associations did not generate the revolutionary spirit, but fell in with it and lent it their aid.

Many a mason and the priests generally have attributed that revolution to the writings of the antichristian pbilosopbers. When the revolution was otherwise brought about, i grant, that these writings operated powerfully in its favour; but they operated to good and no where to evil; and they were not a first cause of that revolution. The same and similar writings will produce revolutions in all countries; but where they act alone, they will revolutionize by moral means, quietly, and by the power and influence of knowledge; but wherever they act in conjunction with other causes, they will direct the influence of those causes to the annihilation of state religion, as they did in France. The religion of individuals can only be annibilated by knowledge, by powerful arguments and facts,

against their religion, shewn to the individuals; but a state Is religion, as it is preserved' by bayonets, balls, guopowder

and the sword, so by the same can it be overthrown, or, in the absence of such support, it is a monstrous compound that will naturally fall to pieces. So, it is clear, that the revolution of France was not brought about by the antichris, tian writings alone, not by the Masonic associations alone;

but by both, and a variety of other prior causes acting to-gether and working to a crisis.

All the writings which I have read, written by those who are called the French Philosophers of the eighteenth century, have been strictly moral, as all antichristian writings must of necessity be; and they have uniformly sought to soften down the ferocity of mankind and to inculcate what we call bumape principles, or the most complete forbearance, where crime and error arise from ignorance. Therefore it is like attributing a pestilent disease to the sun, which the filth


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of mankind bad in reality engeodered, to attribute the ferocities and massacres of that revolution to the writ. jugs of the French Philosophers. Bat, on the other band, we know, that the masonic associations have taogbt assassination as one of their principles, and the practin tical part of the principles of the Duke of Orleans, or Egalite, has been indisputably traced to those associațions, This Royal Ruflian was the principal cause of all that was horrible in the French Revolution, and deserv. edly fell by the hands of those murderers whom he bad trained and fed. And all this too, from a principle wbicb has ever existed with mouareby, an effort to remove one branch of the royal family, that he might reach the çrown and the throne for bis own head and tail. This was the real equality at which be aimed. This bas been a uniform vice with monarchy, and a general cause of war. Can a sensible aud bumave man desire any other ground to wish the universal extinction of monarcby?!.

All that relates to bistory, in the ceremonies of masonry, if we take the literal sense, is founded on fable. The first fourteea books of the Bible are clearly fabulous, a piece of invention altogether. They correspond with no histo rian that wrote before the existence of those books, or aber fore the Babyloniau Colonization of the Jews at Jerusalem. Neither Jews nor books are mentioned by any historian that existed before that colonization. See the fouodation of the religion of Europe and America! See the foundation of Masonry! I am a grand architect of the universe, bot Is build nothing with or upon fable. I build nothing with speculative masonry, nothing with religion, uothing with the aid of God or Gods, nothing with the aid of spirits. My materials are more solid than those of any rock or any mine : they are made of the realities of history mixed up with the realities of existing things. Matter and men were the same three, four, or five, or teo thousand years ago, as ibey now are, allowing for the variation of buman knows ledge. I see them to be the same in all genuine history, and, marvellous or miraculous tales of matter and men, set down as fables. This is truth, and the test of truth. Some writer, I believe it is Jobn Stewart, the first English: Materialist that reasoned rationally upon matter and mar, particularly on that part of man, whicb we call mind, has laid it down, as a useful rule, to admit the correctness of all history that corresponds with our ideas of analogy, probas: bility or experience, unless we have counter proofs, that

the circumstancesi narrated did not in reality exist, to reject wbatever is marvellons, or that does not corres. pond with our ideas of analogy, probability or experieoces: Bring all fables to this test and they will cease to do 10 Solomou's Temple is the literal pivot of speculative masoory, and though, in the history or Bible account of building tbat temple, nothing but buman accomplishments and human means are introduced ; yet, the absence of all otber history, upon the subject, and the miraculous circumstances stated in this sanje Bible, induce me to reject the tale. Here, we have also counter proofs, in the absence of all mentiou of such a people as Jews or Israelites existing at such a place as Jerusalem, by historians, who were or would have been their peighbours, had sueb a people existed, and who travelled over the very territory mentioned. Therefore, your Temple, your wise and rich Solomon, and your skilful Hiram Abiti, are fables, or allegories, such as those whicb abound in the JewisbTalmuds, and such as is the name and story of Jesus Christ. By all that I can see, the Jews were the first writers of romantic bistory, and finding it more eagerly swallowed, and more interesting as it became more romans tie and marvellous, they went on to all excesses, until now, the Christians have so completely improved upon the trade, as to make a state religion of a fiction, and to make oine tenth of tbeir literary traffic a dealing in fiction, wilfully delivered and as wilfully received as fiction! Strange, horrid propensity! To this day, the Jews feel as if they were entitled to subsist by fraud. Rare indeed is it to see one of them pursuing a calling that is useful in a social sense. And,

very believe, that the Christians would be similar cbracters, if they were not the majority, and if all could subsist by fraud. Throughout Europe and America, the system of fraud is carried as far as ever it can be made profitable, and bonesty is every where its prey, wbether it exists volun. tarily, or by compulsion.

Masons have multiplied the fables of the Bible, in adding an assassination of Hiram Abiff, with tbe circumstances and the names of his assassins; and io many other instances. Had the Bible been with them a real subject of reverence, they could not have done this. It was what Holy Saint John called an addition to the book of life, and such as should bring down the curse of its author. The Bible bas been introduced joto the masonic ceremonies as a mere clap-trap 390 bocor 33

for weak and religious minds, or to ward off the fury of the Christian Priests.

The boasted morality and brotherhood of masonry is also a subsequent addition, to cloak the trick of paying for the pursuit of a secret, that is never to be found. All virtue, all morality, all brotherhood, all humanity, allliberty consists in the pursuit of happiness ; not only in receiving, but in communicating happiness. That is the grand secret for mau to know, and masons cannot add to it. Whatever communicates mutual happiness between individuals, withont immediate or ultimate injury or pain to any person, that is virtue. I carry the maxim to those ridiculous notions of chastity which the Jewish and Christan Religions have introduced among us, and say, that wherever that pretended chastity engenders pain that might be avoided, it is upchaste, foul and foolish, it is vicious, wicked, sinful, or will bear any phrase that may be attached to the catalogue of errors and crimes.

The pretended morality of masons is erroneous inasmuch as it is confined. They make a little circle of brotherhood, and exclude the mass of mankind from all but compelled morality. And, proceeding upon this confined sphere of action, they engender nothing but bad passions among themselves, that lead to disputes, divisions and all sorts of mu: tual recriminations. Real virtue, or morality, or brotherhood, strikes at the root of all sectarianism. That which does not do this is neither brotherhood nor morality. All sectarianism bas its root in error. Shew me two members of any two sects, disputing with each other on certain tenets, in which they cannot satisfy each other, and I will in all cases, without exception, infallibly sbew both to be in error. Therefore, the lodge which I wish to open for masons is one, that shall unite all mankind, in the confession, that we are all ignorant enough, too ignorant for our happiness, and that shall lead on all, upon this confession, in the pursuit of real knowledge, mutually instructing each other, and thus pursue those yet secret powers of matter which remain hidden from us, and which will remain bidden from us so long as such errors and follies as masonic associations, state religions, and other certain sources of sectarianisin and quarrel exist among us.

Were I to make a volume of this charge, I could say no more to you than I have said. You must be all aware, that you have no secrets in masonry which are now hidden from me, unless you have lately invented more idle signs, words and grips. And eren if you hare done, or do this you may

see that you can never set up again the idea of any other concealed purpose in masonry, but that of trick'and cheat. Speculative Masonry, apart from its political purposes, has never been any thing but a permanent hoax. The legislature should sweep it down, and include in the same act, Orangism, Druidism and Odd fellowship, as the last of secret associations existing in this country, where the parties, as an association, assume publicity and are bound together by an oath to observe certain marks of distinctiou. This is the peculiar duty of a legislature, which in all its acts should legislate for the benefit of all. It is ridiculous to call masonry a charitable institution. The good of educating a hundred or two of children bears no comparison with the evil that is brought on thousands by the expenses of such an association, by the joint waste of time and means which the ceremonies occasion. There ongbt to be no such charities jú existence: they degrade us. All the children in the country might be legislatively fed, clothed and educated, with one half of the means that are now squandered in what are called charities. There is a distressing waste of means in this country, arising from the joint evils of error and abuse, corporated abuses and religious, moral and legislative errors.

Tbus are you charged by one of the grand architects of the universe. Thus bave I put out the artificial lights of masonry. And thus I desire to reclaim you, to make you good and useful men, for the benefit of yourselves, your wives and your children.


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