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Form of opening the first apartment. The brethren assembled, master in the east and wardens in the west, he says, aid me to open this lodge. The wardens repeat the words. The Master gives seven slow reports with the mallet and a double distance of time between the sixth and seventh. This is called reporting as a Knight of the Eagle. The wardens repeat the report.

Master. Most excellent brother, Senior Warden, what is the first duty of a Mason?

S. W. Most wise and most perfect, it is to see if the Lodge is tyled.

M. Let the most excellent brother Junior Warden examine if the Lodge be covered.

The Junior Warden does this and reports to the Senior and he to the Master, that the lodge is covered.

M. Most excellent brother, Senior Warden, what hour is it?

S. W. The hour of a perfect mason.
M. What is the hour of a perfect Mason?

S. W. The instant, when the veil of the temple is rent, when darkness and consternation spread upon the face of the earth, the light is obscured, the tools of masonry are broken, the blazing star disappears, the pointed cubic stone sweats blood and water and the word is lost.

M. Most excellent brother, since masonry undergoes so great a preparation, let us employ our diligence in fresh labours for the recovery of the word. The Lodge of Knights of the Eagle is open.

The wardens repeat the same words, and then all give three huzzas and remain silent,

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Reception in the first apartment. The candidate is clothed in black, decorated with a red ribbon, an apron doubled with the same colour, and a sword and scarf. His eyes are not covered. The deacon, who prepares him, says: The temples of the Masons are demolished, the tools and colunins are broken and the word is lost, since the last reception. In spite of the precautions we had taken, we have lost the means of regaining it, and the order in general is in the greatest consternation.

The candidate ready, the deacons conduct him to the door of the lodge and make the report of seven. The Junior Warden answers from within and gives the seven upon the mallet of the Senior Warden, he returns seven upon the mallet of the Junior Warden, who says :-Most excellent and perfect brother, Senior Warden, one knocks at the door of the lodge, after the manner

of the Knight of the Eagle. The Senior Warden makes the report to the Master, who says, most excellent and perfect brother, Senior Warden, let the most excellent and perfect brother Junior Warden, see who knocks at the door of the Lodge, with the usual precautions. The Senior repeats this to the Junior Warden, who goes to the door, exchanges seven reports with the deacons, opens it and asks, who is there.

Deacon. It is a Knight Mason, wandering among the woods and mountains, who, since the destruction of the temple, has lost the word and requests your assistance to seek and recover it,

The Junior Warden knocks again on the mallet of the Senior, and receives the compliment in return. He then reports the words of the Deacon and the Senior reports them to the master.

M. Most puissant and perfect brothers, do you consent to his introduction? They assent by striking their hands against the lodge.-- All now appear in consternation and affliction, sitting with the right-hand on the heart and the left on the face, the head drooping and the elbow on the knees. The Master leans forward on the table after saying:-Most excellent and perfect brother, Senior Warden, let the most excellent and perfect brother, Junior Warden, introduce the Knight Mason and place him in the west, to answer the questions which will be put to him. The Senior communicates the order and the Junior goes to the door, makes the seven reports and receives the same from the Deacon. He opens the door and conducts the candidate to the west: then gives seven reports upon the mallet of ths Senior Warden and receives his reply, when he says, most excellent and perfect brother, Senior Warden, I bring to you a Knight Mason, who requests the word. The Senior repeats this to the master.

M, Brother, corruption has glided among our work. It is no longer in our power to labour. You perceive the consternation that reigns here. At this moment, a strange confusion exists among us and over the face of the universe. The veil of the temple is rent. Darkness covers the earth. The sun is obscured. Our tools are broken. The blazing star has disappeared. The pointed cubical stone sweats blood and water, And the word is lost.

You see, that it is not possible to give it to you, however, it is not our design to despair : we will find out the new law, that we may recover the word. Are you also desirous of following the

new law of the Christian Religion. 3., Noodle. Yes, most wise,

M. Most excellent and perfect brother Junior Warden, make bim travel for the space of thirty three years, by the west north, east and south, that he may approve the beauties of the new law.

The Junior Warden conducts Noodle thirty three times round the lodgewithout stopping. In this travel, he makes him remark the three

columns in the three parts of the lodge; As he leads him to each, he tells him their names are Faith, Hope and Charity, bidding him well remember these names, because they must henceforth be his guides,

He leads him back to the west, where he gives seven reports with the mallet upon that of the Senior Warden, who returns the same. J. W. Most excellent and perfect brother, Senior Warden, the mysterious voyage is accomplished. The Senior Warden reports it to the Master.

M. Brother Noodle, what have you learnt in this journey?

Noodle. Three virtues, to be my guide henceforth, Faith Hope and Charity. Teach me if there be any others to seek and follow.

M. No, my brother, these are positively the principles and the pillars of our new master; approach and take with us the engagements we require. The Senior Warden makes him approach the table and kneel with his right knee upon the gospel ; and in this posture he takes the following

Obligation. Yes, I promise, by the same obligations, which I have taken in the former degrees of masonry, never to veveal the secrets of the Knights of the Eagle, to any Knight Mason, Grand Architect. Master Mason, Fellow Craft, or Entered Apprentice, nor to the uninitiated, under the penalty of being for ever deprived of the true word, of remaining in perpetual darkness.

That a river of blood and water shall issue continually from my body, and under the penalty of suffering anguish of soul, of being steeped in vinegar and gall, of having on my head the most piercing thorns, and of dying upon the cross; so help me the grand architect of the universe.

The Senior Warden leads Noodle to the right and puts the black apron upon him, telling him, that it is the mark of all masons, who bave not aided in causing our grief; but that it ought to represent to us the image of it, and to serve us for a knowledge of those among us, who seck to receive the true word and to be enlightened in the new mystery, by a real contrition and perfect humility.

In taking the sash and passing it from the left to the right, he says; The sash is a symbol of our sorrow for the loss of the word. You ought to know it as a mark of grief, until that is recovered. Go to the west and assist us in recovering it.

Noodle places himself between the two Wardens. The master gives seven reports, which are answered by the Senior Warden. The brethren raise their heads, cross their arms with a hand on each breast and appear less sorrowful.

M. Most excellent and perfect brother, Senior Warden, what is the motive of our assembling?

S. W. The pointed cubical stone sweating blood and water, through the relaxations of masons from labour and through the errors of masonry, exposed on the summit of a mountain cut with the point of a diamond. M. What means this mystery?

.2-bitin sd lite} ** S. W. The loss of the word of a Mason, which is lost indeed; bat may, we hope, by our aid, be recovered. ; M. What must be done to regain it? i S. W. We must embrace the new law and be well convinced of its three virtues, which are its pillars, its base and principles.

M. What are they?

S. W. Faith, hope and charity. - M. How shall we find these three pillars?

S. W. In travelling and wandering in the greatest obscurity. 2. M. How long?

S: W: The space of three days.

M. Let us go, brother, from the east to the south, from the south to the west, from the west to the north, and endeavour not to lose sight of the sentiments which may guide us.

Your not to All rise in silence and make thirty-three steps of the round of the lodge. Before the last seven, the master goes from that apartment to the other, where he gives up his sash and black apron to take the red ones. He is followed by all the brethren, who do the same. He then walks towards the door of the se. cond apartment, which is expressly prepared for

The second point of Reception. no The apartment for the preparation and for this reception is a I third, the most remote from the others, and made as terrifying as possible, to resemble the torments of hell. It has seven chandeliers, with grey burning flambeaus, whose mouths represent death's head and crossbones. The walls are hung with tapestry, painted with flames, and figures of the damned. B. In entering the second apartment, the Master gives seven equitimed reports, which are called the report of the Perfect Mason. The door is opened by a brother appointed to guard it, and to whom each gives the report of a perfect mason and the pass Word Emanuel. The candidate comes last and reports as a Knight of the Eagle and is deficient of the password, on' which, admittance is refused. He says “ I am one of the brothers, who seek the word lost, by the aid of the new law and the three columus of masonry. At these words, the guard, who knows him to be a candidate, takes his sash and apron

from him, saying these marks of decoration are not humble enough to qualify him to find it, and that he must pass through r much more vigorous trials. He then covers him with a black

cloth, covered with dirty ashes, so that he can see nothing, tellusing him, that he is to be conducted to the darkest of places, from

No. 15. Vol XII,

which the word must come forth triumphant to the glory and advantage of masonry, and that he must abandon all self-confidence In this condition, he is conducted into an apartment, in which there is a steep descent, up and down which he is directed to travel; after which, he is conducted to the door and has the black cloth removed. Before him stand three figures dressed as devils. He is then ordered to parade the room three times, without pronouncing a word, in memory of the mysterious descent into the dark places, which lasted three days. He is then led to the door of the apartment, covered with the black cloth, and told, that the horrors through which he has passed are as nothing, in comparison with those through which he has to pass: therefore, he is cautioned to summon all his fortitude, to meet the dreadful scene; which proves a mere trick.

Thus prepared, he is brought to the door of the second apartment, and, whilst the Wardens are answering the report, he is instructed how to answer their questions and told that a misfortune will befall him if he does not answer correctly. The ceremony of successive reporting takes place within and the Junior Warden is instructed to enquire with the usual precautions. These precautions are the reports and the challenge of—who comes there and what is your request.

Deacon. It is a Knight of the Eagle, who, after penetrating the deepest place, hopes to procure from you the word, as the fruit of his research.

The door is again shut, and the usual ceremony of reporting gone through. The master orders the candidate to be introduced, which is done in the same ceremonial form, finally introducing him to the Master, as a Knight of the Eagle desirous of recovering the lost word, and of becoming a perfect mason. M. From whence came you?

Noodle. From Judea.
- M. Which way did you come?
N. By Nazareth,
M. What is the name of

your conductor?
N. Raphael.
M. Of what tribe are you descended ?
N. Judah.
M. Give me the four initials of these four words.
N, I. N. R. I.
M. What do these four letters signify?
N. Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews.

M. Brother, the word is found: let him be restored to light.

The Junior Warden quickly takes off the black cloth, and, at the signal of the master, all the brethren clap their hands three times and give three huzzas. The Master says, approach my dear brother, that I may communicate to you the last words of perfect

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