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II. That the Eminent Grand Master of this Encampment be elected anually, on the Encampment next following the 21st of December. And that he may be re-elected by the Grand Council, as often as they shall think proper so to do.

Ill. That on the Evening of the Election, none attend but the Grand Council, and those Knights Companions who shall have been honoured with the Dignity of A GRAND CROSS of the Order of K, A, D.O. S. H.

IV. That as soon as the Grand Master has entered upon his Office, he be empowered to choose his Council, which do consist of twenty Sir Knights, of good Character and Education, who shall wear Gold Crosses: the other Companions Crosses of Silver only.

V. That the Eminent Grand Master do elect his Officers of various Rank, out of those Councellors who shall have attentively served in that exalted Capacity at least One Year.

VI. That no Candidate be received into this Royal Encampment, unless it be satisfactorily proved that he has behaved a-like a faithful Brother, and has been a Royal Arch Mason at least one Year, unless for particular Reasons, a Dispensation should be granted by the G. M. or his Deputy.

VII. That on all Occasions, à regular Ballot, be instituted, and that two Black Balls exclude a Candidate; and be it obseryed, that a second Ballot may take place, on the Suspicion that a Mistake has been made by a Companion ; provided that such - second Ballot take place on the same Evening, the Result of shich be final and decisive.

VIII. That the Admission Fee be not less than two Guineas, Registering in Grand Conclave five Shillings, and other customary Fees, and that this Rule be subject to such Alterations as the Grand Council, may at any Period, find expedient to make.

IX. That such R. A Masons who may belong to this Province, and shall go from this City to any other Encampment, and be there received Knights Templars, shall not be allowed to visit the samé, unless subject to the full visiting Fees, and should they wish to become Members thereof, that they become subject to a Ballot, and usual Charges of Reception. Any Knight Companion, made in an Encampment out of this District, before he became a Resident, shall only pay one Guinea.

X. That the Property of this Encampment be managed by the Grand Council, but that the whole Encampment be consulted whenever any weighty Matter should come before the Council, which might cause an extraordinary Expenditure of the Funds belonging to the Encampment of Baldwyn.

XI. That the Chancellor of this Encampment be allowed a Vice Chancellor, to assist him in the Accounts of the Conclave and that a regular Statement of such Accounts be laid before the

or for

Conclave, on the Encampment next following the 21st of December, in every year.

XII. That each Companion provide himself with a Shield, Cloak, and Sword, and wear in conclave all the Insignia of his Rank.

XIII. That due Respect be paid to the Laws of the Supreme Grand Conclave of England, and to the Regulations of this Encampment; and that Disobedience be punished in the following manner :- 1st. By Reprimand in Conclave. 2d. Offence, by Suspension, for a certain Period, from appearing in Arms. The 3d, Offence, Expulsion-according to the Usage of Chivalry. This last Punishment to be likewise resorted to on any Occasion of bad Conduct against the Laws of the Country which protect us

any other weighty crime. XIV. That particular Attention be paid to that most excellent Masonic Virtue, which is Silence; and should any Companion of this Encampment be found guilty of disclosing the otherwise innocent Transaction of the Conclave, even to a Knight Companion, not a Member, he be amenable for such Conduct to the Grand Council, and be judged accordingly.

XV. That each Companion inscribe his Name in the List of Sir Knights, suspended in the Chapter House of the Order,

XVI. That the Quarterly Responsions be regularly discharged, and that any Companion who shall omit paying four succeeding Responsions, in Quarterly Payments, shall no longer be considered a Member; and that it be considered as a Point of Honour, not to quit the Encampment, until all Fees be full and regularly discharged,

XVII. That Visiting Fees be charged from three Shillings to five Guineas.

XVIII. That the Sir Knights celebrate one Day in each Year in Festivity, by Dining together.

XIX, That a Committee be appointed by the Grand Council, consisting of six Sir Knights, and the Chancellor, or his Vice Chancellor, to regulate the Affairs of the Order, and that five out of seven be Competent to act.

XX. That each Knight Companion supply himself with one of the service Books, and do use the same in every Conclave.


Q. Where were you prepared to be made a Knight Templar.

A. In an apartment adjoining the grand christian encamp-, ment.

Q. How were you habiied.

A. As a pilgrim, with a mantle on my shoulders, sandals on my feet, a girdle round my waist, with a bottle of water and scrip

by my side, a staff in my hand and a burthen on my back. ,, In that condition, I was led to the door of the grand christian encampment, at the sound of a trumpet.

Q. What did you on coming to the door.

A. Sounded an alarm, which was answered by an alarm from within, and a voice, which said, “ who comes there.” To which I answered, “a pilgrim on my travels, hearing ofa Knight Temp-; lar’s Encampment, have come bither in hope of being admitted."

Q. What was then said to you.
A. From whence came you.
Q. Your answer.

A. From the wilderness of Judea, wbich I have traversed, exposed to great danger, until I was received by this courteous knight, who promised me protection and to conduct me safe to

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the holy city.

Q. What are you desirous to do. A. To devote my life to the service of the poor and the sick for Christ's sake, and to pray for my own sins with those of the people.

Q. What recommendation have you got. A. The sign and word of a Royal Arch Mason. Q. Have you passed the probationary degrees of Craft Masonry. A. I have. Q. Have you worked at the second temple. A. I have. Q. Are you come here of your own free will. A, I am. Q. Have you received Christian Baptism. A., I have.

Q. Do you believe in God the Father, in God the Son, and in God the Holy Ghost.

A. I do.

Q. Do you believe that God the Son, was made man to save us.

A. I do.
Q. Do you believe in the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.
A. I do.

Q. Are you willing to protect the Christian Faith, even at the expense of your life.

A. I am.
Q. What were you then ordered to do.

A. I was ordered to wait until a report was made to the Grand Commander and the rest of the Sir Knights. This being done, I was ordered to enter.

Q. Was any thing done at your entrance.

A. A rough saw was placed to my naked face and the Sir Knights all presented their swords to my breast.

Q. What were you then ordered to do.

A. To kneel on both knees and receive the benefit of a prayer.

Q. What was then said to you.

A. The second Captain said, who are you, that dare to approach so far into our encampment. To which I gave the same answer as at the door. And the same ceremony was successively repeated by the first Captain and the Grand Commander.

Q. What was further said to you.

A. The Grand Commander said, we must have a further trial of your faith. You must surround the outside of the encampment seven times and be severely buffetted.

Q. What was done with you then.

A. I was conducted to the west, desired to kneel on both knees, with my face to the east, my right hand on the Bible and Sepulchre, in which position, I received the first part of my obligation.

Q. Be pleased to repeat it.

A. I, Doodle Noodle, in the presence of the blessed trinity and in memory of Saint John of Jerusalem, that faithful soldier in Christ Jesus, do most solemnly promise and swear, that I will never illegally reveal the secrets of a Knight Templer to a Royal Arch Mason, nor to any person beneath the dignity of this noble order; nor will I be at the initiation of a Knight Templar unless five are present, myself included, under the penalty of all my former obligations.

Q. After you had received the first part of your obligation, what was then done witlı you.

A. My staff was taken from me and I was presented with a sword as a substitute, with my right-hand still on the Holy Bible and Sepulchre, and in this prostrate form I was taught to repeat the second part of my obligation.

Q. Be pleased to deliver it.

A. I do furthermore swear, that, with the sword of my faith, I will guard and defend the tomb and sepulchre of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ against all Jews, Turks, Infidels, „od Heathens, and other opposers of the Gospel.

Q. After you had taken the second part of your obligation, what did the Grand Commander do with you.

A. He raised me from that humble posture and told me that he could do no more for me, until I had undertaken the part that I had so lately promised, in guarding and defending the grand christian encampment.

Q. Did he not address you on the presentation of the sword.
A. He said, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I

arm you with this sword, as a distinguishing mark of our approbation, and I am persuaded, that you will only employ it in the defence of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, against all those who may oppose the same. Q. How were you then disposed of.

A. I was ordered to surround the encampment five times, the Sir Knights all guarding and defending it with their swords drawn and presented horizontally. I was ordered to strike one or each of them and give the pass-word. After this, I was desired to kneel to complete my obligation.

Q. Be pleased to conclude it.

A. I do furthermore swear, that I will never knowingly draw the blood of a Brother Knight Templar, nor cause it to be drawn in wrath, but will espouse his cause, knowing it to be just, though I should endanger my own life. Even when Princes are engaged in war, I will not forget the duty which I owe him as a brother. If ever I wilfully violate this my solemn compact, as a Brother Knight Templar, may my scull be sawn asunder with a rough saw, my brains taken out and put in a charger to be consumed by the scorching sun, and my scull in another charger, in memory of St. John of Jerusalem, that faithful soldier of our Lord and Saviour. If ever I wilfully deviate from this my solemn. obligation, may my light be put out from among men, as that of Judas Iscariot was for betraying his Lord and Master; furthermore, may the soul, that once inhabited this scull, as the representative of St. John the Baptist, appear against me in the day of Judgment: so help me God and keep me steadfast in this my solemn obligation of a Knight Templar.

Q. What were you then entrusted with, A. The pass-word Golgotha: the Grand Commander adding :-I now decorate you with this staff, girdle and christian cross, in imitation of St John of Jerusalem, and in consequence of this dignity, I install you a Knight of the Temple. The first and second Captain took each bone and crossed them over my head. The grand Commander took a cup of water and poured it over my head, as an emblem of baptism, and, laying his sword on the bones, said, thy name shall be no longer Doodle Noodle, but Sir Doodle Noodle shall thy naine be. I was then raised by the equilateral triangle, as an emblem of the glorious trinity, and received the penal signs of a Knight Templar. Having again travelled five times round the encampment, I was then desired to sit in a chair and thus addressed by the Grand Commander. “ It is the usual custom of Knights to be courteous to strangers and to give them refreshment; assured, that you have travelled from afar, I invite you to partake of this bread, water and wine." I was desired to drink to the immortal memory of Solomon King of Israel, Hiram King of Tyre and Hiram Abiff, in conjunction with St. John of Jerusalem and St Peter.

Q. After your refreshment, what passed.

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