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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ELECT OF NINE. This lodge represents the cabinet of Solomon. It is lighted with nine lights. Two armed chairs are placed in the east. As the lodge is called the council of nine, it cannot be held unless that number of brethren be present. Two kings are supposed to be included and are seated in the chairs. A child of three or four years old is placed in the centre, and the other members of the lodge surround the infant. One of the Kings has a dagger in his band; the other a sceptre. Emblems of morality are displayed on the clothing, and the words conquer or die, are conspicuous round the room. The names by which the kings are dis. tinguished, is, Solomon, the most wise, and Hiram, the most powerful.

Form of opening. M. W. Most powerful king, what is your motive in assisting at our present council.

M. P. Most wise king, I atiend your deliberations to demand justice. A murder has been committed and the injury has been unredressed. Punishment must follow, and vengeance will be satisfied.

M. W. Most powerful king, you shall be witness to the enquiry which shall be instituted in order to detect the assassin, and it will remain for you, if we are successful, to determine the punishment.—Placing the sceptre on the head of a brother, he says, I appoint you, most respectable brother, Intimate Secretary. You are to watch for the safety of the council; assure yourself of the qualifications of the members present.

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the Intimate Secretary salutes the kings, and having taken the sign, token and word from the others, reports that all present are faithful subjects.

M.W. My brethren, whom the creator as enlightened, whom equity directs and truth guides, I pronounce that the council is resumed. Intimate Secretary, the profane are excluded, and, under this name, we comprehend Masons, who are honoured with the title of Master Elect. Place a guard without the door, let the avenues be searched, and return quickly with your report. (1. S. Most wise king, all is covered. The guards environ the door of the palace, and our mysteries are secure from the penetration of the world.

The master strikes sever equal knocks and two quick, saying N-N-M, which signifies vengeance.

M. W. Brethren, you have witnessed the grief I experienced on 'a lamentåble occasion. In vain, have I dietated steps to be taken, as a prelude to a discovery. Each of us is interested to revenge our loss.' My royal brother is come bither to demand it. To him, therefore, I will refer you. He will inspire you with sentiments worthy of the cause which he undertakes, and you will now attend to his recital.-After a silence, the most powerful king draws his dagger, and, pointing it towards the infant, thus addresses the lodge.

.The pledge is before us, which this great man has left. This will soften and stimulate you to virtuous deeds.

If his memory be dear to you, the cries of this child, his tears and his prayers, will move your compassion. He asks vengeance for the loss of his parent, who was your companion and your friend. Unite, therefore, your efforts to discover the inhuman wretch that he may meet his reward.

The lodge exclaims M-n-m.

The master, in collecting these votes, is interrupted by a noise at the door, and says, Intimate Brother, who occasions this, and how are my orders obeyed?

The brother retires and immediately returns to report, that the council is betrayed. The lodge unanimously reports N--n--m. The master adds :—The sceptre is raised, our indignation must yield to the necessity of hearing the particulars of the report. Tell us, Intimate Secretary, who has caused this interruption, and who has had the audacity to penetrate to the august council.

I. S. I behold with surprise, that a brother has clandestinely entered the adjacent apartment, and I am apprehensive that he has heard the secrets of the council. It is with horror, I relate, that he appears to be guilty of murder. His hands and his sword are stained with blood. Every particular testifies against him, and al} unite to excite my suspicion.

M. W. He shall be satisfied.
The other king deliberates and says:--My brother, attend to

your usual wisdom and be not too rash. Let the wretch be disarmed, bound and introduced, and let him reply to the interroga, tions that shall be put to him.

This degree appears to be but another version of that Intimate Şecretary or Joabert's second slip. The sign is made by drawing two daggers with the right-hand and lifting it as if to strike in the front. The answer to it is, to shut the right hand, and the fist thus closed, is raised and turned quick. The token for him who asks is delivered, by erecting his thumb, while his right-hand is closed, and presenting it to his companion. The answer is to seize the thumb with an extended arm. The word is N--n--m.

SECOND ELECT OF NINE OR PEREGNON. The decorations are the same as in the foregoing degree, and it only differs by being lighted with twenty-seven lamps, disposed in groups of nine. The lodge is opened by the master's asking, if there are any other mysteries in quality of Master Elect than those of N-n-m. He is answered, that the appendage to the letter P- is another mystery. The words of this degree are Romvel, Gravelot, Abiram. The ceremony concludes with telling the candidate, that the business of this degree is to prepare him for another, which is the

THIRD ELECT OR ELECT OF FIFTEEN. Tuis lodge is hung with black and decorated with three skeletons. his opened with fifteen strokes and lighted with fifteen lamps. At a reception, only fifteen brethren are permitted to be present. The sign is to shut the right-hand, with the thumb elevated, as in holding a dagger, to place it under the chin and then to drop it, as in the act of separating the body, indicative of the penalty of the obligation. It is answered by stretching out the hand, as if to cut off the neck with the thumb.—The token is to give little strokes of the fore finger upon the joint of the little finger. It is answered by taking the right hand, with the fingers of the right-hand extended, and shaking it thrice, which signifies three times five, the number of the fifteen elect.-The word is Zeomet and the answer to it Eloham. (I have no further particulars of the last two degrees than those stated.

R. C.


ORDER OF ISRAEL, OR PROVOST AND JUDGE. This lodge is held in Solomon's private arch, under the sanctum sanctorum, and over the sepulchre cf Hiram Abiff: in which place he was finally installed with his Jewel.

The officers are twelve; Tito Zadock, the High Priest, King Solomori, Hiram, King of Tyre, with nine grand officers. The two kings are under the High Priest. The first of the nine grand Smeerá is called Senior Provost. ris Is I, ást, 913670 913 os

The lodge is hung with red, and illuminated with twelse great lights, in the form of a triangle. .. quis, sowat

The high priest sits under a rich blue canopy, oroainented with purple, scarlet and gold, the four famous colours that adôrned the veil of King Solomon's Temple and the Tabernacle in the wilderness, under Moses the great and inspired law giver: rain [ Tito Zadok, in addition to the office of High Priest, bears that of Prince of Jerusalem and Harodium. Solomon and Hiram are styled royal chiefs. These three officers have each a sceptre in his hands. The two kings wear crowns and the High Priest the pegnlar habit of his office.

The candidate for this degree, having been admitted and obligated, is thus addressed by the High Priest:

Brother Noodle, you, having taken the solemn obligation of this degree, I do, in virtue of the power to me given, constitute and appoint a Provost and Judge, with the title of High Priest of Jerusalem and Harodim and Grand Superintendant over the Architects of the Temple, in the place of your late Grand Master, Hiram Abiff. And we do here invest you with these four golden keys, suspended to this red ribbon, and with this apron, bound with the same colour, as an emblem of the ardour and zeal of Hiram Abiff. The first of these keys will open the private arch of King Solomon. The second will let you into the tomb of the immortal widow's son. The third will let you into the sanctum sanctorum or holy of holies. And the other will enable you to find the sacred treasure in the ark of the covenant,

7 Catechisni. Q. What is denoted by Tito Zadok. A. Tito Zadok, the prince and high priest of Jerusalemi Q. What means the second name.

A. It denotes the high priest to be just. 21 Q. What was the intention of King Solomon in forming this degree.

A. To appoint grand superintendants over the architects to carry into execution the plans of Hiram Abiff in the outer works of the Temple, and to honour the great servant of the most high lord, who was, for that purpose, created prince of Harodim and Jerusalem, set above the great and learned King of Tyre, and the most powerful king then on earth, whose wisdom far exceeded that of all men. This high priest was the first admitted by these two kings into this degree and within the holy place of the Temple.


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Q. Who was the second Mason exalted to this degree, 917 94A. Zadok, the great favourite of King Solomon, and to him was entrusted the four keys of the sacred treasures contained in the oracle, above it in the obelisk of Hiram Abiff, and below it in the sacred private arch of Solomon.

Q. In what manner did Zadok obtain admission into these sacred places, -1 A. Tato the obelisk, he had free access without attendances Into the sanctum sanctorum or holy of holies only with the permission and in the presence of Tito Zadok, the high Priest, who opened with his second key the door of the holy place leading to the sanctum sanctorum, and having the glorious veil of the Temple, which separated the holy place from the most holy sanctum sanctorum, thrown aside by twelve of the priesthood, representing the twelve tribes of Israel, he was permitted, during the reading of the law by the Senior Priest of the tribes of Israel, to view that glorious treasure exhibited in due form by the High Priest. Into Solomon's private Arch he entered accompanied by Solomon himself and Hiram, King of Tyre, while the nine grand officers guarded the nine arches that led from the residence of the King on Mount Sion to the arch under the holy mount Moriah. And with his fourth key, he entered the sepulchre of Hiram Abiff, under the Arch of Solomon, and, on that solemn and secret spot, the took the great obligation of this degree, in the presence of the kings of Jerusalem and Tyre.

Q. What was the result of the anticipation of Zadok the High -Priest into this degree. 5.1A. He was so struck with admiration, in beholding the furniniture of this holy place, in the bowels of the earth, that he fell prostrate and pronounced J

Q. What does that denote.

A. The glorious light of God. King Solomon perceiving him in that attitude, at the instant the words were pronounced advanced and raised him, exclaiming J.

Q. What does that denote,

A. The sight of God. Solomon delivered to him the four keys belonging to this degree, by which his knowledge was daily increased.

Q. What else was to be seen in that sacred lodge. 2) A. A triangle in the middle of a circle, and in the centre of it the TT two crosses, like the cross of mount Calvary. sosi. Q. What is denoted by the two roses. 54 A, The white rose represents the purity and innocence of Hisram Abiff, and the red, on the circle stone his blood open for the honourable course of masonry ::


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