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when we enter the Lodge of the Grand Architects, which our grand master King Solomon, in conjunction with his worthy colleague, the learned King of Tyre, commanded to be practised, for the better understanding of the basis of that valuable discovery made by our grand master, Hiram Abiff, on the morning that the foundation stone of the Temple was laid by the hand of that wise and superexcellent King of the Jews.

R. W. R. Why is the ceremony of traversing the lodge in this degree observed.

S. O. Because King Solomon, with the High Priest and elders of the Israelites, went, in public procession, round the Temple, when the cape stone was laid and the building completed.

R. W. R. To what does the sign of this degree allude? T' $. O, To the second or inward elevation of the Temple. .. i R. W. R. To what does the token allude? S. O. To the number of lodges that compose the secret words of this degree.

R. W Ř. To what do the words allude? S. O. To the dignity which King Solomon conferred on the brethren of this order. R. W. R. What was the chief masonic employ of the brethren of this degree?

S. O. To give the plans and elevations of the inner Temple, R. W. R. What were the number of Lodges and what branch of masonry formed this degree?

$. 0. One Lodge consisting of the Masters of the twelve Master Masons' Lodges.

RW.R. Hów were these Masons arranged and in what manner did they assemble during the time in which they were employ: ed in the plains of Zarthan.

S. O. In the same manner as in the holy city of Jerusalem. R. W. R. 'Io what manner were they arranged in the Quarries of Tyre? S.O. In one lodge with eight in No. ?R. W. R. How were they arranged in the Forests of Lebanon? $ 0. In one lodge with four in No.* R. W. R. What was the pay per day? 8.'0. Forty-nine shekels of silver equal to £6. 2s. 6d. our money t.

R. W. R. What was the sum total paid to them?

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Ah! Brother Finch, thou art gone to glory ; but thou wert a poor Architect whatever thou mightest have been as a tailor. If there were but cwelve ju all, of the eight in the Quarries of Tyre and tour in the Forests of Lebanon ; how many were there left to be at Jerusalem and in plains of Zarthan? SF Brother Fisch seems to have had a very high notion of masonic pay

FR, C. and to bave regulated his owo charges accordingly.

R. C.

S.O. Two hundred and three thousand, three hurdicdan seventy-four pounds, ten shillings.

R. W. R. By what is the right worshipful ruler distinguished ?

S. O. By a scarlet robe with a broad belt round the waist for holding the plans of the inner ornaments of the Temple.

R. W. Ř. What other distinguishing mark of honour does the right worshipful ruler bear?

S. O, That famous banner which distinguished the brethren of this degree that were enrolled as the Knights in the Holy Wars. R. W. R. I will thank


Brother Senior Overseer, to describe that banner?

S. O. The banner was made of black Velvet, in the form of a geometrical square. In the centre, were their own peculiar arms quartered; and the whole circumscribed by a star, with twelve, points containing the twelve letters, forming the characteristic words of this degree. In the first quarter, was painted, the left hand; in the fourth, the right hand; the palms outwards. In the second quarter, a hand and two fingers; and in the third, the hands with the backs outwards. The crest was a brother in ancient armour, with an emblematic representation of a part of the sign of this order. The words of this degree formed the motto.

R. W. R. In what part of the lodge is this banner placed ?
S.O. Over the head of the Right Worshipful Ruler.

R. W. R. What is the Jewel of this degree belonging to the Right Worshipful Ruler?

Š. O. The compasses, open at an angle of ninety degrees, with the points circumscribed by the Holy Bible, so as to form a triangle; and in the centre, a geometrical square formed by the two hands and two fore fingers.

R. W. R. Be pleased to describe the Jewel worn by the Senior Overseer?

S. O. Two hands, one formiog a level, the other a perpen-. dicular.

R. W. R. What is the Jewel by which the Junior Overseer is distinguished ? S. Ó. Two fingers forming a right angle.

Finch's description of closing the lodge in this degree.
R. W. R. Brethren, I will thank you to assist me in closing
the lodge in this degree. What is the last duty, Brother Senior

S. O. To see that we are properly tiled externally.
R. W. R. What is the next duty, Brother Senior Overseer ?

S. O. To see that we are properly closed internally, to deposit the royal standard in the pedestal, and to crave a blessing on the work,

R. W. R. Then, brethren, I will crave your assistance, to to enable me to close our labours with peace, unity and form; therefore, brethren, I will thank you to advance from the west to the pedestal in the east and to assist each other in taking down the royal standard, to see it safely deposited, with the Holy Law and Jewels, in our ancient and sacred repository.

The brethren now advance in due form, and when arrived under the banner, they pull gently the plummet, suspended from the crown of the standard, which being connected with a set of pullies mechanically arranged, they lower it a little by degrees, whilst the organ plays a solemn march. The last brother that advances is the Senior Overseer, who takes it down and puts

it into the pedestal. He then returns, with the rest of the brethren, to their respective places, by the proper advances, and stop in due form, when the R. W. R. and S. and J. O. close the Lodge, by seven knocks, and the grand honours are given by all the brethren.

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MASTER OR SUPERINTENDANT. Is this degree, the master is called very powerful and the brethren very honourable. The decorations of the apartments are splendid. The ensigns of the different orders in masonry are designed in colours, and, at proper distances, receive the aid of 81 lights. On the drawing, the furniture or sacred utensils of the Temple of Solomon are delineated the ark of alliance, the altar of incense, the golden candlestick, the table of shew-bread, the brazen altar, the brazen sea, &c. The Jewel is worn pendant to a red sash and the apron is bordered with red. A transparency of the temple is in the east and the lodge opens as in the preceding degree of Grand Architect. The candidate is prepared as before, with the exception of the blindfolding; the necessity of the distinction will appear evident in the course of

The Reception or Passing. The candidate is admitted by the signal of a Grand Architect. The wardens place him between them and thus addresses the master :--Very Powerful, Moabon is present and ardently desires to participate in our labours. You gave him to understand, in the preceding degree, that there was wanting yet a ceremony for him to undergo, before he would be in complete possession of the secrets of Masonry. His zeal has brought him into your presence to obtain them.

V. P. Brother Moabon, we cannot sufficiently applaud your Perseverance in endeavouring to explore our secret mysteries. They are withheld from every one until we are well satisfied of.

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the conduct of those who solicit them; for our prudence will only permit us to grant them to those whom we have well tried. Your conceptions upon this business are most probably erroneous; for it is scarcely possible for you to conjeeture the object or intent of our meeting. The grandeur of this degree is immense, and, with the permission of the very honourable brethren who assist me, I will declare it. The mighty degree which we now hold is that of a Superintendant Scotch Master.* The Temple is raised from the foundation to a cape-stone: the elevations are perfect, and the sacred utensils only remain to be prepared, after the drawings of the greatest master that ever lived. We are to elect a successor, who will complete with honour and with glory the models which he designed. Move about the lodge, exercise your genius and present to us the result.

The candidate traverses 81 times round the drawing, and, at length, the Wardens give him designs for the furniture, which he presents to the master.

V. P. Moabon, the designs are worthy of the subject ; but there is ap obligation to which you are to submit, before you can be made acquainted with our secrets. This engagement differs from those which you have already taken, in as much as, that, they were entered into in darkness; whereas, this is offered to you without restraint. It is now for you to decide. We have the power to release you from your professions, even of those which you have made with us. It is a matter of indifference, if you reveal all that you already know on the subject of Masonry. We care not if it becomes the amusement of the popular world. What is now required of you is, an act of sincerity, and, as such, it is transcribed for your perusal and approbation. If you do not concur with the contents, say so, and we will act accordingly. If you consent, read it with an audible voice and we will attend to you,

Obligation. Upon the possession of my senses, upon the existence of my reason, and upon the understanding that supports, guides and enlightens me, I promise, swear, and vow, that I will keep inviolate all the secrets, signs and mysteries which have been to the present time unveiled, or that shall be revealed to me in future. if I am not faithful to this engagement, may my body be exposed to pains and penalties; may the veins of my temples be opened and may I be exposed upon a pyramid to the heat of the sun, the cold of the night, and the rigours of the winds; may my blood run slowly, drop by drop, till the spirit is extinguished that animates the substance; may I augment my sufferings, if I fail

What! were Scorchmen known at the building of this wonderful temple, this airy fabrc !

R: C.


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berein; may nourishment be given to me daily, proportionate and sufficient only to preserve and prolong 'a miserable existence, as no punishment can sufficiently atone for my perjury." • If the candidate refuses to repeat it, the Wardens point

swords to his back and drive him before them twenty-seven times ! round the lodge and then thrust him out'of doors. This is called pumping. If he accepts, he pronounces the obligation in an audible voice and the paper is committed to the flames. 1 V. P. Brother Moabon, your zeal having engaged you to perşerere with the firmness of a good mason, we shall now proceed to your proclamation as a Superintendant Scotch Master, a ceremony which from time immemorial has always taken place iu the

eastern part of the Temple. Prior to this, it has been deemed a mark of respect, and upon the present occasion it must not be omitted, to meditate for a few moments on the tragical end of him whom you are called to succeed, Silence is a sincere sentiment of grief, Let the homage done to his name be perfect, as every particular respecting him is such,

The master pronounces Cıvı: the brethren put one knee to the ground. The master strikes thrice; and the brethren place their heads on their hands for a few moments, in a pensive posture, The master then says Cakt: the brethren rise to salute each other and unanimously address the candidate : -We adopt Moabon as our brother and we acknowledge him to be our grand master, EV. P. Very honourable brother, it is with extreme pleasure, ihat I behold your proclamation to an illustrious Superintendant Scoteh Master. Words will not express the sentiments which 'my heart dictates. I will, however, confide to you the mysteries which are reserved for this degree.

Advance and receive them.

This sash will give you authority over masons of inferior order. To distinguish ourselves as Superintendant Scotch Masters, there are three words, two signs and a grip. The words are Urim, Thummim and Zididiac. The signs are to present the hands in the form of a triangle to the forehead, saying:-Triangular at the forehead is my point of support. The other is to put the right hand upon the eyes, inclining the head and bending the knee. The grip is to take the two right hands, as in the Architects' degree; but, instead of turning them thrice, mutually give three slight strokes with the fore-fingers closed. Put the left hand on the brother's right shoulder and say :-Virtue unites: two heurts, tuo heads, two bodies, and in every thing makes us one.

As Scotch Master, you are to preside in the lodge, as soon as you are capable of instructing the brethren,' I shall resign my present power and shall cheerfully submit to your government, as

2. Sloy !!!! Here is a rare specimen of Masonic murality! 1951 19 3110 R Cute

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