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cuted, as well for the sake of example as for the purpose of appeasing the vengeance of the supreme.

Now, this description of the Jewish and Christian God is not only taken from the Apocalypse, but from the Psalms and the Prophet Habbakuk: so the authority is trebly good. "Indignity to the creator indeed! This creator never created any thing but mischief and wickedness for the animal world. How much ashamed thèse Jews and Christians are of their God, when we remove the veil of the sanctum tanctorum! We can make them angry and fill them with a persecuting spirit; but it is a most difficult task, their God cannot do it, to instruct them in any thing useful to themselves and others.

R. C.


We committed an error last week, in stating the price of Toulmin's “ Eternity of the Universe" to be one sbilling. It is considerably larger than the “ Antiquity and Duratioa of the world,” and should bave been mentioned at eighteen peuce. It was on sale at eighteen pence, before that notice appeared, and such must be the price. The two works for half a crown: as cheap a book, in point of worth, as was ever published. It is peculiarly suitable for those to read who have not begun to reason, as it does not shock a prejudice,

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ARCHITECT. Tuis Lodge is to be in the same state as in the preceding degree ; with the exception, that there is no urn. A double triangle is to be formed on the drawing. Twenty seven lamps to be burning. A Jewel is worn by the brethren, pendant to a blue sash; a double triangle formed by a pair of compasses and a level ; and their aprons are edged with blue.

In this degree, the master is called 'Ruler of Grand Architects or Mighty Master : the wardens are called Senior and Junior Overseers and the brethren are called Senior Master Architects.

The candidate is prepared as before, and the master opens the lodge as in the first degree to receive him.

Reception and Passing. Master. Most venerable brethren, the second elevation of the temple is finished, and, in conformity to the supreme orders, we are to erect a third, that will terminate the height of it, according to the original design. The superintendance of this third part must be committed to the care of an able, a diligent, and complete workman, such a one as we have not at present among the grand architects We are now convened, and as we have not any particular business before us to engage our attention, the time cannot be better spent than in selecting an addition to our lodge, who, by his assiduity and experience, may be worthy of the appointment to which I allude.

(An interruption here occurs, by a report, that Brother

Printed and Published by R. Carlile, 135, Fleet Street.

Moabon, an architect, is in waiting, to be examined for a superior degree.)

The work has met with obstacles that have impeded its progress; but it cannot with propriety be longer suspended. Our choice must be speedily made. It is fortunate for that architect whose report you have just witnessed, that he has applied in time to be a candidate; let him be, according to his request, examined, and with caution, for it is the work only of Grand Architects to erect structures in the air. The task is too great for inferior craftsmen. They only know by admiring them at a distance when done. Let us now put the finishing stroke to the Temple. If Moabon is qualified, may he succeed and ever after live with glory, happiness and prosperity, and may bis name exist to the end of time, as a mighty and respectable word among Great Architects.

(The brethren place their hands tlırice upon the drawing, which is the sign of assent for his examination; he is introduced and placed in the west, and thus addressed by the master.)

Worthy Architect, the degree to which you aspire, is a point of elevation to which you are a stranger. The superior art required to be displayed on this occasion, makes us apprehensive, that your abilities are by no means equal to the task. The difficulties

you have to encounter are great, and can only be surmounted by the extent of your knowledge and the utmost exertions and limits of your skill. A perfect design for the third structure of the temple is required from you, and as the necessity of raising it is urgent and will not admit of delay, you must return to us as soon as you have completed your design.

The candidate is then led 'twenty-seven times round the room and a drawing of the temple (usually on paste board) with a third elevation, is put into his hands. He is stopped in the west and acquaints the master, that he is prepared with a design, and presents it for their approbation. With three steps, he is led to the throne, to deliver it to the master, who passes it round the lodge. Whilst this is doing the candidate kueels, his right hand is on the bible and his left on a sword, with a pair of compasses over the wrist. In this position, he takes the obligation, which is, not to reveal the secrets of the degree to any one who has not produced a design for the third elevation, under the penalty of expulsion from the order and the lodge.

Master. Rise and let the veil of absurdity be removed, for Moabon is worthy of beholding our labours. (At a signal, the brethren salute him.)

Master. My brother, it is a satisfaction that we have been wit-, nesses of your skill and ability and of your endeavours to give satisfaction in the task prescribed to you.

The execution of your design impels us to admit you a Grand Architect. May this new favour conferred on you stimulate you to merit the illus

trious degree which succeeds, and which derives its splendoor from the circumstance, that it will fall to the lot of one of us to be recognised therein as a Grand Master. Approach and receive the marks of rank to which you are entitled, and to which alone your perseverance has elevated you. To distinguish onrselves as grand architects, there is a sign, a grip, and a word. The sign is to place the two hands on the head, to form a triangle with the thumb and fore finger of each hand. It is to be answered by the hands being in the same form above the head.

The grip is to take one another by the right-hand indiscriminately and to turn then thrice alternately above and below each other. The word is your naine Moabon, to be pronounced by syllables, in making the turning of the hands.

This sash and this jewel are indicative of the degree of which you are now in possession, and it is the only mode of your expressing yourself to be such out of the lodge. The sign, word, and grip are considered as sacred, and are not to be used elsewhere. If accident should occasion your visiting the lodges of the inferior degrees, and you are not provided with your sash and jewel, you are at liberty to tuck the left corner of your apron into the band, and by that, you will be recognised a grand architect. You will now pay your respects to the brethren and afterwards attend 10 the

CATECHISM. Q. Are you a Grand Architect?

A. I am.

Q: Where were you received ?
A. In the middle chamber.
Q. Why there.
A. The lodge was held there when the second elevation was

Q. Who gave the design of the temple ?
A. The Grand Architect of the Universe.
Q. To whom?
A. To Solomon.
Q. By what means?
A. By inspiration.

Q. In what manner were you employed in the middle chamber? 1. A. In designing a third elevation.

Q. By what means were you admitted a grand architect ?

A. By the perfection of the drawing which I presented to the master.

Q. What reward did you receive in return? LiA. A sign and grip.

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Q. Deliver them to the next brother. . (This is done.). What was the word pronounced ?

mesin basuh - A. The name of a great architect.

Q. Declare it?
- A. Mighty master, I will give you one syllable, if you will give
me another.
* Q. Jam agreeable ?

A. Mo.
Q. A.

chci 93 94 5
A. Bon.
Q. How old are you?
4. Twenty-seven years.

. Q. What remains to be performed ? A. To veil the lodge of Grand Architects.

Thề master strikes twenty-seven times and declares Ithe lodge to be concluded. «,

Finch's Catechism in this degree. Right Worshipful Ruler. Brother Senior Overseer, why do we open and close this degree with seven reports.

S. O. In allusion to the six days of the creation and the institution of the seventh as a sabbath.

R. W.R. How is it represented in the lodge?

$. 0. The R. W. R."gives two reports on the base of the column containing the first great light. The senior overseer gives two on the shaft of his pillar containing the second great light. The junior overseer gives two on the chapter of his column con. taining the third great light. And the seventh representing the holy sabbath is given by the R. W. R. with his Hiram on the holy writing.

Ř. W. R. How is the candidate prepared in this degree? S. O. With the inward plans of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem.

FavT to R. W. R. What reason do we assign for this? S. O. To prove to the brethren present, that he has been duly initiated into the degree of Architect, and then stands fully prepared to receive the promotion of Grand Architeet of the Temple as the representative of our inspired grand superintendant Hirani Abiff.

R. W. R. In what manner did you make your entry into the lodge?

Š. O. By three distinct and two quick reports.
R. W. R, Why in this manner ?
S. O. In allusion to the No. of this degree.

R. W. R. Is there a second reason why we give these reports ?

$. 0. That the squares of the Nos. may be represented by us YB Ci 06 Cm


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