Fabulous Histories, Or, The History of the Robins: Designed for the Instruction of Children, Respecting Their Treatment of Animals

N. Hailes, 1821 - 164 páginas

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Página viii - Histories, they were taught to consider them, not as containing the real conversations of Birds (for that it is impossible we should ever understand) , but as a series of FABLES, intended to convey a moral instruction applicable to themselves...
Página 132 - I have reason to suppose his owner turned him in, 1 then think myself obliged to do what the law directs in that respect : but though it is a secret I am obliged to keep from my neighbours, I may safely confess to you, madam, that I have not the heart to let a poor beast starve in a pound. As there are no courts of justice in which beasts can seek redress, I set up one for them in my own breast, where humanity pleads their cause.
Página 10 - I,' answered the mother, and was gone in an instant. — 'And so you want to learn to sing, Dicky ?' said the father. ' Well, then, pray listen very attentively : you may learn the notes, though you will not be able to sing till your voice is stronger.
Página 107 - Chaffinch, replied the father, is a tell-tale; it is inconceivable the mischief he makes. Not that he has so much malice in his nature, but he loves to hear himself chatter; and therefore, every anecdote he can collect, he tells to all he meets, by which means he often raises quarrels and animosities; neither does he stop here, for he frequently invents the tales he relates.
Página 37 - At this instant Frederick perceived the two Redbreasts, who were returning from their proposed excursion, and called to his sister to observe them. He was very desirous to watch whether they would go back to their nest, but she would on no account consent to stay, lest her...
Página 59 - let us proceed to business ; we did not leave the nest merely to look about us. You are now, my young ones, safely landed on the ground ; let me instruct you what you are to do on it. Every living creature that comes into the world has something allotted him to perform, therefore he should not stand an idle spectator of what others are doing. We small birds have a very easy task, in comparison of many animals I have had an opportunity of observing, being only required to seek food for ourselves,...
Página 67 - Dicky, with reluctance, advanced ; he said he did not see what occasion they had to go back to the nest at all ; he should suppose they might easily find some snug corner to creep into till they were strong enough to roost in trees, as other birds did. " Why, you," said the father, " are as ridiculous with your timidity as Robin with his conceitedness.
Página 17 - I confess ; for, after all my care and kindness, I did not expect such a sad return as this. I am sorry to expose this perverse bird even to you, but he will not be corrected by me. I will do as you desire — go into the air a little.
Página 3 - The little ones now began to be hungry, and opened their gaping mouths for food ; on which their kind father instantly flew forth to find it for them, and in turns supplied them all, as well as his beloved mate. This was a hard day's work ; and when evening came on, he was glad to take...
Página 128 - Frederick, said she ; pray look again, and you will perceive that it is impossible for such large heavy creatures to do so ; and these enclosures are made on purpose to confine them within proper bounds.

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