Mediatization(s): Theoretical Conversations between Europe and Latin America

Carlos A. Scolari, José L. Fernández, Joan R. Rodríguez-Amat
Intellect Books, 22 dic 2020 - 210 páginas

This new collection is the first book to bring together Latin American and European traditions of mediatization research, integrating macro level theorization with applied observations of mediatization processes from a multidisciplinary perspective.

In the last decade, several European and Latin American researchers have set a very solid theoretical corpus around mediatization. The book brings these two theoretical traditions close together for a dialogue: the Latin American sociosemiotic matrix consolidated by Eliseo Verón in the 1980s and the institutional and constructivist approaches developed in Europe. The main objective of the book is to explore and activate possible theoretical and applied exchanges between these approaches.

This book introduces the main theories and authors on mediatization from Europe and Latin America, especially Brazil and Argentina, in the last two decades. It historically and epistemologically frames these theories within the context of communication and media theories, and pays particular attention to the opportunities generated by the exchanges between European and Latin American approaches. It is edited by scholars from Spain, Argentina and the United Kingdom, and includes contributors from universities in France, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Denmark and The Netherlands.

The handbook format including introductory comprehensive sections written by the editors and original texts signed by world leading researchers will make this a useful resource for researchers and students in the field.

The interdisciplinary approach displayed by the book has the potential to make it of interest not only to people working on communication or media studies but also in other disciplines within the humanities and social sciences.

It will be of primary interest to academics, scholars, researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, particularly a growing population of Latin American postgraduate students in the Global North.

Fields of interest will include communication and media, social sciences, and social actors linked directly or indirectly to the transformation of the media landscape.


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Resuming the Conversation
Contexts Traditions
Development of the Mediatization
Some Theoretical
Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes
Eliseo Veróns Semioanthropological Concept
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Carlos A. Scolari is full professor of theory and analysis of digital interactive communication at the Department of Communication of the University Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona. He’s been the principal investigator of the H2020 'Transmedia Literacy' research project (2015-18) and since 2018 he coordinates the Ph.D. programme in communication.

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