The Works of Lord Byron, Volumen 13


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Página 159 - Is not a Patron, my Lord, one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and when he has reached ground, encumbers him with help...
Página 299 - And to the left, three yards beyond, You see a little muddy Pond Of water never dry ; I've measured it from side to side: 'Tis three feet long, and two feet wide.
Página xvii - Auld Lang Syne" brings Scotland, one and all, Scotch plaids, Scotch snoods, the blue hills, and clear streams, The Dee, the Don, Balgounie's brig's black wall, All my boy feelings, all my gentler dreams Of what I then dreamt, clothed in their own pall, Like Banquo's offspring: — floating past me seems My childhood, in this childishness of mine: I care not — 'tis a glimpse of "Auld Lang Syne.
Página 64 - Great travail is created for every man, and a heavy yoke is upon the sons of Adam, from the day that they go out of their mother's womb, till the day that they return to the mother of all things.
Página 37 - The blow was stunning and unexpected ; for I thought the danger over, by the long interval between her stated amelioration and the arrival of the express. But I have borne up against it as I best can, and so far successfully, that I can go about the usual business of life with the same appearance of composure, and even greater. There is nothing to prevent your coming to-morrow ; but, perhaps, today, and yester-evening, it was better not to have met. I do not know that I have any thing to reproach...
Página 22 - As to poor Shelley, who is another bugbear to you and the world, he is, to my knowledge, the least selfish and the mildest of men — a man who has made more sacrifices of his fortune and feelings for others than any I ever heard of.
Página 8 - Paradise Lost is blasphemous ; and the very words of the Oxford gentleman, ' Evil, be thou my good,' are from that very poem, from the mouth of Satan ; and is there any thing more in that of Lucifer in the Mystery ? Cain is nothing more than a drama, not a piece of argument.
Página 306 - The government may exult over the repression of petty tumults ; these are but the receding waves repulsed and broken for a moment on the shore, while the great tide is still rolling on and gaining ground with every breaker.
Página 148 - (to use Farquhar's phrase in the * Beaux' Stratagem '), who has all the air of a Cupidon dechaine, and is one of the few specimens. I have seen of our ideal of a Frenchman before the Revolution, an old friend with a new face, upon whose like I never thought that we should look again.
Página 145 - I feel any thing that deserves the name. All my others are men-of-the-world friendships. I did not even feel it for Shelley, however much I admired and esteemed him ; so that you see not even vanity could bribe me into it, for, of all men, Shelley thought highest of my talents, — and, perhaps, of my disposition.

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