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The feather'd game that haunt the hoary plains, or
where ice-bound winter hangs in chrystal chains; a
The mimic thunder of the deep-mouth’d gun or
By lightning usher'd and by death outrun, -
The spaniel springing on the new-fall’n prey,
The friend attendant and the spirits gay;
These are the scenes which lur'd my earliest days,
And scenes like these continue still to please.

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And spread its pinions to the polar skies, zo A /
Th’ expanded air with gelid fragrance fan, - ****
Brace the slack nerves and animate the man:
Swift from the college, and from cares I flew,
(For studious cares solicit something new)
From tinkling bells that wake the truant’s fears, &
And letter'd trophies of three thousand years;

Through length'ning streets with sanguine hopes I glide, / The fatal tube depending at my side; c- No busy vender dins with clam’rous call," or No rattling carriage drives me to the wall; 22 /* - The close-compacted shops, their commerce laid, so / In silence frown like mansions of the dead— t o Save, where the sooty-shrouded wretch cries “Sweep,” 1 s "A * Ordrowsy watchman stalks in broken sleep, too o 'Scap'd from the hot-brain'd youth of midnight fame, Whose mirth is mischief, and whose glory shame— 2so Save, that from yonder stew the batter'd beau, '''. With tott'ring steps, comes reeling to and fro— • Mark, how the live-long revels of the night Stare in his face, and stupify his sight 11 30 Mark the loose frame, yet impotently bold, *Twixt man and beast, divided empire hold !— o Amphibious wretch! the prey of passion’s tide, - The wreck of riot, and the mock of pride.

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But we, my Friend, with aims far diff'rent born,
Seek the fair fields, and court the blushing morn;
With sturdy sinews brush the frozen snow,
While crimson colors on our faces glow. -
Since life is short, prolong it while we can,
And vindicate the ways of health to man. _49

To yonder vales that spread beneath the hills, Where Miltown river winds with murm'ring rills,

Onward our course diversify’d we bend,
And right and left with anxious care attend;

The poring spaniel, studious as he goes, Gr

Scents every leaf that on the margin grows,

Sudden he stops!—he eyes the plashy spring! or

The frighted snipe darts upward on the wing,
With shrill-ton'd pipe implores the passive air,
In vain for death e'en persecutes him there— 3"
Another springs! but, happier in his flight,
'Scapes the loud gun, and vanishes from sight.

The sport begun, and panting still for breath,
With arms recruited for the work of death,
Pleas'd we behold the gay transparent gleam -
Of frozen lake, that skirts the purling stream,
With inlaid figures and mosaic wrought,
With margin rich, and lucid pendants fraught—

'Till lively Ranger chides our long delay, Gambols around, then forward springs away. “”

- -
Heaven! what delights my active mind renew,
When out spread nature opens to my view,

The carpet-cover'd earth of spangled white, ar

The vaulted sky, just ting'd with purple light;
The busy blackbird hops from spray to spray,
The gull, self-balanc'd, floats his liquid way;
The morning breeze in milder air retires,
And rising rapture all my bosom fires,

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In incence wafted to the throne on high,
To Him who form'd the earth—the air—the sky, o
Who gives me health and vigor to enjoy, o
Guides me e'en now, and guarded when a boy—
Accept, great God the fervor of my prayer,
And, as before, continue still thy care,
Oft as I view thee in creation’s dress,
Berniae to praise thee, as 'tis thine to bless.

While fervid flights my lifted fancy takes, The wary woodcock rustles through the brakes,) With hasty pinions wings his rapid course, *Till death pursues him, arm'd with double force; * Each gun discharg’d, and conscious of its aim, Asserts the prize, and holds the dubious claim; *Till chance decides the long-contested spoil, Proclaims the vićtor, and rewards his toil.

His luckless fate, immediate to repair, – The baffled sportsman beats with forward care, Each bush explores, that plats the hedge with pride, Brooks at its feet, and brambles at its side— Another bird, just flushing at the sound, Scarce tops the fence, then tumbles to the ground.yo

Ah! what avails him now the varnish'd dye, The tortoise-color’d back, the brilliant eye, The pointed bill that steers his vent'rous way From Northern climes, and dar'd the boisterous sea?

To milder shores in vain these pinions sped,
Their beauty blasted, and their vigor fled.

Thus the poor peasant, struggling with distress,
Whom rig'rous laws and rigid hunger press,
In western regions seeks a milder state,
Braves the broad ocean, and resigns to fate; Zee
Scarce well arriv'd, and lab’ring to procure
Life's free subsistence, and retreats secure,
Sudden he sees the roving INDIAN nigh,
Fate in his hand, and ruin in his eye—
Scar'd at the sight, he runs, he bounds, he flies,
*Till, arrow-pierc'd, he falls—he faints—he dies.
Unhappy man who no extreme could shun,
By tyrants banish'd, and by chance undone;
In vain fair virtue fann’d the free-born flame,
Now fall'n alike to fortune and to fame. zzo

But why, my Musel when livelier themes I sought,
Why change the rural scenes to sober thought :
Why rouse the patriot ardor in my breast,
* Useless its glow, when FReedom droops deprest?
Not mine to combat lux’ry’s lordly stride,
My humble lot forbids th’ aspiring pride,

That crushes industry, and frights the land,
That robs the poor of half their little store,

- (2 / Forbids to stop Depopulation’s hand o

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And insurrection spreads from shore to shore, 22

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