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Thee too, Lorrain, the well-pleas'd Muse should name, * .

Nore'er forget Domenichini’s fame, -34.”
But sudden sorrow stops the flowing line, *
And not one smile is found among the nine.
Behold where all the charms that Heaven could give,
Blended in one sweet form still seem to live;
Then sink to tears, nor stop the bursting groan,
When thou art told that all those charms are gone.
Relentless Death, still forcing to the grave
The good, the fair, the virtuous, and the brave,
Here the whole malice of his power put on,
And aim’d a dart that slew them all in one. 33 o
How fair, how good, how virtuous was the dame,
A thousand hearts in anguish still proclaim,
How brave her soul, against all fear how tried,
Sad, fatal, proof she gave us when she died.

Thou, then, my Friend, no farther verse demand, Full swells my breast, and trembling shakes my hand; And these sad lines conclude my mournful lay, Since we too once must fall to Death a prey, May we like Walpole meet the fatal day !

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From where the Stroud, smooth stream, serenely or
We reach the peopled Severn's rapid tides;
Stop, ere we sail; and from this point survey .
The hill-encompass'd, sea-resembling bay;
See the ridg'd tide with sober grandeur heave,
And float in triumph o'er the river-wave. T -
Lo! where it comes, with what extensive sweep, =
Like some whale sidelong rolling on the deep. h
Wide and more wide, it joins the distant hills
By swift degrees, and the great bason fills. a


We sail; now steadily; how gulphs inform. The tumbling waves to imitate a storm. ar

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The rising shores a thousand charms bestow,

Lawns at their feet, and forests on their brow;

The pleasing villas, neighbours to the flood,
The taper spire, and the surrounding wood.

These lines, my C*.*, read, and pity too
The shadowing pencil to the scene untrue:
See the bright image of thy thought decay’d,
And all its beauties in description fade. 20

Where to each other the tall banks incline,
And distant cliffs dividing seem to join,
A narrow frith our gallant Argo's way,
A door that opens to the boundless Sea ;
What, if some ship with strutting sails come on,
Her wanton streamers waving in the sun
Just in the midst, as fancy would contrive,

o- see the proud vessel o'er the billows drive.

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The streight is past; the waves more strongly beat,
The prospects widen, and the shores retreat, 32
Tritons, and Nereids! how we leave behind
Towns, palaces, and run with tide and wind
Here, nable Stafford, thy unfinish’d dome,
And thence the long-stretch'd race of Berkeley come.
Till fossing, and full feasted more than tird,
We change the wilder scene for paths retir’d,
Quit the rough element, and watery strife,
As from a public to a private life,

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The sister streams, from the same hill their source
Deriving, took, when young, a various course,
And, many a city, many a country seen,
High towers, and walls antique, and meadows green,
Now glad to meet, nor now to part again, --
Go hand in hand and slide into the main.

In spite of Time, and War, and Tempest, great,
Ascending Chepstow shews its castled seat,
Beneath slope hills, and by the rolling flood,
Clasp'd in a theatre of aged wood, 3"
With air majestic, to the eye stands forth,
Towering, and, conscious of its pristine worth,
Lifts its sublime decay, in age's pride , or
Erect, and overlooks the climbing tide.

Pass but some moments, the returning sea *-
Shall those high-stranded vessess sweep away;
That airy bridge, whence down we look'd with fear,
Will low and level with the flood appear.

The crooked bank still winds to something new,
Oars, scarcely turn'd, diversify the view; 4.
Of trees and stone an intermingled scene,
The shady precipice and rocky green,
Nature behold, to please and to suprize,
Swell into bastions, or in columns rise :

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Here sinking spaces with dark boughs o'ergrown,
And there the naked quarries look a town.

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Tintern her venerable fabric, rears,
While the sun, mildly glancing in decline,
With his last gilding beautifies the shrine : X,
Enter with reverence her hallow'd gate, ---
And trace the glorious relics of her state;
The meeting arches, pillar'd walks admire,
Or musing hearken to the silenc'd choir.
Encircling groves diffuse a solemn grace,
And dimly fill th’ historic window's place;
While pitying shrubs on the bare summit try
To give the roofless pile a canopy.

Here, O my Friends, along the mossy done
In pleasurable sadness let us roam : — &
Look back upon the world in haven safe,
Weep o'er its ruins, at its follies laugh.

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