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Where heroes, statesmen, and the virtuous crowd
Receive the great reward of being good.
Such pleasures ev’n on earth had heaven ordain'd,
For him who once our tottering state sustain’d ;
Who join'd the glorious freedom-loving crew,
Fix’d to great Caesar what was Caesar's due,
And then, dićtator-like, to fields withdrew.
Fair ran the current of his age, serene
As the pure lake that bounds the various scene.
Here whate'er Nature beauteous boasts we find,
Charming when separate, but more charming join'd, to
Pleasures, though chang'd, we meet where'er we rove,
On hill, in dale, on plain, in shady grove; . -
Here swell the hillocs crown'd with golden grain,
There, at their feet, fair flows the liquid plain,
O'er those the larks extend their labor'd note,
On this the swans in snowy grandeur float.

To Houghton then we take our pleasing way, Thrice happy boundary of a well-spent day; Here chearful Plenty met the wearied guest, And splendid Welcome doubly crown'd our *2.

Thou then, Apollo, aid the Poet's lay,
Thy beams gave lustre to the following day;
When in one house more beauties join’d we found,
Than e'er thou seest in al lthy glorious round;
where Walpole plac'd, with curious happy cost,

Whate'er magnificence or taste can boast,
Where, in what building noblest has, we find
Preserv'd, what painting liveliest e'er design'd.
See Sculpture too her beauties here disclose,
Such as old Phidias taught and Rysbrack knows; ze-
Laocoon here in pain still seems to breathe,
While round his limbs the poisonous serpents wreathe,
Life struggling seems through every limb to pass,
And dying torments animate the brass.

*The pencil's power the proud saloon displays, -And struck with wonder on the paint we gaze.

See the proud Rabbins, at the sumptuous board, Frown on the wretch who kneels before her Lord, And the rich unguent, in devotion meet, Pours, mix’d with tears, on her Redeemer's feet, Z24 In vain with hypocritic rage they glow, While mercy smooths the heavenly stranger's brow ; He the true penitent with ease descries, Sees the heart speaking in the melting eyes, Bids every tear with full effect to stream, And from his vengeance all her sins redeem.

On the next cloth behold Van Dyck display Celestial innocence, immortal day: His pencil here no more with nature vies, Above her plastic power his genius flies; ~ * * * Soars on Promethean wing aloft, and there Steals forms which heaven born cherubs only weari


Pours airs divine into the human frame,
Darts through his children’s eyes seraphic flame,
While o'er the sacred forms such beauties reign,
As not belie the sainthood they contain.

Behold 1 where Stephen fainting yields his breath, . By great Le Sueur again condemn’d to death; With strange surprise we view the horrid deed, And then, to pity melted, turn the head, L’32 Lest, as spectators of the martyr's fall, We innocently share the crime of Saul. ..Here too Albani's pencil charms the eye; Morellio here unfolds the azure sky, Sweet modest charms the Virgin's cheek adorn, To Heaven on wings of smiling seraphs borne.

The next gay room is known by Carlo's name, Fair Mausoleum of Maratti’s fame ! Such strokes, such equal charms, each pićture boasts, We venture not to say which pleases most, ZA, Thus on the galaxy with joy we gaze, Nor know which star emits the brightest rays. Yet if beyond himself he ever flew, If e'er beyond a mortal’s touch he drew, Amidst the glow that from that purple breaks, Look on yon Pope, nor wonder if he speaks. With length of days and fame Maratti blest, Ne'er wept departed genius from his breast; But, when just drooping, sinking to the ground,

Spread sportive Loves and laughing Cherubs round; 23 or

Ev’n Death, approaching, smil’d, and made a stand,

And gently stole the pencil from his hand.

Thus falls the sun, and, as he fades away,
Gilds all th’ horizon with a parting ray.

Next on the gorgeous cabinet we gaze, Which the full elegance of paint displays; In strong expressions of each master's mind, The various beauties of this art we find ; Here vast invention, there the just design, Here the bold stroke, and there the perfect line i 24With ease unequall'd here the drawing flows, And there inimitable color glows. With summer here the cloth Bassano warms, There locks the world in winter's hoary arms, On the warm view we look with pleas'd amaze,_ Then turn to frost, and shudder as we gaze.

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Mirth unrestrain’d in rustics humble cells
On chearful Teniers’ laughing canvass dwells,
Nor ever are his warm expressions faint,
But laughing we enjoy the comic paint; z
Till scenes more horrid break upon our eye,
Effects of Borgognone's too cruel joy.
Strong was his fancy, and his genius good,
But, bred in camps, he mix’d his tints in blood;
Alternate bore the pencil and the sword, -
And, the same hands that fought, the fight record,

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But lo! and let the pious tear be shed, On the sad cloth the world’s great Master dead. The mother see in grief amazing drown'd, And sorrow more than mortal spread around.23° What striking attitudes what strong relief! Wesee, we wonder at, we feel the grief. Who could such power of speaking paint employ Own, Parma, own thy darling son with joy; Still to his memory fresh trophies rear, Whose life insatiate war itself could spare. No arms he needed 'midst the fatal strife, But to his potent pencil ow’d his life, The wondering soldier dropp'd the lifted sword, Nor stain'd those hands he only not ador'd, 7.

Now, as Aeneas in the Stygian glades Wondering beheld departed heroes shades, Amidst the forms of worthies dead we range, By eternising paint preserv'd from change. Here law and learning dwell in Wandesford's face, While valiant Whartons shine with martial grace; And the soft females of the race declare That these no braver were than those were fair; In garter'd glory drest here Danby stands, And Laud with air imperious still commands. 2 oz.

The next great form with melancholy eye, And inauspicious valor, seems to sigh. Peace to his soul! howe'er 'gainst right he fought, Be in his dreadful doom his sin forgot;

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