Pacific Northwest Americana: A Checklist of Books and Pamphlets Relating to the History of the Pacific Northwest

H.W. Wilson Company, 1921 - 329 páginas

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Página 84 - IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON. For the County of AB, (or AB and CD) Contestants, vs.
Página 132 - California. See Nordhoff. Canada on the Pacific: being an account of a journey from Edmonton to the Pacific, by the Peace River Valley.
Página 236 - American antiquities, and discoveries in the West: being an exhibition of the evidence that an ancient population of partially civilized nations, differing entirely from those of the present Indians, peopled America, many centuries before its discovery by Columbus.
Página 142 - The great Probability of a North-west Passage : deduced from Observations on the Letter of Admiral de Fonte, who sailed from the Callao of Lima on the Discovery of a Communication between the South Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; and to intercept the Navigators from Boston in New England, whom he met with, then in Search of a North-west Passage.
Página 295 - Esq. With Descriptive Sketches of the Natural History of the North American Regions.
Página 290 - Oregon and California in 1848 : With an Appendix, including recent and authentic Information on the Subject of the Gold Mines of California, and other valuable Matter of Interest to the Emigrant, &c.
Página 240 - Rawlings, Thomas. The confederation of the British North American provinces; their past history and future prospects; including also British Columbia and Hudson's Bay territory; with a map and suggestions in reference to the true and only practicable route from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.
Página 162 - States, containing delineations of the manners, customs, religion, etc., of the Indians, compiled from various authentic sources, and original documents, and a summary of the statistical view of the Indian nations, from the official communication of Meriwether Lewis.
Página 304 - Memorial on the Canal de Haro as the Boundary Line of the United States of America, presented in the name of the American Government to His Majesty William I, German Emperor and King of Prussia, as Arbitrator, by the American Plenipotentiary, George Bancroft.
Página 77 - Sir Francis Drake revived: calling upon this dull or effeminate age, to follow his noble steps for gold and silver...

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