Embroidery: Or, The Craft of the Needle

Truslove & Hanson, 1907 - 308 páginas

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Página 3 - Fine linen, with broidered work from Egypt, was that which thou spreadest forth to be thy sail—blue and purple from the isles of Elishah was that which covered thee.
Página 12 - Nay, a question which cannot be answered unless people are seriously longing to be blind no longer, and are ready to pay the full price, both in money, and in trouble, and disturbance of a quiet life, which that (to my mind) inestimable gain will bring with it. Now, I say that there are two things to be done by the seers for the non-seers : the first is to show them what is to be seen on the earth ; and the next to give them opportunities for producing matters, the sight of which will please themselves...
Página 6 - England is surely a garden of delights for us. It is truly a never-failing spring, and there, where many things abound, much may be extorted.
Página 227 - A name given to an inferior kind of damask wrought of silk, wool, linen thread, and gold in Flanders.
Página 29 - Gul-Duzi-iResht," as they are called, are mostly used by the Persians for saddle-cloths and showy horse-clothing, for which they are not inappropriate.
Página 2 - Hoses and Homer, and it takes precedence of painting, as the earliest method of representing figures and ornaments was by needle-work traced upon canvas. From the earliest times it served to decorate the sacerdotal vestments and other objects applied...
Página 2 - The discovery of an ugliness — ungainly forms and crude colours — is the first step towards a proper appreciation of beauty. This book may be of some assistance to those who believe whatever is worth doing at all is worth any pains to do well. One's fingers had far better be employed than idle, and if by the result of such occupation something that is already useful is beautified and made interesting, at the same time not deprived of its expression of use and comfort, one is fully repaid for...
Página 46 - ... the winged man for St. Matthew, the winged lion for St. Mark, the winged ox for St. Luke, and the eagle for St. John. St. Mark is supposed to have been buried in the great church in Venice dedicated to his name, and the winged lion has become the distinguishing badge of that city. In the Catacombs we find the Holy Sacrament of Baptism symbolically represented. The most frequent symbol is a fish, often portrayed on the tombs of departed Christians. Sometimes three fishes are represented, entwined...
Página 36 - THE actual systems of building pattern, of pattern forms, methods of drawing and modelling figures, and various handicrafts have been discovered long ago, but it is in their re-combination and adaptation — our interpretation and use of them — and in the power of variation and expression, that modern invention and predilection tell.
Página 112 - The ground in the alternative quatrefoil is filled in with green and faded crimson silks, worked in short stitches to form a close diaper of chevron pattern. On the inside of the embroidery hanks of loose thread have been laid, and are occasionally stitched...

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