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283 L. of the Three Grand Principles, King's Head

Tavern, Islington

284 Royal Edmund Lodge, Bury St. Edmund's

285 Union Lodge, at Venice

286 Lodge, at Verona

287 Lodge of Liberty, Half-moon, West Smithfield

288 L. of Unanimity, at Calcutta, 3d Lodge of Bengal


289 Lodge at Detroit, in Canada

290 Apollo Lodge, at York

291 Lodge of fehosaphat, Bristol

292 Anchor and Hope, Calcutta, 4th L. of Bengal

293 Lodge of Humility with Fortitude, Calcutta, 5th

Lodge of Bengal

295 Lodge of Union, 'town of Gateshead, Durham

296 Williamsburg Lodge, at Williamsburg, Virginia

297 Botetourt Lodge, at Botetourt, Virginia

298 Lodge Frederick, at Cassel, in Germany

299 L. of Good Friends, at Rousseau, in Dominica

. r?74

300 L. of Liberty and Sincerity, Bridgewater, Somerset

301 Lodge of Prudence, Leigh, in Lancashire

302 Unity Lodge, No. 2, at Savannah, in Georgia

303 L. of the Nine Muses, No. 1, Petersburg"")

304 L. of the Muse Urania, No. 2, I

305 Lodge of Bellona, No. 3, }► Russia

306 Lodge of Mars, No. 4, Yassy |

307 L. of the Muse Clio, No. 5, Moscow, J

308 St Bede's Lodge, Morpeth, Northumberland

309 Lodge of Harmony, at Guernsey


310 Durnovarian Lodge, Dorchester, Dorset

311 Helvetic Union Lodge, Ship, Leadenhall-street

312 Sun and Sector, Workington, in Cumberland

313 St. Jean de Nouvelle Esperance, in Turin

314 True and Faithful Lodge, West Malling, in Kent

315 Grenadiers' Lodge, at Savannah, in Georgia

316 Lodge of True Friendship, with the 3d Brigade,

6th Lodge of Bengal

317 Green-island L. at Green-island, No. 8,7

318 L. of Lucca, Parish of Hanover, No. 9, > Jamaica

319 Union L. at Savannah la Mar, No. 1 r, j

320 Union Lodge, at Detroit, in Canada 1776.

.321 St. And. L Robin Hood, Charles-str. St. James's 322 Royai York Lodge of Perseverance, Coldstream Regiment of Guards • 323 Lodge of Concord, Southampton

324 Royal-Oak Lodge, Ripon, Yorkshire

325 L. oc,Honour, Bell, York-street, Westminster 3 26 Industrious Lodge, Canterbury

328 King of Prussia, Penrith, in Cumberland 3 29 Lodge of United Friendship, Gravesend


330 Lodge of the Nine Muses, Thatched-house Tav.

St. James's-street

331 Union Lodge, York

332 Social Lodge, Backing, Essex

333 Gnoll Lodge, Neath, Glamorganshire

334 Lodge in the Island of Nevis

335 In the 6th, or Inniskilling, Regiment of Dragoons

336 Impregnable Lodge, Sandwich


337 Lodge at Messina, in Sicily


•338 Northumberland Lodge, Alnwick, Northumberland 3 39 Lodge of Independence, Vine Tavern, Broad-str. Ratcliff

340 Pilgrim L. Freemasons'Tav. Great Queen-street

341 Lodge of Fortitude, Maidstone,'Kent


342 L. of St. Geo. in the 1st Reg. of Dragoon-guards

343 St- Hildas Lodge, South Shields, Durham 34 4" Merchants' Lodge, Liverpool

345 Lodge of Liebau, in Courland 9,46 Lodge at Naples

347 St. Michael's Lodge, Alnwick, Northumberland

348 St. George's Lodge, Doncaster

178 r.

349 Alfred Lod^e, Wetherby, Yorkshire

350 Lodge of Rural Friendship, Bedford Coffee-house,


351 Rodney Lodge, Kingston upon Hull

352 Lodge of Friendship, Dartmouth, Devonshire

353 Lodge of Moral Reformation, Deptford

354 La Loggia clella Verita, Naples

355 Hiram's Lodge, Sugar-loaf, Great St. Helen's, St.

Mary Axe


356 St. George's East York Militia Lodge, in East

Riding Regiment of York Militia

357 Lodge of Science, Salisbury

358 Old British and Ligurian Lodge, Genoa

359 Mount Sinai Lodge, St. John's, Antigua

360 Lodge of True Love and Unity, Brixham, Devon

361 Lodge of Peace, Joy, and Brotherly Love, Penryn,


362 Mariners' Lodge, New Dock, Liverpool

363 Minervo I odge, Hull, Yorkshire

364 Lodge of Good Intention, in North, or 2d, Reg2

of Devon Militia 36? Loyal Lodge, Barnstaple

366 Apollo Lodge, Salisbury


367 Lodge at Placentia, Newfoundland

368 Homesdale Lodge of Freedom and Friendship, Ryegate,


369 Harmonic Lodge, Dudley, Worcestershire

370 African Lodge, Boston, New England

371 Lodge of Truth, Richmond-green

372 Raby Lodge, Raby-Castle, Staindrop, Durham

373 Royal Gloucester Lodge, Gloucester

374 Lodge of Concord, Plymouth-dock

375 La Parfaite Amitie, at Avignon, Languedoc

376 St. John's Lodge, at Michlimacinac, Canada

377 Barry Lodge, in the 34th Regiment

378 Rainsford Lodge, in the 44th Regiment

379 Tyrian I odge, Derby

381 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland

382 Trinity Lodge, Coventry

383 hodge of Unanimity, Wells, Somersetshire

384 Lodge of Harmony, Hampton-court

385 Lodge of St. George, New Windsor, Berks

3 86 Thanet Lodge, Margate

387 Lodge of Good Intent, Ship Tav. Leadenhall-str.

388 White Lion, Whitchurch, Shropshire

389 Lodge of Perfect Friendship, Ipswich

390 L. of Union, Spread-Eagle, Patt-str. Lambeth


391 Lodge of Independence, Chester

392 Lodge of Benevolence, Sherborn, Dorset

393 St. Margaret's L. Rose and Crown, Darmouth

street, Westminster

394 L. of Friendship and Sincerity, Shaftesbury, Dorset

395 Phoenix Lodge, Portsmouth

396 Lodge of the Black Bear, in the City of Hanover

397 John's Lodge, Broomsgrove, Worcestershire

398 Carnatic Military Lodge, at Vellore, No. 2, Coast

of Coromandel

399 At Futty-Ghur, Bengal

400 Hiram's Lodge, at Gibraltar

401 Lodge of Goodwill, at Braintree, Essex

402 Lodge of Sincerity, Wlgan, Lancashire

403 Lodge of Harmony, Ormskirk, ditto

404 Snowden Lodge, Carnarvon, North Wales


405 Lodge of St. Charles, at Hildburgshausen

406 St. Matthew's Lodge, Barton upon Humber

407 Amphibious Lodge, Stonehouse, near Plymouth

408 Newtonian Lodge, Knaresborough

409 Royal Navy Lodge, Gosport

410 L. of Trade and'Navigation, Northwlch, Cheshire 41 l Lodge of Unity, Lichfield

412 Prince of Wales's L. Star and Garter, Pall-Mali

413 L. Astrea, at Riga, with permission to assemble

in the Duchy of Courland

414 Royal Denbeigh L. at Denbeigh, North Wales

415 L. Absalom, have met since 1740

416 L. St. George, ditto ,J743

417 L. Emanuel, ditto 1774

418 L. Ferdinand Caroline, ditto 1776

419 L. of Perfect Harmony, St. Thomas Mount, No. 3

420 L. of Social Friendship, at Madras, No. 4

421 Lodge at Trichinopoly No. 5

422 L. of Social Friendship, St. Thomas Mount, No. 6

at Hambourg 423 Princes of Wales's L. Gainsborough, Lincoln thin

424 St. Paul's Lodge, Montreal, Canada

425 In the Regiment of Anhalt Zerbst

426 L. of Unity, at Fort William Henry")

427 St. James's Lodge, at Cataraqui |

428 Select Lodge, at Montreal J>Canada

429 New Oswegatchie Lodge |

430 St. John's Lodge, at Niagara J


432 Wiltshire Lodge, Devizes, Wiltshire

433 Lodge of Unanimity, Bminster, Somersetshire

434 Salopian Lodge, Shrewsbury

435 Bank of England Lodge, Guildhall Coffee-house,

King-stieet, Cheapside

436 L. of Honour and Perseverance, Cockermouth Cumbl.

437 Philanthropic L. Metford, Suffolk

438 Duke of Tork's L. Doncaster

439 Royal Yorkshire L. Kighley, Yorkshire

440 The Old Globe L. Scarborough

441 L. of Napthali, Manchester

442 L. of Unity, ditto

443 L. of Union, ditto

444 L. of Fidelity, Burnley, Lancashire


445 Egerton L. Whitchurch, Shropshire

446 Star and Garter, Pali-Mall

447 Lodge of Unity, at Dantzick

448 St. John's L. of Secrecy and Harmony, at Malta

449 Country Stewards' L. Freemasons' Tavern, Great


450 At Fredericton, New Brunswick, N. America

451 Cambrian L. Brecon, South Wales

452 Royal Clarence L. Brighthelmstone, Sussex

453 Lodge of Harmony, Northampton

454 Beneficent L. Macclesfield, Cheshire

455 Royal York L. Bristol

456 Lodge Frederic Charles Joseph, of the Golden

Wheel, Mentz

457 Wrekin L. Wellington, Shropshire

458 Lodge of 1 ranquillity, Manchester

459 Independent Lodge, Congleton, Cheshire

460 Albion Lodge, at Skipton, Yorkshire

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