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er well remembered faces presented all characters these are the most readithemselves to my view. It brought a ly known; and it is remarkable, that crowd of recollections across my mind, though but a few miles separate the and recalled those scenes which shone towns, the Deal and Dover pilots are so cloudlessly and passed away so peculiarly distinguished from each othsoon. It was one of those hasty snatch- er. The former, with their long-tail, es of thought that embodies years in broad-flapped coats, apparently cut the space of minutes : but the noise from the same piece of cloth and cast soon dispelled the vision, and it vanish- by the same manufacturer; then they ed amid the cries of " Fast sailing have an indolent slouch in their gait, Poll,--Countess,--good accommoda- as if they had nothing to do and tions,-King George Mail --Queen fifty to help them, wrangling together Charlotte, -go for the tide, "--and a all day long, but in the evening assembundred other sounds, all equally har- bling at the Star, or elsewhere, over monious. I followed the general plan their glass of grog, as amicable as ever. of great travellers, to keep all in 'sus- The Dover pilots are more improved pense and promise none; so that every in their manners and appearance (protime I showed my head out at the inn bably the effects of steam ;) the fashiondoor I was again surrounded, and able cut is superseding the old style of made another collection of cards. How dress, and the honest bluntness of the delightful to walk upon the cool mar- “ aunciente pilote,” is refined into mogin of the purple wave, and contem- dern politeness and genteel deportment. plate the weather-beaten face of the But, take them for all in all, when we hardy Hoveller,--to watch his stolen consider the extent of property and and suspicious glances while pretend- number of lives committed to their ing to look through his glass at the dis- charge, and the comparative few cases tant sail ; and when the roaring bil- of loss, we must acknowledge them to lows are dashing their white foam upon be a valuable and respectable class of the beach, to see him launch through the community. Their wives—but the raging surge to aid the vessel in we must not meddle with them-bedistress. A more stigmatized, yet sides the flag is up, and I shall barely useful, body of men never existed. have time to clear my baggage and get What, though they may dabble a on board "When Greek meets Greek, little now and then in a few contra- then comes the tug of war.” Scarcebrand articles, as which of us has ly had my trunk undergone examinaDot ?)—but there-there-that's a for- tion, than they were handled by men bidden subject-and the least said belonging to the various packets, and about it the better. Who ever bas we bid fair to go to Calais in different mounted to the height of that famed vessels, till I determined to take my cliff where Shakspeare wooed the tra- passage with my worthy old friend in gic Muse, without feeling some portion the Countess; but as from ladder to of Parnassian elevation ? To listen ladder* may make the subject of anoto the whispering of the little azure ther communication, I shall shove off wave as it chases the yellow strand be. from the Pier and close the present, lor—to taste the only unadulterated with a hope that it will find a corner in thing we can now enjoy, the pure clear your Gazette, in which case you shall air of heaven—to look with shuddering again hear from Yours, &c. &c. instinct over the steep precipice, and

HumphrEY FELT, then turn to the green slope descending to the valley-But let us get to the Pier heads, and that rendezvous for pilots * The ladders by which the Packets are boarded and for news—the Cross Wall. Of at Dover and Calais.

Currier and Tanner.

ANECDOTE OF NELSON. At Yarmouth, the Wrestlers' Inn is more arms over the door, gave him full permiscelebrated for the jeu d'esprit of the immor. sion to do the former, suggesting at the tal Nelson than any thing else ; who, when same time the omission of tbe latter certhe landlord requested permission to call it emony, on the ground that he had no arms Nelson's Hotel, and place bis Lordship’s to spare.


(Lond. Mag.)

AFTER many months of anxious would make him, and in his passion

and painful expectancy, I at took him a rap with the iron-rod, and length succeeded in obtaining my ap- killed him. When he saw what he pointinent to the situation I had so ar- had done, he listed, and hove him over dently wished for. Despairing at my the side ; and many a long day the apparent want of success, I had given men wondered what had become of up all hopes, and had engaged to go little Bill, for they were all below at servant in the Clydesdale to the East dinner, and none but myself saw the Indies, when the favourable result of transaction. It was needless for me to my friend's exertions changed the as- complain, and get him overhauled, as pect of my affairs. My instructions there were no witnesses ; but I left the set forth the necessity of my being at ship, and births would be scarce before Surinam by a certain day, otherwise I I would sail with him again." should be too late to join the corps to Knowing what tyrants shipmasters which I was appointed, which, on the are in general, and how much their ceding up of the place to the Dutch, passengers' comfort depends on them, was to proceed to Canada. As it I was somewhat startled by this piece wanted only two months of that period, of information respecting the temper of it became necessary to inquire for the man I purposed to sail with. But some vessel without loss of time. Give necessity has no law! The circuming up my engagement with the Clydes- stance probably was much misredale, I proceeded to the harbour, and presented, and, from a simple act of after a toilsone search, succeeded in discipline, exaggerated to an act of wandiscovering a ship chartered by a Glas- ton cruelty. But be that as it mightgow company lying ready at the west my affairs were urgent. There was quay, and to sail with that evening's no other vessel for the same port—I tide. While I stood examining the must either take my passage, or run vessel from the pier, two sailors, who the risk of being superseded. The seemed to be roaming idly about, thing was not be thought of; so I went stopped, and began to converse by ny and secured my birth. As my preparaside.

tions were few and trifling, I had every “ Has the old Dart got all her hands, thing arranged, and on board, just as Tom !” said the one, “that she has the vessel was unmooring from the her ensign up for sailing? They say quay. During the night we got down she is sold to the lubberly Dutchmen to the Clock light-house, and stood off now—what cheer to lend her a hand and on, waiting for the Captain, who out, and get our sailing-penny for a had remained behind to get the ship glass of grog ?” “ No, no; bad cleared out at the Custom House. cheer!" replied the other; “ mayhap Soon afterwards he joined us, and the I didn't tell you that I made a trip in pilot leaving us in the return-boat, we her four years ago; and a cleaner or a stood down the Forth under all our livelier thing is not on the water ! But canvass. there is a limb of the big devil in her For four weeks we had a quick and that is enough to cause her to sink to pleasant passage. The Dart did not the bottom. It was in our voyage out belie her name ; for, being Americans that he did for Bill Burnet with the built, and originally a privateer, she pump sounding-rod, because the little sailed uncommonly fast, generally fellow snivelled a bit, and was not han- running at the rate of twelve knots an dy to jump when he was ordered aloft hour. to set the fore-royal. It was his first As I had expected, Captain Mahone voyage, and the boy was mortal afraid proved to be, in point of acquirements, to venture; but the Captain swore he not at all above the common run of

shipmasters. He was haughty and gun fired as a signal of distress. The overbearing, and domineered over the night was as black as pitch; but the crew with a high hand; in return for flash showed us that the stranger was which, he was evidently feared and not far to leeward: so, to avoid drifting detested by them all. He had been on the wreck during the darkness, the many years in the West Indies ; part main-top-sail was braced round, and of which time he had ranged as com- filled, and the ship hauled to windmander of a privateer, and had, be- ward. In this manner we kept altertween the fervid sons of such high lati- nately beating and heaving-to as the tudes and the copious use of grog, be- gale rose or fell till the morning broke, come of a rich mahogany colour, or when, through the haze, we perceived something between vermillion and the a small vessel with her masts carried tint of a sheet of new copper. He away. As the wind had taken off, the was a middle-sized man ; square built, Captain had gone to bed : so it was with a powerful muscular frame. His the mate's watch on deck. The steersaspect naturally harsh and forbidding, man, an old grey-headed seaman, namwas rendered more so by the sinistered James Gemmel, proposed to bear expression of his left eye, which had down and save the people, saying be been nearly forced out by some acci- had been twice wrecked himself, and dent--and the lineaments of his coun- knew what it was to be in such a situatenance expressed plainly that he was tion. As the Captain was below, the passionate and furious in the extreme. mate was irresolute what to do; being In consequence of this, I kept rather aware that the success of the speculadistant and aloof; and, except at tion depended on their getting to Surimeals, we seldom exchanged more nam before it was given up: howthan ordinary civilities.

ever, he was at length persuadedBy our reckoning, our ship had now the helm was put up, and the ship bore got into the latitude of the Bermudas, away. when one evening, at sun-set, the wind, As we neared the wreck, and were which had bitherto been favourable, standing by the mizen shrouds with fell at once into a dead calm. Thé our glasses, the Captain came up from day had been clear and bright; but the cabin.' He looked up with astonnow, liuge masses of dark and conical- ishment to the sails, and the direction shaped clonds began to tower over of the vessel's head, and, in a voice of each other in the western horizon, suppressed passion, said, as he turned which, being tinged with the rays of to the mate, “What is the meaning of the sun, displayed that lurid and deep this, Mr. Wyllie? Who has dared 10 brassy tint so well known to mariners alter the ship's course without my as the token of an approaching storm. leave- when you know very well that All the sailers were of opinion that we we shall hardly be in time for the marshould have a coarse night; and every ket, use what expedition we may” precaution that good seamanship could The young man was confused by this suggest was taken to make the vessel unexpected challenge, and stammered soug before the gale came on. The out something about Gemmel having oldest boys were sent up to hand and persuaded him. “It was me, Sir!" send down the royal and top-gallant respectfully interfered the old sailor, sails, and strike the masts, while the wishing to avert the storm from the top-sails and stays were close-reefed. mate ; “ I thought you wouldn't have These preparations were hardly ac- the heart to leave the wreck and these complished, when the wind shifted, people to perish, without lending a and took us a-back with such violence hand to save them! We should be as nearly to capsize the vessel. The neither Christians nor true seamen to ship was put round as soon as possi- desert her, and

66 Damn you ble, and brought-to till the gale should and the wreck, you old canting rascal ! fall: wbile all hands remained on deck do you pretend to stand there and in case of any emergency. About ten, preach to me?" thundered the Capin the interval of a squall, we heard á tain, his fury breaking out, “ I'll teach

you to disobey my orders ! I'll give “I warn you again, young man! to you something to think of !” and seiz- busy yourself with your own matters ing a capstan-spar which lay near him, -meddle not with what does not conhe hurled it at the steersman with all cern you; and belay your slack jaw, his might. The blow was effectual or, by - -! Rink Mahone will find a one end of it struck him across the way to make it fast for you !" He then head with such force as to sweep him turned round, and walked forward to in an instant from his station at the the forecastle. wheel, and to dash him with violence During this affray no attention had against the lee-bulwarks, where he lay been paid to the wreck, though the bleeding, and motionless. “ Take that, crew had set up a yell of despair on and be damned !” exclaimed the wretch, seeing us leave them. Signals and as he took the helm, and sang out to shouts were still repeated, and a voice, the men,-"Stand by sheets, and bra- louder in agony than the rest, implorces-hard a-lee-let go !” In a twink- ed our help for the love of the blessed ling the yards were braced round, and Virgin ; and offered riches and absothe Dart, laid within six points of the lution to the whole ship’s company if wind, was flying through the water. they would but come back. The Cap

Meanwhile Gemmel was lying with- tain was pacing fore and aft without out any one daring to assist him ; for appearing to mind them, when, as if the crew were so confounded that they struck with some sudden thought, he seemed quite undetermined how to act. lifted bis glass to his eye-seemed to I stepped to him, therefore, and the hesitate-walked on-and then, all at mate following my example, we listed once changing his mind, he ordered the him up. As there was no appearance vessel again before the wind. of respiration, I placed my hand on On speaking the wreck, she proved his heart but pulsation had entirely to be a Spanish felucca from the island ceased the old man was dead. The of Cuba, bound for Curaçoa, on the bar had struck him directly on the tem- coast of the Caraccas. As they had poral bone, and had completely frac- lost their boats in the storm, and could tured that part of the scull.

not leave their vessel, our Captain low“ He is a murdered man, Captain ered and manned our jolly-boat, and Mahone !” said I, laying down the went off to them. body, “murdered without cause or After an absence of some hours he provocation."

“ None of your re- returned with the passengers, consistmarks, Sir !” he retorted; " what the ing of an elderly person in the garb of devil have you to do with it? Do you a catholic priest, a sick gentleman, a mean to stir up my men to mutiny? young lady, apparently daughter of the Or do you call disobeying my orders latter, and a female black slave. With no provocation? I'll answer it to those the utmost difficulty, and writhing unwho have a right to ask ; but till then, der some excruciating pain, the invalid let me see the man who dare open his was got on board and carried dowa to mouth to me in this ship.” “I prom- the cabin, where he was laid on a bed ise you,” returned 1, "that though on the floor. To the tender of my you rule and tyrannise here at present, professional services the invalid return. your power shall have a termination, ed his thanks, and would have declined and you shall be called to account for them, expressing his conviction of beyour conduct in this day's work-rest' ing past human aid, but the young laassured that this blood shall be require dy, eagerly catching at even a remote ed at your hands, though you have hi- hope of success, implored him with therto escaped punishment for what tears to accept my offer. On examihas stained them already.". This al- nation I found his fears were but too lusion to the murder of little Bill Bur. well grounded. In his endeavours to net seemed to stagger him considera- assist the crew during the gale he had bly-he stopped short before me, and, been standing near the mast, part of while his face grew black with supó which, or the rigging, having fallen on pressed wrath and fury, whispered, him, had dislocated several of his ribs,

and injored his spine beyond remedy. been always. Mine is an ancient and All that could now be done was to af- pohle family in Catalonia ; though I ford a little temporary relief from pain, unbappily disgraced it, and have been which I did ; and leaving him to the estranged from it long. I had the miscare of the young lady and the priest, I fortune to have weak and indulgent left the cabin.

parents, who idolized me as the heir of On deck I found all bustle and con- their house, and did not possess resolufusion. The ship was still lying-to, tion enough to thwart me in any of my and the boats employed in bringing the wishes or desires, however unreasonagoods out of the felucca, both of which ble. My boyhood being thus spoiled, were the property of the wounded gen- it is no matter of wonder that my tleman. The body of the old man, youth should have proved wild and Gemmel, had been removed somewhere dissolute. My companions were as out of sight; po trace of blood was vi- dissipated as myself, and much of our sible, and Captain Mahone seemed de- time was spent in gambling and other sirous to banish all recollections both extravagances. One evening at play of our quarrel and its origin.

I quarrelled with a young nobleman of As the invalid was lying in the ca. high rank and influence; we were bin, and my state-room occupied by both of us hot and passionate, so we the lady and her female attendant, I drew on the spot and fought, and I had got a temporary birth in the steerage the misfortune to run him through the made up for myself for the night. I heart and leave him dead. Not daring had not long thrown myself down on to remain longer at home, I fled in disa my cot, which was only divided from guise to Barcelona, where I procured a the main-cabio by a bulk-head, when passage in a vessel for the Spanish I was awakened by the deep groans of Main. On our voyage we were taken the Spaniard. The violence of his by buccaneers; and, the roving and pain had again returned, and between venturous mode of life of these bold the spasms I heard the weeping and and daring men suiting both my incligentle voice of the lady soothing his nation and finances, I agreed to make agony, and trying to impart hopes and one of their number. For many months prospects to him, which her own hys we were successful in our enterprises : terical sobs told plainly she did not her- we ranged the whole of these seas, and, self feel. The priest also frequently made a number of prizes, some of joined, and urged him to confess. To which were rich ships of our own colothis advice be remained silent for nies. In course of time we amassed awhile; but at length he addressed the such a quantity of specie as to make us lady : “ The Padre says true, Isabella! unwilling to venture it in one bottom; Time wears apace, and I feel that I so we agreed to hide it ashore, and dishall soon be beyond its limits, and vide it on our return from our next exabove its concerns! But ere I go, I pedition. But our good fortune forsook would say that which it would impart us this time. During a calm the boats peace to my mind to disclose-I would of the Guarda-costa came un us, overseek to leave you at least one human powered the ship, and made all the being to befriend and protect you in crew, except myself and two others, your utter helplessness. Alas! that prisoners. We escaped with our boat, Diego di Montaldo's daughter should and succeeded in gaining the island of ever be thus destitute ! Go! my love! Cuba, where both of my comrades died I woold be alone a little while with the of their wounds. Subsequent events father." An agony of tears and sobs induced me to settle at St. Juan de was the only return made by the Buenavista, where I married, and as a poor girl, while the priest with gentle merchant prospered and became a rich violence led her into the state-room.

But my happiness lasted not! * Now,” continued the dying man, My wife caught the yellow fever and 4 listen to me while I have scrength. died, leaving me only this one child. You have only known me as a mer- I now loathed the scene of my departchant in Cuba; but such I have not ed happiness, and felt all the longings


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