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Preach'd on

Several Occasions.

By Richard Duke, M. A. late Preben-
dary of Gloucester, Rector of Witney in
Oxford/hire, and Chaplain in Ordinary
to her Majesty.

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Printed by Leon. Lichfield, for AtitBT^Peiftey
Bookseller, And are to be Sold by J. and J.
Knapton, W. and J. Innys, W. Meadows ,
J.Wyat, R. Knaplock, B. and C. Matte, and
1'. Combes, Booksellers in LONDON, 1750.

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SERMON I. Page i.

Eccles. XL I. Cast thy Bread upon the Waters:

for Thou shalt find it after many days.

SERMON II. Pageipt

Hebr. II. 16. and part of the 17 verse. For

•verily He took net on Him the Nature of Angels; but

He took onHim theSeed of Abraham. Wherefore in all

things it betev'd him to be made like unto his Brethren.

SERMON III. Page 57.

1 Thess. IV. 11. And that Te study to be Quiet,

and to do Tour own Business.

SERMON IV. Page8*»

Hebr. III. 12. Take fe'd, Brethren, lest there be
in any ~of You an Evil Heart of Unbelief.

SERMON V. Page 115s.

Luke XXIV. 34. The "Lord is Risen indeed.

SERMON VI. Page 135.

Rom. VI. 21. What Fruit 'had ye then in those
Things, -whereof ye are "nv-w ajham'd? For the End
of those T/iings is Death,

SERMON VIL Page 159.

Psalm XIX. 7. The Law of the Lord is PerfeEl,

converting tlie Soul: The Testimony of the Lord is

Sure, making Wife the Simple.

SERMON VIII. Page 187.

Prov.XlI.21.There ShalltioEvilhappen to thejust.

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