Opening speech of John W. Ashmead, United States District Attorney, in the case of the United States vs. Castner Hanway, indicted for treason


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Página 110 - That the provisions of an act entitled "an act respecting fugitives from justice, and persons escaping from the service of their masters...
Página 119 - Tenitory, that the person so seized or arrested, doth, under the laws of the State or Territory from which he or she fled, owe service or labor to the person claiming him or her, it shall be the duty of such Judge or Magistrate to give a certificate thereof to such claimant, his agent or attorney? which shall be sufficient warrant for removing the said fugitive from labor to the State or Territory from which he or she fled.
Página 93 - It is a technical term. It is used in a very old statute of that country whose language is our language, and whose laws form the substratum of our laws. It is scarcely conceivable that the term was not employed by the framers of our constitution in the sense which had been affixed to it by those from whom we borrowed it.
Página 120 - Maryland, a special act was passed, entitled an act " to give effect to the provisions of the constitution of the United States, relative to fugitives from labor, for the protection of free people of color, and to prevent kidnapping.
Página 30 - The Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, and for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully held in Bondage, and for Improving the Condition of the African Race," incorporated by Act of Assembly passed the 8th day of December, AD 1789, of which Dr.
Página 23 - They must supply vessels and seamen, in case of foreign attack. The Legislature will have indefinite power to tax them by excises and duties on imports ; both of which will fall heavier on them than on the Southern inhabitants ; for the Bohea tea used by a Northern freeman will pay more tax than the whole consumption of the miserable slave, which consists of nothing more than his physical subsistence, and the rag that covers his nakedness.
Página 41 - It shall be their duty, as soon as may be, to pass such laws as may be necessary, First. To prevent free negroes and mulattoes from coming to and settling in this state under any pretext whatsoever ; and, Second.
Página 119 - ... as aforesaid, shall, for either of the said offences, forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars. Which penalty may be recovered by and for the benefit of such claimant, by action of debt, in any court proper to try the same ; saving moreover to the person claiming such labour or service, his right of action for or on account of the said injuries or either of them.
Página 119 - ... rescue such fugitive from such claimant, his agent or attorney, when so arrested pursuant to the authority herein given or declared, or shall harbor or conceal euch person after notice that he or she was a fugitive from labor as aforesaid, shall, for either of the said offences, forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars.
Página 93 - Since the adoption of the constitution but few cases of indictment for treason have occurred, and most of them not many years afterwards. Many of the English cases, then considered good law and quoted by the best text writers as authorities, have since been discredited, if not overruled, in that country. The better opinion there at present seems to be, that the term

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