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incoherent argument that occurred to him. He recalled to her the principles on which both thought it their duty to act, and in which they had been educated.

« Do not think I have forgotten them,» said she, looking up, with eager quickness; « I do not regret his attempt, because it was wrong: O no; on that point I am armed; but because it was impossible it could end otherwise than thus.»

« Yet it did not always seem so desperate and hazardous as it was; and it would have been chosen by the bold spirit of Fergus, whether you had approved it or no; your counsels only served to give unity and consistence to his conduct; to dignify, but not to precipitate his resolution.» Flora had soon ceased to listen to Edward, and was again intent upon her needle-work.

« Do you remember,» she said, looking up with a ghastly smile, « you once found me making Fergus's bride-favour, and now I am sewing his bridal-garment. Our friends here,» said she, with suppressed emotion, « are to give hallowed earth in their chapel to the bloody reliques of the last Vich Ian Vohr. But they will not all rest together; no-his head!—I shall not have the last miserable satisfaction of kissing the cold lips of my dear, dear Fergus! »

The unfortunate Flora here, after one or two hysterical sobs, fainted in her chair. The

lady, who had been attending in the anti-room, now entered hastily, and begged Edward to leave the room, but not the house.

When he was recalled, after the space of nearly half an hour, he found that, by a strong effort Miss Mac-Ivor had greatly composed herself. It was then he ventured to urge Miss Bradwardine's claim, to be considered as an adopted sister, and empowered to assist her plans for the future.

« I have had a letter from my dear Rose,» she replied, « to the same purpose. Sorrow is selfish and engrossing, or I would have written to express, that, even in my own despair, I felt a gleam of pleasure at learning her happy prospects, and at hearing that the good old Baron has escaped the general wreck. Give this to my dearest Rose; it is her poor Flora's only ornament of value, and was the gift of a princess.» She put into his hands a case, containing the chain of diamonds with which she used to decorate her hair. me it is in future useless. The kindness of my friends has secured me a retreat in the convent of the Scottish Benedictine nuns at Paris. To-morrow-if indeed I can survive to-morrow-I set forward on my journey with this venerable sister. And now, Mr Waverley, adieu. May you be as happy with Rose as your amiable dispositions deserve; and think sometimes on the friends you have lost. Do

« To

not attempt to see me again; it would be mistaken kindness.)

She gave her hand, on which Edward shed a torrent of tears, and, with a faultering step, withdrew from the apartment, and returned to the town of Carlisle. At the inn, he found a letter from his law friend, intimating, that' he would be admitted to Fergus next morning, as soon as the Castle-gates were opened, and permitted to remain with him till the arrival of the Sheriff gave signal for the fatal procession.


- A darker departure is near, The death-drum is muffled, and sable the bier.


AFTER a sleepless night, the first dawn of morning found Waverley on the esplanade in front of the old Gothic gate of Carlisle Castle. But he paced it long in every direction, before the hour when, according to the rules of the garrisoti, the gates were opened, and the drawbridge lowered.

He produced his order to the serjeant of the guard, and was adınitted. The place of Fergus's confinement was a gloomy and vaulted apartment in the central part of the castle; a huge old tower, supposed to be of great antiquity, and surrounded by outworks, seemingly of Henry VIII.'s time, or somewhat later. The grating of the large old-fashioned bars and bolts, withdrawn for the purpose of admitting Edward, was an

swered by the clash of chains, as the unfortunate Chieftain, strongly and heavily fettered, shuffled along the stone floor of his prison, to fling himself into his friend's arms.

« My dear Edward,» he said, in a firm and even cheerful voice, «this is truly kind. I heard of your approaching happiness with the highest pleasure. And how does Rose? and how is our old whimsical friend the Baron? Well, I am sure, from your looks-and bow will

you settle precedence between the three ermines passant and the bear and boot-jack?»

« How, Ohow, my dear Fergus, can you talk of such things at such a moment?»

«Why, we have entered Carlisle with happier auspices, to be sure—on the 16th of November last, for example, when we marched in, side by side, and hoisted the white flag on these ancient towers. But I am no boy, to sit down and weep, because the luck has gone against me. I knew the stake which I risqued; we played the game boldly, and the forfeit shall be paid manfully. And now, since my time is short, let me come to the questions that interest me most—the Prince? has he escaped the bloodhounds?»

« He has, and is in safety.»

« Praised be God for that! Tell me the particulars of his escape.»

Waverley communicated that remarkable history, so far as it had then transpired, to

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