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companies are gaining control of many of the
publications which were formerly independent.
This means that if one of the magazines does
not pay it will merely be retired from the
field, and there will be no crash. In this
connection it is interesting to note that
twenty-one years ago all of the magazines in
the country had a total circulation of only
1,250,000 monthly. Now the circulation of
the magazines is twenty times that number."


THE amendment to the Copyright Law,
already noted in the PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY
(January 31, 1914), providing for the deposit
of but one copy of foreign works, on which
copyright is sought, passed the Senate March
24th. It now awaits only the signature of
the President to become law.


THE new New Zealand copyright act goes
into effect next Wednesday. The complete
text of the law, now available, shows that it
follows closely in phraseology the British im-
perial copyright law, rather than the briefer
act of its sister dominion, Australia. Indeed
the New Zealand law may be described as,
for the most part, a verbatim transcript of
the imperial code, with such slight textual
changes as were necessitated and some few
changes in the administrative provisions of
the law, and the forms of procedure specified.


COINCIDENT with the sale of Dana Estes
& Company last week to the Page Company,
the affiliated organization, the H. M. Cald-
well Company, was sold to the Dodge Pub-
lishing Company of New York City.

In taking over the business of the H. M.
Caldwell Company, the Dodge Publishing
Company plan to keep the line distinct from
their other publications. The stock is being
rapidly moved from Boston to New York and
all orders will be promptly filled from the
Dodge Publishing Company's offices at 214-
220 East 23d Street. The Caldwell line will
be shown to the trade, with many new bind-
ings and new publications, by Mr. A. D.
MacMullen, who is so favorably known
throughout the booktrade. Mr. MacMullen,
is planning to start at once on a trip through
the South and Pacific Coast.

Mr. H. M. Caldwell, president and manager
of the H. M. Caldwell Company since the
corporation was formed in 1896, will have
charge of the sales department and aid in
designing the Caldwell line. There are few
men better known to the buyers in the large
book stores than "Bert" Caldwell, and cer-
tainly none more popular. In 1910 Messrs.
Dana Estes & Company purchased a controll-
ing interest in the H. M. Caldwell Company
and owing to their desire to retire from the
publishing field they accepted the offer of the
Dodge Publishing Company for the plates
and stock of the Caldwell Company. In
addition to his duties in connection with the

H. M. Caldwell Company, Mr. Caldwell acted
as sales and advertising manager, as well as
foreign representative for Dana Estes &
Company. In his new position Mr. Caldwell
will have ample opportunity to bring to the
Caldwell line that wealth of knowledge in
designing that has in the past made the Cald-
well publications so popular.


W. A. TAPLEY, for over thirty-five years
in the employ of the W. A. Wilde Company,
died at his home at Roxbury, Mass., on
Thursday March 26th. Mr. Tapley was one
of the oldest book men on the road.


THE GROWING literature of baseball will be
shortly increased by a volume of Big League
stories by Ty Cobb, which Edward J. Clode
will publish under the title "Busting 'Em."

Cambrian Gleanings is the title of a new
monthly magazine devoted to Welsh matters.
It will be conducted by Henry Blackwell,
the well-known collector of Welsh books,
whose business address is University Place
and Tenth Street, New York City.

"GLORY OF THE PINES" is the title of a
new novel by William Chalmers Covert, D.D.,
which the Westminster Press will publish.
It tells of a parish among the pines of North-
ern Michigan, and of Glory Garvin. The
story is said to be founded on fact, but to
read like fiction.

THE PAGE COMPANY announce for publica-
tion in the spring a new book on Bulgaria and
Macedonia by Prof. Will S. Monroe, author of
"Bohemia and the Cechs," etc. The work
will cover the country in practically every
aspect, and special chapters will deal with the
recent wars in the Balkans and the Balkan

stance Lytton and Jane Warton, Spinster,
is a book of immediate interest-the vivid
impressions and experiences of one who was
imprisoned four times, first as a lady of title,
and afterwards as Jane Warton, Spinster.
George H. Doran Company are the American

MARY HEATON VORSE'S novel "The Heart's
Country," to be published April 22d, by the
Houghton Mifflin Company, seems almost
certain to be a success-its title promises
romance, its author promises humor-a com-
bination well pleasing to every novel reader.
The illustrations, just the sort for such a
story, are by Alice Barber Stephens.

THE CENTURY COMPANY will issue in the

near future Practical Homemaking," a text-
book for young_housekeepers, by Mabel
Hyde Kittredge, President of the Association
of Practical Housekeeping Centers of New
York City. The "Homemaking" of the title
is well chosen. It suggests an art, of which
"housekeeping" is but the mechanical foun-

A NEWCOMER to Little, Brown & Company's
list of authors is Bertrand W. Sinclair, whose

name is well known to magazine readers and who is the author of "The Land of Frozen Suns," and other novels. "North of Fiftythree," 'his new book' to be published early in April, a story of the Canadian Northwest, an environment well known to Mr. Sinclair, tells the love story of a man of the wild and a girl of the city.

THE PUTNAMs have in train for publication in April a "History of Connecticut," by George L. Clark, author of "Silas Deane: A Connecticut Leader in the American Revolution." Mr. Clark has written a history in the fullest and best sense of the term. He has recorded not only the events of battle and statesmanship, but he has also traced the great forces at work affecting the daily life of the people and giving the state its character.

FIVE COMPANIES of players have been playing "Little Lost Sister" for a season in the principal cities of this country, accordingly Gazzolo & Ricksen, of Chicago, have been encouraged to publish the story as a book, the form, indeed, in which its author, Virginia Brooks, originally planned to issue her work. The story is of a girl innocently lured into a house of ill-fame. The Hamming Publishing Company, of Chicago, are the publishers.

A SCRIBNER SERIES which promises to become standard, has been prepared by John C. Van Dyke under the title "New Guides to Old Masters." These twelve little volumes of which seven are ready and five in press are descriptive and critical art guides to the European galleries, composed of notes on the important pictures of each gallery. The author is Professor of the History of Art at Rutgers College, and author of various works on art subjects.

DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & Co. announce that they have just published biographical booklets about Conrad and Booth Tarkington which they will be glad to send free to those interested in these authors. They also announce a unique gift in connection with "My Garden Doctor." To buyers of this book they will be glad to send from their gardens at the Country Life Press, seeds of Viola tricolor Trimardeau, a particularly beautiful pansy, mentioned in the story.

THE AMERICAN MAN who wants to know how he looks on the Stock Exchange, the American woman who craves to be told how her fashionable garments look to a foreigner, will find this and much other information in Wu Tingfang's "America Through the Spectacles of an Oriental Diplomat," a Stokes publication. The book is not heavy, and is truly kindly in tone, but whoever reads it will realize what a strange place the United States is, and what very peculiar people we are after all.

THE NEW SOLANO SYSTEM of physical training is based on simple though tried and approved scientific principles, free from fad and easily adapted to the peculiar needs of the individual or class. No elaborate or

expensive apparatus is needed. The tables of exercises are supplemented with recreative games and increase logically and gradually from simple to more complex movements. The Bobbs-Merrill Company have just published E. John Solano's "Physical Training -Junior Course" and "Physical Training -Senior Course."

NOW THAT THE golf clubs are coming out, it becomes the bookseller's duty to provide instruction in that game for both novices and advanced players. George W. Jacobs & Company have ready James Braid's "Advanced Golf," containing advice that should turn a fair player into a good player (or perhaps a champion-who knows?) and on May 9th will publish a new edition of Harry Vardon's 'How to Play Golf," which begins at the very foundation, instructing the beginner in the golf language (in a technical sense, of course) and providing him with all other information he needs, both for the first steps and for advanced golf.

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Now IS THE time to begin plans for a vegetable salad to be served next summera salad made from products grown right there in the garden. The Orange Judd Company have just published "The Home Vegetable Garden,' a practical and suggestive guide for the man who wants to raise his own

vegetables. Written by a practical gardener of long experience, its instructions about varieties, making the garden, caring for it, and securing the largest returns, can be accepted as absolutely accurate and up-to-date. Every phase of garden-making is considered. It is a book for the beginner and the small home gardener particularly, but will be especially serviceable also to commercial gardeners.

AN EXHIBIT of the "Better Books of a Year," with original manuscripts and illustrations, opened last week in the spacious auditorium on the sixth floor of the Bamberger Store, Newark, N. J., under the auspices of the Publishers' Co-operative Bureau of New York. About 1,500 volumes, representing the better books of twenty-five leading publishers, are shown in this exhibit. The display is a very effective one. A supplementary exhibit, planned simply to direct attention to the main exhibit in the Bamberger auditorium, is being displayed in the reading room of the Newark Free Library. Indeed, one of the very interesting features in connection with this exhibit in a Newark store is the splendid cooperation shown by the local library and its branches.

AN INTERESTING illustration of the way the bookseller has his finger on the pulse of the times is given in a recent issue of the Publishers' Circular, which reports the significant news from Mr. W. Erskine Mayne, the wellknown bookseller, of Belfast, that he has sold many hundreds of copies of handbooks on military training, signaling, shooting, etc., and several times has been unable to cope with the demand, and that other Protestant booksellers are having the same experience. Mr. Mayne says that in addition to the purely military handbooks he is selling more than

1,000 copies weekly of the British Red Cross Society's Manuals, as "our matrons and maidens of every station in life are devoting all their spare time to attending ambulance and nursing classes."

VOLUME I of "The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture," by Prof. L. H. Bailey has just come from the Macmillan Company. It covers the letters A and B, so we may now grow apples and blue-bells according to the best scientific methods. It will not be long, however, before zinnias will flourish in our gardens, for the six volumes which will compose the work will come from the press as rapidly as manufacturing conditions will permit. This is not merely a revised edition of Bailey's old "Cyclopedia" but really a new work from start to finish with much new matter both in the way of text and illustrations, while even the old matter that has been retained has been rewritten. It has, of course, been reset throughout.


JOHN J. WOOD, President of the Burrows Brothers Company, of Cleveland, O., took advantage of the western visit of Miss Leona Dalrymple, author of "Diane of the Green Van," by arranging a reception in her honor at the Burrows Brothers' store. Nearly two hundred people were present, including a number of writers and prominent educators. The big staircase in the middle of the store was attractively banked with ferns flowers, and an orchestra was stationed in the balcony. Refreshments were served, and altogether the affair was quite a society function. Miss Dalrymple made brief address, referring to some of her amusing experiences since she became known as a prize winner. Mr. Wood did not forget to give “Diane" an elaborate window display during the week-a display in which rhymes, placards and a large van had part. It is Mr. Wood's intentions to give similar receptions to well-known authors from time to time.

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THE SAALFIELD PUBLISHING COMPANY have just issued a notable addition to Napoleonana in a two-volume work entitled 'Historical Papers Upon Men and Events of Rare Interest in the Napoleonic Epoch." The author, Joseph Hepburn Parsons, has spent years of close research in the great libraries of the world, gathering from this and that authority some fact, some tragedy, some comedy on that dramatic quarter of a century from 1789 to 1815. He believes that the necessary condensations of general history suppress so much that we are deprived of all save the bare outlines of even the greatest events of this epoch. Biography, it is true, does supply the details, but for the general reader biographies are not read, because of their very volume. He has, therefore, endeavored in these Papers to shed a more intimate light than history gives on some of the most interesting persons and events of that immortal period and to introduce those smaller, more intimate details of fact, of letters of authentic anecdote which endow history with its more human interest and which lend to biography its peculiar charm.


ABERDEEN, S. D.-Patrick H. Guhin is reported to have filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy.

CHICAGO, ILL.-Logan Bros., medical book dealers, have moved to 1911 West Harrison Street.

DURHAM, N. C.-The Durham Book and Stationery Co. recently sustained a loss by fire.

ELMIRA, N. Y.-Miss Jeanette Adams, bookseller, newsdealer and stationer, recently sustained a loss by fire.

INDEPENDENCE, KAN.-The Book and Stationery Department of the Pratt-Frank Co. has been sold to Arthur S. Chase.

LEAVENWORTH, KAN.-Mrs. Anna F. Harmon and Miss Mary Barnes have purchased the C. M. Chance stationery store in the Times Building. The Harmon & Barnes Stationery, Book and Art Shop will be the name of the new firm. Miss Adah Chance, of the firm of C. M. Chance & Co., died at Miss San Antonio, Tex., in November, 1913. Clara M. Chance has opened an art and gift shop and tea room in the Stowers Building at San Antonio, Tex., under the name of C. M. Chance & Co.

NEWARK, O.-Leist & Kingery recently started as booksellers, newsdealers and stationers.

SPRINGFIELD, MASS.-The Brown Book and Stationery Company, of which Burt P. Smith is proprietor, will shortly remove from its present quarters to the Merchants' National Bank building.

ST. LOUIS, Mo.-Foster's book shop on Washington Avenue, near Fourth, has been practically closed for the last two weeks, due to the fact that traffic on Washington Avenue has been discontinued until the walls left standing from the Missouri Athletic Club's fire are demolished.

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books and rare Americana; comprising rare items on the American Revolution, six books from the Aldus Press, Barlow's Columbiad, Burgoyne's poetical works [etc.] (No. 15; 243 titles.)-Heartman.

APRIL 7TH AND 8TH AT 2:30 P.M. (Two sessions.) Valuable miscellaneous books, a combination of several libraries containing important works on miscellaneous literature, Americana, general history, books of reference, early printing [etc.] (No. 1105; 680 titles.)— Henkels.

APRIL 14TH AND 15TH AT 10 A.M. AND 2 P.M. (Four sessions.) Catalogue of rare books from the estate of a Rhode Island collector, with two additional consignments. (1653 titles.)-Libbie.

Prices are added except when not supplied by publisher or obtainable only c. indicates that the book is copyrighted; if the copyWhere not specified the binding is cloth. on specific request. The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. right date differs from the imprint date, the year of copyright is added. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles: D: David; E: Edward; F: Frederick; G: George; H: Henry; 1: Isaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William.

The entry is transcribed from title page when the book is sent by publisker for record. Importance, are given descriptive annotation.

Sizes are indicated as follows: F. (folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); O. (8vo: 25 cm.); D. (12mo: 20 cm.); S. (16mo: 171⁄2 cm.); T. (24m0: 15 cm.); Tt. (32mo: 12 cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cm.); Sq., obl., For books not received sizes are given in Roman numerals, 4°, 8°, etc. nar., designate square, oblong, narrow.


c. 13+

Alden, Carroll Storrs. George Perkins, Commodore, U. S. N.; his life and letters. Bost., Houghton Mifflin. 302 p. il. pors. O. $1.50 n. Commodore Perkins's career was picturesque and adHe served with Farragut in venturous in the extreme. some of the most notable naval engagements of the war; he was one of the two officers sent ashore to demand the surrender of New Orleans; and he was in command of the monitor "Chickasaw," which had the most conspicuous After the war Commopart in the Battle of Mobile Bay. dore Perkins held various important commands and cruised to many different parts of the world. Sstory is told mainly in letters.

The inner life; selections from the Journal of Henri-Frédéric Amiel; tr., with an introd. by Oscar Kuhns. [N. Y., and Cin., Meth. Bk. Concern]. 115 p. S. (Devotional classic) 25 c. n.

Amiel, Henri-Frédéric.

Armour, G: Denholm. Pastime with good company; [drawings]; with an introd. by N. Y., Scribner. Horace G. Hutchinson.

Bruce, H: Addington Bayley. Adventurings in the psychical. Bost., Little, Brown.

7+318 p. D. $1.35 n.


Reviews the results of modern psychical research in the realm of the abnormal and the seemingly supernormal. Makes clear their bearings on the nature and possibilities of mankind, and contributes something towards a wider knowledge of the progress science is making in revealing the real causes of such phenomena. Brings out the exceedingly practical character of many of these discoveries, by which the world has been a rich gainer. Chapter headings indicate in some measure the scope of the work: Ghosts and their meanings; Why I believe in telepathy; Clairvoyance and crystal-gazing; Automatic speaking and writing; Poltergeists and mediums; The subconscious; Dissociation and disease; The larger self, etc.

and ed. The

N. Y., Log Cabin 194 p. il. 12°, $1;


Bryan, G: Sands, comp. camper's own book. C. Press, 146 Worth St. pap., 50 c. Cervesato, Arnaldo. The Roman Campagna; tr. by Louise Caico and Mary Dove. Small, Maynard. '13. 395 p. il. 8°, $5 n. Child, Georgie Boynton. The efficient kitchen; definite directions for the planning arranging and equipping of the modern labor-saving kitchen; practical book for the home-maker; ed. and arr. by Louise Boync. 13+242 ton. N. Y., McBride, Nast.

8+12+55 p. mounted pls. F. bds., $5 n. Pictures of incidents of sport in the hunting field, on the moors, with the rod, etc.

Baker, C. H. Collins. Lely and the Stuart portrait painters; a study of English portraiture before and after Van Dyke. Bost., Small, Maynard. '13. il. 4°, ltd. ed., $60 n., bxd.

Baldensperger, Philip J.

2 V.

The immovable East; studies of the people and customs of Palestine; ed., with a biographical introd. Bost., Small, Maynard. by Frederic Lees. '13. 19+309 p. il. 8°, $2 n. Benner, Raymond C., ed. Papers on the on building materials. effect of smoke Pittsburgh, Pa., Univ. of Pittsburgh. '13. 58 p. il. tabs. D. (Mellon Inst. of Industrial Research and Sch. of Specific Industries, smoke investigation bull.), pap., 25 c. Bethune-Baker, Ja. Franklin, D.D. The miracle of Christianity; a plea for "the critical school" in regard to the use of the creeds; a letter to the Right Rev. C: Gore, D.D., N. Y., Longmans. Lord Bishop of Oxford.

18 p. O. pap., 20 c.

own notes.

Bronson, Edg. Beecher. The vanguard. N.
Y., Doran. c. 316 p. D. $1.25 n.
Corporal Stocking, famous mine and coach guard, is
Author has amplified his tale from Stocking's
the hero.
Describes the share that California troops
took in the Civil War; their struggle with the Navajos
and Apaches who tried to take advantage of the war and
The war over, Corporal Stocking
loot the settlements.
went back to his free roving; guarding the Deadwood
coach, trapping in Canada, facing bad men in the streets
of Arizona towns where he served as deputy sheriff till
times got peaceful and therefore dull; captaining the
Leiter mine guard at Leadville, and at last settling down
in a rose-covered cabin near Los Angeles, with the girl
he had known back in his boyhood days among the lumber
camps of Michigan.

p. il. diagrs. tabs. D. $1.25 n. Written to answer the question of the practical home maker who desires to put her housekeeping on a modern basis. Without going into theory, it tells practically how to eliminate waste and thus lower the cost of living. The adaption of labor-saving inventions to the needs of everyone, prices of household equipment, comparative merits and directions for installing, are some of the practical phases of this guide to an ideal system of meeting the Index. housekeeping problem. The secret citadel. Clarke, Isabel Constance. $1.35 n. C. 416 p. D. N., Y., Benziger. Tells of a young Catholic wife and her Protestant husband and how through her love he is finally brought into her church, though first they go through a time of sore trial.

Wilhelmina, Lucy Catherine Cleveland, Duchess of. The life and letters of Lady Hester Stanhope; by her niece the Duchess of Cleveland; with a prefatory note by the Earl of Roseberry. [N. Y., Scribner.] 9+468 p. il. O. $6 n.

In view of the variety of publications concerning Lady Hester Stanhope, it has seemed well to members of her family that the book written by her niece, and privately circulated, should now be given to the public as the authoritative biography of this strange woman.) Lady Hester Stanhope traveled unchaperoned through Europe, a fact which, taken with her various love affairs, made her a conspicuous figure in her day. Index. Cohu, Rev. J. R.

with an introd. Asaph. [N. Y.,

$2 n.

Vital problems of religion; by the Lord Bishop of S. Scribner]. 14+289 p. D.

Contents: Through nature to God; Problem of evil; Religion and science; Personality in man; Freedom of the will; Conscience or, God's voice within us; Religion and theology; Philosophy's living personal God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit-a philosophic creed.

Cornell University Library. Catalogue of the Icelandic Collection bequeathed by Willard Fiske; comp. by Halldór Hermannsson. Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell Univ. Lib. 8+755 p. Q. pap., $6 n.

Couturat, Louis. The algebra of logic; auth. English tr. by Lydia Gillingham Robinson; with a preface by Philip E. B. Jourdain. 14+98 p. (3 p. bibl.) Chic., Open Court.

O., $1.50 n. Crawshaw, Fred Duane. Furniture design for Manual schools and shop. Peoria, Ill., Arts Press. c. 127 p. il. diagrs. S. $1.50 n. Dawson, Rev. Ernest. Spiritual religion. N. Y., Longmans. 13+146 p. D. 90 c. n. Aims to set down in the light of the needs of to-day the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Dixon, W: Scarth.

'13. il. 4°,

Hunting in the olden days. Bost., Small, Maynard. $7.50 n., bxd.

Echegaray y Eizaguirre, José. Mariana; tr. by Federico Sarda and Carlos D. S. WupN. Y., A. & C. Boni. c. '09, '14. permann.

157 p. S. 75 c. n.

Eucken, Rudolf Christof. Can we still be Christians?; tr. by Lucy Judge Gibson. N. Y., Macmillan. c. 218 p. D. $1.25 n. Answers the question asked in title emphatically in the affirmative. We not only can, but must, still be Christians provided "Christianity be recognized as a progressive, historical movement still in the making, that it be shaken free from numbing influence of ecclesiasticism and placed upon a broader foundation."

Faguet, Emile, i. e. August-Emile. Initiation into philosophy; tr. from the French by Sir Home Gordon. N. Y., Putnam. 10+254

p. D. $1.25 n.

Planned for the beginner giving a rapid sketch of the history of philosophy from the time of Thales down to the last century, a few sentences bringing out the keynote of the teaching of each school and the main lines of each philosopher's thought.

Fenollosa, Mary McNeill, [Mrs. Ernest F. Fenollosa, "Sidney McCall," pseud.] Ariadne of Allan Water; with front. by C. H. Taffs. Bost., Little, Brown. c. 414 p. D. $1.35 n. Story opens in Virginia, later scenes shift to The Hague and London. Ariadne finds herself as a result of her father's unwise will and her stepmother's subsequent marriage to an adventurer in a most difficult situation. If she leaves her stepmother the latter will be penniless, so the husband gets money fron Ariadne whenever he wants it and she is dragged about Europe wherever they wish to go. Seven tragic years go by in this way, but at last the girl is free and may take the happiness she has refused so long.

Ffoulkes, C: The armourer and his craft. Bost., Small, Maynard. '13. il. pls. 4°, $15 n., bxd.

Memories of Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington. Charles Dickens; with of an account Household Words and All the Year Round, and of the contributors thereto. [N. Y., Scribner]. 14+383 p. il. pors. facsims. Q. $5 n.

Book is by the only person living who was an intimate friend of Dickens and closely connected with his literary work. He gives a series of domestic pictures of Dickens, showing him as the man rather than the writer, before taking up his connection with Household Words and All the Year Round. Portion of book is devoted to the leading contributors to these journals. Index.


Flint, E: Du Bois. The garden patch.
Y., J: Lane. c. '12. 87+2 p. tabs. S.

50 c. n.

Information concerning all kinds of vegetables, their origin, when, where and how to plant, and whether in the

delicate or hardy class. Pests of the vegetable world are discussed, as well as irrigation, manures, plant foods, crossing, etc. Forman, H: Ja. London, an intimate picture. N. Y., McBride, Nast. c. '13. 3+216 p. il. D. (Blue books of travel) $1.25 n. Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft, ["Mrs. A. L. Felkin."] Her ladyship's conscience. N., Y. Doran. c. '13. 8+311 p. D. $1.25 n. By author of "Concerning Isabel Carnaby." Tells of Lord Westerham's love for Lady Esther Wyvern and her refusing to marry him because she is forty and he twelve years younger. She invites her beautiful, selfish cousin to stay with her and throws her in Westerham's way with the result that he falls in love with Beryl and marries her, only to discover her shallow selfishness does not fill his life as Esther's sweetness and goodness coud have. There is abundance of witty dialogue in the story's telling and a happy ending, which comes, as it should, just when things seem most impossible for the hero

and heroine.

[blocks in formation]

400 p. O. $2.

c. 7+

By Northam professor of history and political science n Trinity College, Hartford, Ct. Gillmore, Rufus Hamilton. The opal pin.

N. Y., Appleton. c. 318 p. il. D. $1.35 n.

Two young men appear in Boston society at about the same time. Both win their way into the best circles; each is believed by a few to be Lord Bellmere, incognito. Both pay ardent court to Hilda Cabot, complications increase, leading up to a scene in which each suitor accuses the other of being an impostor, and the police enter. Throughout the story an opal pin passes from hand to hand, bringing misfortune upon whomever possesses it.

Gordon, Ernest Barron. The anti-alcohol
movement in Europe. N. Y. and Chic.,
Revell. c. 333 p. diagrs. 8°, $1.50.
Gosse, Edm. W: Collected essays.

In 5 v.

N. Y., Scribner. 11+350; 17+277; 13+ 309; 14+383; 11+297 p. D. set, $7.50 n., bxd.

Contents: XVIIth century studies; Gossip in a library; Critical kit-kats; French profiles; Portraits and sketches. Graves, Alf. Perceval, ["Canwr Cilarné," pseud]. Irish literary and musical studies. [N. Y., Scribner]. '13. 3+240 p. D. $1.75 n.

Contents: Tennyson in Ireland; English spoken in Ireland; James Clarence Mangan; Sir Samuel Ferguson; Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu; William Allingham; Early Irish religious poetry; Religious songs of Connacht; Celtic nature poetry; Preternatural in early Irish poetry; Dr. Joyce's Irish wonder-book; Folk-song; Edward Bunting; George Petrie as an artist and man of letters, etc. The life of the Gribble, Fs. i. e. Fs. H: Putnam. Emperor Francis Joseph. N. Y., 20+363 p. il. pors. O. $3.75 n. There is no house in Europe whose annals are richer in incident and eccentricity than those of the House of Hapsburg. Book tells of the political maneuvers of the Emperor and his ministers; of the romance and scandal of the court; of the indiscretions of Louisa of Tuscany; of John Orth and the Order of the Golden Fleece; of Herr Pictures the skill Wulfling and Fräulein Adamovics. with which Francis Joseph has constantly extricated his country from embarrassments with rival powers and succeeded in keeping the peace between his little dependencies. Index.

Hall, Edn. Herb. College laboratory manual of physics. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard Univ. c. 8+138 p. il. diagrs. 12°, $1.80.

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