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LONDON: R. CLAY, Sors, AND Taylor,


$6. Disputes in Religion wisely avoided. Fantasies in Di.
vinity dangerous, as giving entrance to errors; whereof our
Physician confesseth to have had two or three :-87. Ist, that
the Soul might, in some sort, perish, and rise again with the
body ; 2d, that all men shɔuld finally be saved ; 3d, that we
might pray for the Dead :—but these he suffered not to grow
into Heresies.- $8. Of the manifold nature of schism, ever
multiplying itself.-89. Mysteries in Divinity only to be ap-
proached in Faith.-$ 10. The armour of a Christian. -

$11. 1. The Eternity of God.—$ 12. Of the Holy Trinity.

The visible World a picture of the invisible.—$ 13. 2. The

Wisdom of God. No danger in attempting to trace the hand

of God in His works.- 14. Every essence hath its final Cause.

-$ 15. Nature doeth nothing in vain. - $ 16. Nature a Bible

open to all.-$17. Providence often falsely called Fortune.-

$18. The term Fortune used in a relative sense.- 19. Danger

of confounding the First with second causes. Passion, Reason,

Faith.-$20. Atheism can hardly exist.—821. Inconsistency

of unbelief. Many questions may be raised not worthy of

solution ;-$22. others, which are often raised, may be easily

solved; others may admit a free dispute ; and others are in-

consequent.--$ 23The Bible the best of books.-824.“ Of

making many books there is no end.”-$25. Obstinacy of the

Jews, and want of constancy among Christians. The bloɔd of

Martyrs the seed of the Church.-$26. Not all are Martyrs

who suffer in matters of Religion.—$27. Of Miracles. All

Miracles equally easy to God.- § 28. All relations of Miracles

not to be received alike.—$29. Oracles.- $ 30. Witchcraft.-

$31. Philosophy distinguished from Magic. The suggestions

of Angels.—832. The Spirit of God diffused throughout the

World.—$ 33. Of guardian and attendant Spirits.—834. Man

a Microcosm, partaking of the nature of all created essences.

-$35. Of Creation.-$36. Man the masterpiece of Creation.

-$37. Of the perishable body.--— $38. Death hath no terrors

for a Christian.—$ 39. Man hath three separate States of

existence : 1. in the womb; 2. in this world ; 3. in the next. -

$ 40. Death to be ashamed of rather than feared.-$41. Post-

humous fame not to be desired.-$ 42. Length of days not to

be prayed for, as age doth but increase our vices.- 843. A

special Providence preserves our lives.-$44. Though death is

to be desired, yet suicide is unlawful.-$45. Death the gate
through which we pass to immortality.—$ 46. The end of the
world.-$47. The Day of Judgement.--$48. The Resurrection
of the dead. Types of the Resurrection.-$ 49. Heaven, or
Hell, not to be defined.-$ 50. Of fire as an agent in destruc-
tion.—$ 51. The heart of man is his own torment.—8 52. Con-
templation of Heaven.—853. Crosses to be regarded as proofs
of God's aftection.—8 54. Salvation through CHRIST alone.-
$ 55. Our practice inconsistent with our theory.-$ 56. The
Church of God not circumscribed. A sectarian spirit hostile
to charity.-$ 57.“ Judge not that ye be not judged.”-
$ 58. But few are Saved.—8 59. Our confidence can only be in
God's mercy.-863. Faith.


§ 1. Pursue virtue virtuously.--$2. A triumph (not ovation) over

thy passions.-$3. Adjourn not thy chastity.-84. Be tempe-

rate, to serve God better.—$ 5. Charity. Diffuse thy beneficence

early ;-86. give largely, widely.–87. The covetous merciless

to themselves ;–88. live but unto one world.-89. Be grained

in virtue, not lightly dipt.—10. Plain virtue. Have no by-

ends.—& 11. Law of thy country, not the non ultra of thy

honesty.-$ 12, Morality not ambulatory. No new ethicks. -

$ 13. Envy, an absurd depravity.—$ 14. Humility, owe not to

humiliation.-& 15. Forgiveness to be total.-$ 16. Charity the

crowning grace.- 17. Fasten the rudder of thy will ; steer

strait unto good.—& 18. Bid early defiance to thy rooted vices.

-$ 19. Be substantially great ; thine own monarch.—$ 20. Be

deaf to calumniators; they relieve the devils.-$21. Annihilate

not Gou's mercies by ingratitude.-822. Conscience will

shorten the great assize.—$23. Flattery is a juggler ; fall not

into self-adulation,-$24. Study the dominion of thy: elf.-

825. Fortune hath no name in Scripture. The hand of Pro-

vidence.—$ 26. Money and honours not to be rejected.--

$ 27. Content may dwell in all stations.—$ 28. Nothing totally

bad ; though dro:s in all human tempers.-$ 29. Overlook not

the mercies often bound up in adversities.- 30. Pass not

the Rubicon of sin; merciful interventions may recall us.-

$31. Confound not the distinctions of men and women.-

8 32. Rest not under the merits of thy ancestors ; shine by thy

own.-$ 33. Dull not away thy days in sloth. Tediousness of

doing nothing.–$ 34. Busy not thy tongue in the encomium of

thyself. -$35. Be thankful for honest parents. Modesty pre-

venteth a multitude of sins.-$36. Heroism of the soldiery ;

the English gentleman.

§ 1. Glut not thyself with pleasure ; the strength of delight is in

its seldomness.-$2. Human lapses not to be too strictly

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