Anglia, Volúmenes 3-4

M. Niemeyer., 1893

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Página 24 - Beda's Ecclesiastical History. Books 3 and 4. The Text from the very Ancient MS. in the Cambridge University Library, Collated with Six other MSS. Edited, with a Life, from the German of Ebert, with Notes, etc., by JEB Mayor and JR Lumby. 4th ed. Cambridge Warehouse.
Página 364 - shallow, and dreaming pool; Cool and clear, cool and clear, By shining shingle, and foaming wear; Under the crag where the ouzel sings, And the ivied wall where the church-bell rings, Undefiled, for the
Página 224 - Hush, they sing to the clover deep; Hush — 'tis the lullaby Time is singing — Hush, and heed not, for all things pass, Hush, ah hush! and the Scythes are swinging Over the clover, over the grass!
Página 296 - Ruskin (John), The Poetry of Architecture; or, The Architecture of the Nations of Europe considered in its Association with Natural Scenery and National Character. With Illusts. by the Author. 4to, pp. xii—261. G.Allen. 21/.
Página 24 - Stuart (John Sobieski Stolberg) and Charles (Edward), The Costume of the Clans, with Observations upon the Literature, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce of the Highlands and Western Isles During the Middle Ages, and on the Influence of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries upon their present condition. With
Página 167 - Dictionary of Political Economy. Containing Articles on the Main Subjects usually Dealt with by Economic Writers. With Explanations of Legal and Business Terms, which may be Found in their Works, and Short Notices of Deceased English, American and Foreign Economists, and their Chief Contributions to Economic Literature. Edit, by RH Inglis Palgrave.
Página 207 - gehörte mir von deinen Wäldern, Mein war kein halm auf deinen roggenfeldern, Und schutzlos hast du mich hinausgetrieben, Weil ich in meiner Jugend nicht verstand Dich weniger und mehr mich selbst zu lieben, Und dennoch lieb ich dich, mein Vaterland! Wo ist ein herz, in dem nicht dauernd bliebe Der süsse
Página 153 - Abridgment of the History of India, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. New ed. With a Map.
Página 346 - die Macht des Gesanges: Erstaunt, mit wollustvollem grausen, Hört ihn der wanderer und lauscht, Er hört die flut vom felsen brausen, Doch weiss er nicht, woher sie rauscht: So strömen des gesanges wellen Hervor aus nie entdeckten quellen.
Página 214 - Let life be banned or sainted; Deeper than written scroll The colors of the soul. Sweeter than any song My songs that found no tongue, Nobler than any fact My wish that failed of act.

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