7 Days To Amazing Sex: Revolutionise your life and feel sexy now

Little, Brown Book Group, 21 ene. 2010 - 288 páginas

In her fabulous new book, 7 DAYS TO AMAZING SEX, sex and lifestyle expert Sarah Hedley explains how to completely revitalise your sex life in just seven days. Not only will she help you to feel sexier and more confident in the bedroom, but you will also see benefits in every area of your life. A healthy, regular sex life will:

* Make you look younger and live longer
* Help you reduce your weight and improve overall fitness
* Defend against illness and relieve pain
* Boost your self-esteem and reduce stress

Each of the book's seven chapters will relate to a day in the programme, which makes it an accessible book for readers to dip into. Packed with Q&A sessions, real-life case studies, practical exercises and essential tips, this is the perfect book for everyone who cares about their health, sex life and wellbeing and wants to change them for the better.

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Sobre el autor (2010)

Sarah Hedley is one of the UK's leading authorities on sex and wellbeing. She is the editor of 'Scarlet', a sex magazine for women, and regularly contributes to a number of publications including 'Cosmopolitan', 'The Sun', 'Maxim' and 'FHM'.

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