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our extraord17 Ambassad' with our good brother the French King, in the gouernmen' of our Realme of Ireland, as our Lieutenant generall there, and to that end being now to recall him from his employment in France: Wee haue that confidence of your fidelity, and abilities, and particularly of your experience in thoso parts, that wee haue thought fitt to make choice of you for to be our Agent there, and that you may the better acquitt your selfe in that charge, you shalbe provided w"1 the Instructions following:

First vpon your arriuall in that kingdome, you Bhall addresse yo"selfe vnto our said Ambassad' extraord'7 for to be by him presented vnto that King, to whom you shall deliuer yor l'res of Credence, and impart your charge:

And when you shalbe thus admitted to his presence, you shall in due, and the best manner, lett him know the great affection wee beare to his person, and the good aduancement and prosperity of him and his affaires, and how much wee doe desire, according to the antient friendshipp and strait obligations betweene us, to maintaine all good intelligence and correspondence. To w* end, that there may be nothing wanting on our part, We haue now, rpon the comming awav of our Ambassad', sent you to reside there: And soe you are accordingly to make this your principall aime, as it is indeed the proper charge of all Amb", Legats, and Agents, to nourrishe and maintayne a good correspondence betwixt the two Crownes.

And therefore you are to informe yo"selfe of all former Treatyes, and more especially of the last and most freshe in practice, betweene these Crownes, being the rule by w* the proc ..lings of the subjects of both sides are to be regolated.

And that you may better know wherein Wee, or our subjects, are any waves concerned in those parts, whether in suites, processes, or otherwayes, you are to take all fitting and necessary information from our said Ambassad', and what businesse shalbe lt-ft in agitation by him for o" seruice, you are in our name to continue tlie prosecution thereof, and to giue account of yor proceedings therein.

Another part of your charge is, that you watch carefully ouer the motions of that State where you are, what treaties, alliances, assistances, or ennemityes shalbe moued w* other States openly, or vnderhand, wherein our affaires may be any waves concerned; and for yo' better light and information herein, you are to keepe intelligence wu our AmbassadTM and Agents w1* other Princes and States, to whom wee will giue orders to correspond w" you.

And as there shall further occasion arise for you to negotiate in, for our seruice, you shall receiue directions, either immediately from our selues, or from our principal! Secretaries in our name, w** you are to obserue :<fc follow, as if it came vnder our own* hand, and from time to time to aduertise them (or vs as the importance of the occasion may require) ."of all yd** proceedings, and what soeuer else may ■come to yoTM-knowledge, wek may be usefull and necessary for the good of our affaires. .—Whitehall Hie 28* of July 1641; •••

• "Instructions for Mr. Browne." ••—•* .'•:.■:

,•■ Jtdg S3,1641. •.


Nostre feal et bien am€ Bichard Browne, Gentilhom'e de Nostre Chambre Privee, Secretaire en Nostre Conseil Privee, et Nostre Resident en Prance, salut. Comme ainsi soit que ceux contre qui Nous avons a faire presentem* touchant le reste des derniers Dotaulx1 de Nostre tres chere Epouse la Beyne, se veulent servir contre Nous de certains pretendus Ordres donnez Tun au mois d'Octobre 1638, par feu Nostre Grand Thresorier :* l'autre par

• Tail resumption in regard to the Queen's dowry was to facilitate ■applies from the Continent j her Majesty at this precise period transmitting to the King a considerable sum of money raised upon the pawned jewels of the Crown. She • had gone to Holland on the 23rd of February preceding

t Bichard Weston, Earl of Portland.

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Nous du 20"* Juin 1639 s Barwick. Nous vous déclarons & tous aultres qu'il appartiendra, que Nous désavouons celuy prétendu du dit N're Grand Thresorier, com'e estant donne hors son pouvoir, et contre le bien de Nos affaires et interests, & contre No8tre intention. Et pour celuy donné au diet Barwick, Nous le révoquons absolument, com'e ayant esté tiré de Nous par surprise & du tout contre N" intention & le bien de Nos affaires. Ce que vous déclarez et notifierez quand ainsi vous ad viserez éstre affaire. Et pour ce faire, ces Nos Lettres vous seront Garrant et Àuthorité suffisante. Donné soubs Nostre signet le dixneufiesme jour de Juillet a N" Cour a Beuerley, 1642, l'an X1IXTM de N're Begne.

A N"* féal et hien amé Richard Browne, Gentilhom'e de N're Chambre Privée, Sec're en N're Conseil d'Estat & Privé, et N're Reaid' en France. 1642.

Chaules B. Trusty and well beloued "Wee greet you well. Whereas one Walter Strickland' hath bin very lately sent in y* name of both Houses of Parliam" heere with credentials to treate with o" AJlyes the States G'rail of the Vnited Netherlands, as pretended, for the publick good, though without any concurrence or knowledge of Us, which We must interprett the highest act of affront & disobedience wch hath bin committed against o' Eoyall person & dignity ; And this example leading us to a beleefe of what Wee haue bin tola, but were not apt to creditt whilest there was any shew of reverence of o' knowne legalities yet remaining, that Augier,* or some other person, is by the said Houses sent with their usurped comission into France; Wee haue thought fitt hereby to authorise & com'and you to use y"

1 Strickland waa afterward* a member of the House of Commons, and strenuous in the affair of the "Self-denying Ordinance."

* Augier had formerly been engaged in the diplomatio negotiations ou tue Continent with regard to the Elector Palatine.

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