Diary and Correspondence of John Evelyn, F.R.S.: To which is Subjoined the Private Correspondence Between King Charles I and Sir Edward Nicholas, and Between Sir Edward Hyde, Afterwards Earl of Clarendon, and Sir Richard Browne, Volumen 4

William Bray, John Forster
H. G. Bohn, 1863

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Página 204 - Do not lett them p'suade you either by force or faire p'mises ; for the first they neither dare, nor will use, and for the second, as soone as they have perverted you they will haue their end, and then they will care no more for you. I am also informed y...
Página 172 - Commissioners. which will ineuitably follow are soe plaine in view, that it is more then necessary some speedy expedient be found for their preuention. Is it not cleere to you (to me it is) that Spaine and ffrance will instantly conclude a peace : and that ffrance makes great preparations to ioyne with the Scotts (when the breach betweene you and them shall happen) whilst Spaine labours to be Protector of Ireland, and will vndoubtedly carry itt. Consider well, whether the season is not proper for...
Página 137 - In the King's hand at the bottom of this Letter : Arears. " I should thinke, if in your priuat discourses, (I nowais meane in your publique meetings,) with the London Comissioners, you would put them in mynde that they were arrant Rebelles & that their end must be damnation, ruine, and infamy, except they repented, & founde some way to free themselfes from the damnable way they ar...
Página 8 - Her mien surpasses the imagination of poets, or the descriptions of a romance heroine's greatness ; her gracious bows, seasonable nods, courteous stretching out of her hands, twinkling of her eyes, and various gestures of approbation, show what may be expected from her discourse, which is as airy, empty, whimsical, and rambling as her books, aiming at science, difficulties, high notions, terminating commonly in nonsense, oaths, and obscenity.
Página 8 - I acknowledge, though I remember her some years since and have not been a stranger to her fame, I was surprised to find so much extravagancy and vanity in any person not confined within four walls.
Página 25 - ... The Siege of Grenada," a play so full of ideas that the most refined romance I ever read is not to compare with it ; love is made so pure, and valour so nice, that one would imagine it designed for an Utopia rather than our stage. I do not quarrel with the poet, but admire one born in the deeline of morality should be able to feign such exact virtue ; and as poetic fiction has been instructive in former ages, I wish this the same event in ours.
Página 154 - we have hitherto seen serene and quiet times under our three last sovereigns : but I must now warn you to prepare for clouds and storms. Factions arise on every side, and threaten the tranquillity of your native country. But whatever happen, do you faithfully honor and obey your prince, and adhere to the crown. I charge you never to forsake the crown, though it should hang upon a bush.
Página 249 - Germain's, dissuaded the king from that purpose ; but afterwards his majesty was prevailed upon, only to gratify him, that in that capacity he might borrow money of English merchants for his own subsistence, which he did, and nothing to the honour of his master...
Página 142 - York be relieved, and you beat the rebels' armies of both kingdoms which are before it, then, but otherwise not, I may possibly make a shift, upon the defensive, to spin out time until you come to assist me: Wherefore I...
Página 62 - Grebner's astrological book, with its observations on the life and death of Charles, it is said that on her coming, " all men were against her, for it was observed that wherever or unto whatever Country this miserable old Queen came, there followed immediately after her either the plague, war, famine, or one misfortune or another...

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