Botanical Miscellany: Containing Figures and Descriptions of Such Plants as Recommend Themselves by Their Novelty, Rarity, Or History, Or by the Uses to which They are Applied in the Arts, in Medicine, and in Domestic Oeconomy; Together with Occasional Botanical Notices and Information, Volumen 1

Sir William Jackson Hooker
J. Murray., 1830
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Página 6 - River at an elevation of 4000 feet above the level of the sea. It is about seven miles long, half a mile to a mile wide, and nearly a mile deep in the solid granite flank of the range.
Página 30 - The loaders, being at this time asleep, are warned of the approach of the trucks by the cracking of the whips carried by the cattledrivers, which are heard at a considerable distance ; they arise, and commence placing the logs on the trucks, which is done by means of a temporary platform laid from the edge of the truck to a sufficient distance upon the ground, so as to make an inclined plane, upon which the log is gradually pushed up from each end alternately. Having completed their work of loading...
Página 30 - ... it wear more the appearance of some theatrical exhibition than what it really is, the pursuit of industry which has fallen to the lot of the Honduras wood-cutter. " About the end of May the periodical rains again commence. The torrents of water discharged from the clouds are so great as to render the roads impassable in the course of a few hours, when all trucking ceases ; the cattle are turned into the pasture, and the trucks, gear, and tools, etc., are housed..
Página 50 - ... scientia. He was then employed in revising some printed sheets of the third edition of his Introduction to the Study of Botany. Sir JE Smith displayed to us the treasures of his collection (in reality the only one of its kind), with a courtesy and kindness which are peculiar to great and welleducated men ; and which in this truly noble person are heightened by such charms of gentleness and affability as cannot fail to attract to him most forcibly even such individuals as have but once enjoyed...
Página 24 - Each gang of slaves has one belonging to it, who is styled the huntsman. He is generally selected from the most intelligent of his fellows, and his chief occupation is to search the woods, or as in this country it is termed, the bush, to find labour for the whole.
Página 72 - ... pay a greater price for a lovely rose-bush, than for the rarest plant from New Holland or the Cape of Good Hope ; and as to the poor artizan of the French capital, he only thinks of vegetable productions as they are fit for culinary uses ; and whether they be blue or green to look at, is the same to him.
Página 31 - Each gang then separates its own cutting by the mark on the ends of the logs, and forms them into large rafts, in which state they are brought down to the wharves of the proprietors, where they are taken out of the water, and undergo a second process of the axe to make the surface smooth. The ends, which frequently...
Página 239 - I observed several species of Ficus, upwards of 150 feet high, enclosing immense Iron Bark Trees, on which, originally, the seeds of these Fig trees had been deposited by birds. Here they had immediately vegetated, and thrown out their parasitical and rapacious roots, which adhering close to the bark of the...
Página 239 - Bark, and send out, at the same time, such gigantic branches, that it is not unusual to see the original tree, at a height of 70 or 80 feet, peeping through the Fig, as if itself were the parasite on the real intruder.
Página 25 - At this season of the year (August), the leaves of the mahogany tree are invariably of a yellowreddish hue ; and an eye accustomed to this kind of exercise can, at a great distance, discern the places where the wood is most abundant. He now descends, and to such places his steps are...

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