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represented aslncredible, because they cannot account for such Difficulties as oppose themselves to it; whilst others have endeavour'd to cancel the Belief of it, in it's Proper fense, by this Suggestion, that the Re-union of the fame Body to the Soul is not Neceflary to constitute the fame Man, and is no where taught in Holy Scripture.

Firsts 'tis~ urged, that though we can readily assent to the Resurrebhon of our Saviours Body, which still remain'd Uncorrupted and Entire; yet it cannot be so easily conceived, that Our Bodies should be Restored, when they have for many ages lain dissolved in the dust' of the earth; when they have gone through many changes; when they have been a prey to the Beasts of the field, and perhaps to other men. But if we do seriousty consider the meaning of Almighty Power, and stedfastly believe it to be a Divine Attribute, all these Doubts must of necessity vaniih. God Almighty can in an Infinite variety of instances Effect what our narrow capacities cannot Comprehend. Why then should it be thought

F 4 a thing a thing Incredible, that God should raise the dead? It must be acknowledged, that he, who can make the Body out of nothing, can certainly collect it's scatter'd Particles, after all the changes they have gone through, and range them into their former order, and in conjunction with the Soul constitute them the fame man. Whilst therefore our knowledge of God's, Almighty Power convinceth us of the Possibility of the ResurreBion, we ought firmly to believe the Certainty of it, because it is deliver'd in those Scriptures which are undeniably prov'd to be the Word of God. We are expresly taught, that it shall be, and plainly capable of apprehending that it may be: For Omnipotence is exclusive of all Difficulties, and admits of no Bounds but Contradiction; and That is no way chargeahle upon this Article, notwithstanding the trivial Arguments brought to prove it, which have been so often and so fully answer'd, that I think it needless to mention them, and shall therefore go on to those objections, wherein it is suggested. That the Re-union of the same Body to

the the Soul is not Necesiaty to constitute the fame Man, and is no where taught in Holy Scripture.

The Principal Abetter of this opinion hath informed us, * that we may be able without any difficulty to conceive the same person at the ResurreBion, though in a Body not exaBly in make or parts the fame which he had here, the fame consciousness going along with the Soul that inhabits it. But because he had taken notice, that + every one will always have a liberty to speak, as he pleaseth, and to apply what articulate founds to what Ideas he thinks fit, and therefore those, who have not maturely weighed his curious remarks about AffeBed Obscurity, and all his other instructions concerning the Abuse of words, might be apt to Imagine, that by the same person, in a Body, at the ResurreBion nothing less could be understood than the fame Man; that he might prevent such an Unreasonable construction of his words he further observes, that % the soul a

* Mr. Locke's Ess. concerning Hum. Und. B. 2. ch. 27. Sea. 15. t Ibid. | Ibid.

lone lone in the change of Bodies, would scarce to any one, but to him that makes the soul the Man, be enough to make the same Man, and that the Body too goes to the making the Man; no very large concession this, though it be the foundation of an answer to that opinion, which is now to be consider'd; and which to Common readers, might seem to be savour'd by the words above, if such a weighty observation had not been annex'd to them.

If therefore the Body too goes to the making the Man-, then he who is the fame Man in the ResurreBion, that hath before lived upon earth, must consist of the fame Soul and the fame Body. For though Consciousness do go along with the Soul, and though the Identity of Person be supposed and implied in the Identity of Man; yet 'tis peculiarly requisite to the Identity of Man, that the same Soul be united to the same Body, because to the Identity of every Compound Being an Union of the same Essential parts is required.


But this Author in his last Controversial Letter to a Learned Bishops wherein he treats of this subject, hath observed, * that it would be hard to determine* if that should be demanded, what greater Congruity the Soul hath, with any particles of matter, which were once vitally tinned to it, but are nozv so no longer; than it hath with particles of matter, which it was never united to. But the Determination of this question will not be thought so extremely Difficult by any one, who is willing to be determin'd by the Common consent of Mankind, and by the Holy Scriptures.

Though Matter be in it self void of Sensation; yet when, it is formed into a Humane Body and united to the Soul, it is not only endued with Sense, but becomes the Source of certain Propensions and Appetites, which are in Scripture represented as f warring againfi the Law of the mind, and bringing men into Captivity to the law of fin; And therefore we are said, as with the mind to serve the

* 3d. Letter to 3p. Stillmgfieet. p. 177. f Rom. vii. 23.


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