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vine Assistance, that they might be crown'd with Success. For ’tis not to be Imagin’d, that the Habitual Exercise of Them, attended with proper Applications to the Throne of Grace, should consist with an Habitual Course of Sin, and Final Impenitency. Therefore

6. Lastly, To our Meditations, and all other means of accomplishing a Conversation becoming the Gospel of Chrift, let us add Constant and Fervent Prayer for the Directions and Aids of the Holy Spirit; That he may enlighten us with a most Affecting Sense of all the Revelations made from Heaven; That he may sufficiently Quicken us in Discerning, and Strengthen us in Resisting all the Powers of Temptation; That He may Inflame us with an Ardency of the Love and Desire of Spiritual and Heavenly Things; and, that His Continual Motions and Influences upon us, in all Circumstances, may Efsectually enable us to make our Calling and Election fure. Many and clear are the Encouragements and Promises in the Scripture, that God will give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him. And if the


Fervency of our Prayers be but Equal to the Greatness of our Wants; Our Prayers will Ever be Graciously received, and our Wants Abundantly Supplied.'

There are many other Particulars, nearly relating to the Argument before us; which cannot be taken into the Narrow compass of this Discourse.' The Time will not allow me to enlarge the Observations and Directions, which I have been pressing upon you, as Necessary to your Edification; as the best Testimonies I can give of my Gratitude, for your Kind Acceptance and Encouragement of my Imperfect Labours amongst you; and as the Effects of my Earnest Desire, that You inay be ever Truly mindful of the Conditions, and Faithful in using the Means of Your Salvation, under the two General Heads of Evangelical Dutý, Faith and Obedience; Which I have, from the many Years of my Duty and Ministry in this Place, studied to Represent and Enforce, under the Many Particulars contain'd in Them, for Your Improvement in Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding. . Į have frequently used my utmost En

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deavours, and Weak indeed have those endeavours been, to give you a Just Sense of the Great Articles of Faith, to Establish and Confirm you in the Stedfast Belief of. them, and to guard you against the Fallacious Arguments, and Plausible Insinuations of Unbelievers. But the PraEtical Duties of Religion have, much more Frequently, been the Subjects of my Discourses; because these Duties are branch'd out into Greater Numbers and Varieties, than the objects of Faith are; . and the Temptations to Violate or Neglect them, more Numerous too; Snares ever furrounding us Without, and our own Hearts ever ready to betray us Within; every Circumstance of Life being attended with Peculiar Difficulties, and almost every Hour of Life bringing along with it Fresh Trials and Hazards: And yet, if amidst all these Multiplicities of Duties and Dangers, we should fail of performing Sincere and Universal Obedience, Faith cannot save us.

But I cannot close my Ministrations to you, without offering up my Humble and Earnest Prayer to God, that he may grạci


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ously Pardon the Imperfections .attend• ing them; and, that the Weaknesses and

Defects of my Instructions and Exhortations, offer'd to You, may be supplied by the All-sufficient Influences of the Holy Spirit upon You, guiding you into all Truth, Defending you against all Dangers and Temptations, and Adorning you with all Christian Graces; that You may be Victorious in your Spiritual Warfare, and finally attain to the Everlasting Mansions of the Blessed Above. And the very God of Peace Sanctifie you wholly: And I pray God, your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three

Persons and One God, be ascribed all Honour and Praise, and Thankfgiving, now benceforth and for evermore.

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SERMON XII. The Omnipresence of God.

Being the last Sermon the AUTHOR Preach’d; and Publish'd by his Direction.

JER. XXIII. Part of the 24th Verse. Do not I fill Heaven and Earth, faith

the Lord? ADHESE Words denote one of

the Peculiar, Incommunicable

Attributes of God; And if it were not utterly Inconsistent with Infinity, to admit of Degrees, This Excellency in the Divine Nature, at least excepting Eternity, might seem the most Surprizing and Transcendent of Any. There are in the Holy Angels, and in Holy Men too, men Influenced and Governed by the Divine Spirit, fair Images of the Veracity, the Wisdom, the Good-.


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