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sions of Cruelty, Despitefulness, and Scorn: But they may Justly also Fear that the Blood thus shed in Fancy and Conception only, shall be laid to their Charge, and that the Reward of the False, or Cruel Tongue, shall be, as the Iniquity it self is, mighty and sharp Arrows with hot Burning Coals. For whosoever is angry with his Brother without a Cause, shall be in Danger of the Judoment; and whosoever shall say to his Brother, Racha, small be in Danger of the Council; but whosoever mall say, thon Fool, shall be in Danger of Hell-Fiie. And this demonstrates the Excellence of the Gospel of Christ, that as Moral Duty, in Every Branch of it, is therein raised to the most Elevated Height of Perfection, so more especially does it Recommend and Promote the Exercise of Universal Charity and Benevolence, by an Absolute Prohibition of all Strife, and Variance, and Clamour, and Evil-Speaking, and Wrath, and Hatred, and Envy, and Rancour, and Malice. For these are some of those Works of the Devil which every Disciple of Christ has so


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lemnly Renounced, and whoever induges them, dishonours the Profession, and forfeits the Privileges of the Gospel.

Let this then be the Use and Application of the Whole, That the Heinousness of the Sin of Murther should raise in us a Proportionable Abhorrence of it, and the utmost Esteem and Desire of those Qualities and Practices, which are most directly and fully Opposed to it; That we should stand at the utmost Distance from the utmost Danger; That we should not only have the tenderest Regard to the Preservation of our Neighbour's Life, but to the Conveniencies and Comforts of it; That instead of Violence and Injury we should abound in Acts of Beneficence; That Anger should be prevented by Habitual Meekness; Malice by Lovingkindness and Compassion; Revenge by Constant Endearments, and Hatred by Complacency and Delight. So shall we fully answer the End of the Commandment, and being thus Heavenly in our Dispositions here, we cannot fail of obtaining an Inheritance in those Mansions of Everlasting Peace, and Love, and Joy,


where our Saviour is gone to prepare a Place for us.'

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three

Persons and One God, be all Honour and Glory, Power and Dominion henceforth and for evermore. Amen.



Christian Conversation.

PHILIP. I. 27. Only let your Conversation be as it be

cometh the Gospel of Christ.

TN the context St. Paul lays before | the Philippians some observations, 1 relating to Himself and his Ministry in the Propagation of the Gospel: And in the words of the Text, he turns the Prospect upon a Point more nearly con- . cerning Them and the Blessed effects of the Gospel upon them; leading off their Minds, from the Thoughts of Himself, into the consideration of their own Duty, under an Exhortation so very Full, though : very Short, that whosoever shall diligent

<ly attend to and Faithfully observe it,

will effectually adorn and Finish the Cha

racter of a Christian: Only let your ConW versation be, as it becoineth the Gospel of

Christ. In discoursing on these words I shall

1. First, Endeavour to shew, what is to be understood by Conversation become - ing the Gospel of Christ; And

11. Secondly, I shall propose some Di- rections to be observed, as Means of accomplishing such a Conversation.

I. I shali endeavour to shew, what is un to be understood by Conversation be

coming the Gospel of Christ. And in order thereunto, it should be observed that, in Holy Scripture, the Christian Society is sometimes styled a City, * and a Kingdom; t And the Members of this Society, or, the Subjects of Christ's Spiritual Kingdom are styled Fellow Citizens with the Saints. I Agreeably to this Allusion, the Original word (T0217EVEDE) which we translate, let your Conversation be, is a Metaphorical expression, taken from the

* Hebr. xii. 22. † Colof. i. 13. $ Eph. ii. 19.


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