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diem will, in theThWandlas Place, naturally and easily flow from them. And I {hall entirely confine my Illustration and Application of these Propositions to a Religious View of them; not allowing my self the Liberty of entring into any Political Disquisitions or Remarks, considers purely as Such, but leaving these, as they ought to be left, to the Thoughts and Resolutions of those Persons, whose Superiour Faculties Enable them, and whose peculiar Province Requires them, to Weigh and Determine all such Points with Propriety and Advantage The

I. Proposition to be consider'd, is, That National Wickedness is the Just Cause of Expecting and Dreading National Misery.

Indeed such a Proposition as This, or however the Principal Reasons of it, might, in the Days of Old, have been grating in the Ears of one Particular, Fanciful Sect of Men, and those rank'd under the Honourable Title of Philosophers too, who employ'd their Roving Heads in finding out a Way, to account for the Formation of a World, without

a God-, a God, and for the Government of it without A Superintending Providence. And, though they fail'd of Demonstrating what they Design'd -, yet they have Undestgnedly and Casually left Another Demonstration behind them, A clear Demonstration, that their Want of True Sense^ and Solid Judgment, did Faithful-* ly keep pace with their Want of True Piety. For all Men who have Thought Properly and Regularly, as Men ought to Think; who have assigned, not the Starts of Imagination, but the Dictates of found Reason, for the Foundations of Serious and Close Argument, have, witfci one Consent, Determin'd and Established the Truth and the Consequences of Opinions, directly opposed to the Strains of this wild Philosophy.

And if we should Resolve the Proposition before us, into the Principles, upon which it is Grounded; every Man's own Mind will be found sufficient to draw out a clear Conviction for it felf, from the Reasons and Relations of Things, That there must be a Necessary, Self-existent Being, a God, the Greatour and Gover

nour. nour os the World, and 'tis utterly Impossible to be otherwise; That -his own Honour is the Ultimate End of Creation and Government; That A Dutiful Regard to his Authority and Honour is the only Just Title which a Nation can have to his Favour; That his Favour is the sole Tenure, under which Proteffionand Happiness are Granted or Continued to a People; That the Contempt of him, or Opposition to him, is a Direct Forfeiture of that Favour; and Therefore, That a Kingdom, which sixeth it self in a Posture os Rebellion against him, becomes Justly Liable to be Distress a\ or Destroyed by him.

And when the Proof of this Proposition, so manifestly rising from the Suggestions and Reasonings of our own Minds, does not Introduce a suitable Influence and Efficacy upon the Behaviour of Humane Societies, God is wont to give them a Further Cogent Proof of it, The Demonstration of his Severe Judgments falling upon them. And the First Instance, given in Scripture of such Direful Proof, would have been the Finishing one, and, 1 Intirely are such Horrid Monuments of God's Indignation against Popular Impurity, that, surely, the most Intrepid, or the most Lethargick Man alive, cannot turn his Eyes towards them, without Shivering arid Shrinking under the very First: appearance of them. And, lest the Peculiar, Aggravating, Monstrous Circumstance of that Sin, in those wretched People, should be groundlessly esteemed the Only Cause of the Dangers and Destruction proceeding from it; the Holy Spirit hath given us Plain and Ample TestinKH nies, that when the Sin, though not attended with That Circumstance, prevails Epidemically, 'tis Fatal and Destructive to the Publick; A remarkable Instance whereof I (hall have occasion of mention* ing Below.

Indeed 'tis not to be doubted, but that, after all the Bulwarks, which are, or can be railed in the Defence of Virtue, there may be, under any Government, a great many vicious Persons, who can find means of creeping through the most Compacted Bounds and Restraints put upon them, and of managing some


Heinous Offences, so Dextrously and Successfully, as to steal on, Uninterrupted and Undiscover'd, to the Accomplishment of their own Perdition; And yet, in the Judgment of God, They may not perhaps be found of Weight enough, to Sink the Community, together with Themselves. For it seems Evident, from the Holy Scripture, that National Guilt, and the Consequent Obnoxiousness to National Punishment t can only Then be justly aslign'd and Imputed to a People, Either, when there are such Varieties and Complications of Wickedness in it, that the Omniscient God, who at once Distinctly knows the Qualities and 'Conditions of every Individual Person, does look upon the Kingdom as Immersed in a State of Universal Depravity, such as the Holy Spirit represents in the First Chapter of Isaiah: Where 'tis said of the Jews, Ah sinful Nation, a People laden with iniquity, .the whole head is sick, and the

whole heart saint: from the sole of

the foot even unto the head, there is no soundness in it; but wounds and bruises and purifying fores-, Or, when Particular

Z Sins,

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