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Kings of the Earth have delighted to Honour.

What then remains, but that our Praises and Thanksgivings, on His account and our Own, should be succeeded by our Prayers, that in Him may be FulfilledAU the Promises of God to Good men, and that the Happy Effects of all the Other promises may finally Terminate in the; Accomplishment of This: With long life . Will J satisfy him, and shew him my Salvation,

Unto God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghofi, be ascribed all Power, Dominion and Glory, Henceforth and for Evermore. Amen.




National Sins Fatal to Prince and People.

i SAM. XII. ij.

If ye shall still do wickedly; ye shall be consumed, both ye and your King.

THIS Important Caution was given by the Prophet Samuel to the Jews j and was occafion'd by a Remarkable Effect of these odious Qualities in them, the Ingratitude, and' the Perverfenefs, which stand Distinguished by the peculiar Liveliness and Boldness of the Figures, amongst the Images of that People, drawn in the Sacred History.

V 4 Thei?

Their Civil Government had, for ma-, ny Years, been administred by Judges^ according to the Designation of God himself; who had, many a time, DeJiver'd and Blessed them in an Extraordinary and Miraculous Manner, under that Administration. But they were so far from any just Notions of the Supreme Authority, prescribing this Administration to them; and so far from all Due. Regard to the signal Blessings attending it, that, with one Consent, they attempted a direct Violation of it, and obstinately persisted in that Attempt. * Æl the Elders of Israel said unto Samuet, JMake us a King to judge us, like all the Nations. This Audacious Invasion upon, the Divine Appointment, in assuming an unwarrantable Authority, to Distiblve that Form of Government which they had receiv'd from Heaven, and to substitute a New 9cheme in its room, being, by the special Direction os God to the Prophet, sully represented to Them, is conveyed to Posterity, under this Mark

* i Sam. tiii. 4,.5,

of of Divine Displeasure stamp'd upon it; * The Lord said unto Samuel, (and Samuel told all the Words of the Lord unto the Peo^ pie) They have not rejeBedThee, but they have rejeBed Me, that 1flwuldnot reign over them.

But neither this strong Admonition, nor yet the subsequent Representation, which God commanded the Prophet to lay before them, of the many Inconveniences which would follow such a Change, as they were bent upon making in their Constitution, was sufficient to give them a Sense of their Duty, or Divert them from their Impious Resolution: + They said, Nay, but we will have a King over u$.

Thus did they Arrogantly engage in, Impetuously carry on, and, to Extremity, maintain a flagrant Opposition to God; which they so Far succeeded in^ that a King was fet over them. And soon after Jbe had taken the'Government upon him, Samuel, their Old, Faithful, and Affectionate Prophet and Judge took occasi

* Ver. 7, Io. ,| Ver. 19.


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on, before a general Assembly, to vindicate his own Unspotted Integrity under his Publick Administration; and to give them a Just Sense of their Past Enormities and Provocations against God; and fully to apprize them of the True and Fundamental Causes and Reasons of thenFuture Hopes and Fears, in a most Excellent and Moving Oration, which he clofeth with the Words of the Text, If ye shall still do wickedly, ye shall be conslimed^ both ye and your King. Which Words may justly challenge moft Attentive and Serious Regard from every People and Nation, which hath any Concern for the Prosperity, or Safety of its Prince, or, of it Self; For these two Propositions are Implied in them;

I. First, That National Wickedness, is the just Cause of Expecting and Dreading National Misery: And,

II. Secondly, That the Wickedness of a People is a just Cause of the Sufferings of their Prince.

These Propositions are so nearly allied to the Rueful Occasion of this Day's Solemnity, that a short Application of


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