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their Minds, as well as by their Outward Actions and Professions; and therefore those, who, on account of some Temponz/Consideration, do not Openly Declare themselves in Favour of Unbelief, and yet are so far Friends to it, as not to Disapprove, and, upon all proper occasions, Declare against it, are, in the Judgment of God, reckon'd amongst Unbelievers; * For he that is not with me, is against me. They who Sit Still, as Unconcern'd, upon fiich Occasions, may perhaps account their Unconcernednefs and their Silence, a Safe and Notable piece of Management; But they would find this a Groundless and a Dangerous Opinion, if they did but sufficiently weigh the force of our Saviour's Declaration; + Whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful Generation-, of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his father, with the Holy Angels. Such Texts as These ought to be Continually revolved in the minds of

* Matth. xii. 30. j Matth. x. 38.


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Thofe Persons, who are Apt to stand Neuter'yki a case, where Neutrality is Culpable1 and Pernicious; who are such Slaves to their own Fears, and to this adulterous and sinful generation^ that they will not venture, even to Speak in the Defence of their Lord's Honour, or to {hew any Dislike to the Contumelious and Reproachful, the Violent and Pertinacious Opposition, which is made to the Great Articles of Faith, by a Race of men, who are scarce more a Scandal to the Gospel it self, than to a Countrey, Professing the Belief of it.

'Tis High time for us to be Affected with a Due Sense of these Things, when we are in manifest Danger of being Undone by Them. Let, us search the Scrips tures and Learn, how Heinous a Sin UnT belies is, and then Impartially consider, if we can yet be Impartial in Any thing, whether it is not to be accounted a Leading Occasion of the Heaviest Punishments that fall upon Mankind. Can we Doubt the Malignancy of the Difputers against the Divinity of our Lord, and the other Articles of our Faith, after the (paution given, by God's Holy Spirit, * against False teachers, who shall Privily bring ifo Damnable Heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruBion.

Wonderful is the Difference of Different mens Dispositions and Behaviour, under the Profession of the Gospel. At Ephesus, the Sorcerers, upon their Conversion, were so Pious and Ingenuous, that they brought their booh together, and burnt them before all men .\ Rather than the Records of their Curious Arts, their Sorceries and Incantations, should stand in the way of the Gospel, they chose, in Obedience and Honour to the Faith they embraced, to offer them for a Burnt-Offering to the Lord. And should it not move our Utmost Compassion to think, that there should be, amongst Us, any Authors or Advocates of Blasphemy and Unbelief, so Hardy, and so Tenacious of their Impiety, as Incorrigibly to Persist in Bewitching the People, and, rather than Burn, or Retract their Curious Books, run

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the Hazard of being, Themselves, cast into theyGre that shall never be quenched. This Remarkable Caution against Unbelief, given by the Apostle, * deserves to be well and often weighed by all Those, who RejeB and Disdain the Great Truths of the Gospel, and by all the Favourers of that Contemptuous Opposition, which is made to Them; Beware, lest that come upon you, which is spoken of in the Prophets, Behold, ye De/pisers, and'Wonder and Perish.

$dly, All Kinds of Profanation, observable in the World, are Proper Objects of our Detestation and Sorrow. The Profanation of God's Holy Name is charged, as a Crying Sin, against God's People, and in it are included, Perjury, Common Oaths, Execrations, and every Expression which derogates from the Majesty of this Great and Glorious Name, THE LORD THY GOD.

The Profanation of Places Consecrated to God is an Offence, which He hath distinguished, in these Words, by the

* Acts xiii. 40, 41.

Prophet Prophet*; As I live, faith the Lord Goa\ surety, because thou hajl defiled my SanBuary with all thy detestable things, and with all thy Abominations; therefore will I

also diminish thee A third part of thee

shall.die with the Pestilence.

The Profanation also of Times Dedicated to God, does incur his Displeasure, and bring Punishments upon a People. To which Purpose, we are thus taught our Duty, and our Danger, relating to the Sabbaths the Violations whereof are Sinful, under the Christian, as well as the Mosaical Dispensation f; / contended with the Nobles ofjudah, and said unto them. What evil thing is this that ye do, and Profane the Sabbath day? Did not your Fathers thus, and did not our God bring all this evil upon us, and upon this City? Tet ye bring more wrath upon Israels by profaning the Sabbath. These words should be Maturely considered, by all Persons, who are addicted to Profaning the Lord's Day, and especially by Those, who run even into the Neglect of the

*Ezek. v. 11, 12. t Nehem. xiii. 17, 18.


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