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spoused by the Publick, and become National, it might, in the Event, prove a Just reason of our hopes, that God will bestow upon us all the Publick Blessings which are promised to Righteous Nations.

Let our Enemies then Trust in their Spears and their Mighty Men of Valour; and leave all. Concern for God's Honour out of their Schemes and their Counsels; Let Us but provide for the Propagation of his holy Religion, and we may fáfely leave the Iffue of Things to His Gra: cious Disposal. Let us then continually add to the Numbers of such Innocents as are here before us, Evidences of your Abundant Love to Them, and to their Saviour; and therefore qualified to appear as moft Proper and Acceptable Adı vocates in your Behalf, before the Throne of Grace, and you will have no great Reason to dread the Might or the Machinations of your Enemies: For who all harm you, if you be, in this Eminent Sense; Followers and Supporters of that which is Good?

Tove a. H'will


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If therefore any Persons should happen to become Audacious enough to oppose this Excellent Design of promoting God's Honour, they would have too much Reason to fear that He may get himself Honour upon them, in a Sense not very Agreeable to them, as he got him Jelf Honour upon Pharaoh and all his Hoft. And thë Propitious Dispensations of Heaven, which are the only safe and im+ moveable Foundation of every Government, do so much depend upon the Sućcess of this Charitable and Pious Design, which is Manifestly, and in an High Degree, fubfervient to God's Honour, that whosoever Meditates the least Oppofition, or Obstruction to it, máy Justly be Suspected; whatever Plausible Pretences he may urge in his own Favour, of Meditating Malignant and Pernicious Purposes against the Government; And whosoever proceeds to an Actual Opposition to This Design, does in Effect Act in Conjunction with those who have Actually drawn their Swords for the Destruction of the King and Constitution. For That Imputation may properly fall



upon Those who dare to set their Mouth against the Heavens, and by Confounding the Instruments and Means of National Piety, Provoke the most High to pour down his Judgments upon the Nation.

Indeed if any particular Persons concerned in this great Design should, by any kind of Iniquity or Enormity, become Obnoxious, Reason and Religion require, that They should suffer condign Punishment, in common with other Offenders; And a peculiar Infamy would rest upon Them, who are Happily engaged in so Sacred a Design, if They should, upon any Account, be found in the Number of Evil doers. But still, neither the Demerits nor the Deserts of particular Persons, can alter the Nature of Things: The Cause which is Sacred, ought to be accounted inviolable still; And every Man's Obligations, not only to dread the Thoughts of opposing it, but to Espouse and Promote it, and that with Constancy, and Zeal, and Delight, are still the same, still indispensably Incumbent upon him.



Finally therefore, Let other Mens Neglect of this Good Work be answer’d by your Earnest Concern for it; Let their Coldness be Answer’d by Your Zeal; and let their Opposition to it, if it be possible for such an Impious Opposition ever to arise, be repelld and defeated by Your Activity in providing for its Support and Accomplishment. And let all Those join with you in your Holy and Indefatigable Labours, who would evince that their Professions of Religion are not purely Formal, and Superficial, and Hypocritical; who would faithfully bear Their Part, with all Other created Beings, in Displaying the Glory of their Creatour; who would act Correspondently to the Glorious Privileges vouchsafed them in the Gospel, and Testify that Christ is in them of a Truth; who are really affected 'with the Love of their Country, and a Desire of its Peace and Prosperity; who do Truly wish to see the Number of Those who shall be saved continually Encreased, to be Themselves in that Blessed Number, and to be the Blessed Instruments of Encreasing it; and who are influenced by the Laudable, and Pure, and Spiritual Ambition of Jhining as the Brightness of the Firmament, and as the Stars for ever. · Now to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three Persons and one God, be ascribed, as is most due, all Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power, both now and ever, Amen.

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