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must recommend them to God, the Discerner of Spirits. It was this Warmth of Concern for God's Honour in Phineas, that must be Imputed unto htm for Righteousness, among all posterities for Evermore. The very fame thing done with Reluctancy, and after much Instigation, and with a Colder hand, had been destitute of the Ornament, and Unworthy the Reward.

The utmost Glory of Elijah, shines I forth in this short Character, / have been very J E A L o U S for the Lord God of Hosts. And there is nothing upon Record that redounds more to David's Honour, than the Expressions of his Zeal in preparing a place for the Ark of the Lord: / will not come within the tabernacle of mine fioufe, nor climb up into my bed: 1 will. not suffer mine eyes to sleep, nor mine eyelids to slumber, neither the Temples of my head to take any rest. True Zeal will break through all Opposition, and Difficulties, and Discouragements; sustain all jnconveniencies with Alacrity, and render us restless and Dissatisfied, till we engage iji the work and labour of love. ''

With such Eagerness and Earnestness do all Good men constantly approach the Throne of Grace, in Publick and Private Devotions; with such Eagerness and Earnestness dp they embrace all Opportunities of performing Works of Charity and Companion; with such Eagerness and Earnestness do they press forward unto every Good Work, for the Advancement of God's Honour, and the Benefit of Mankind. And whosoever does not find himself affected with this Necesiary and Blessed Disposition, should bewail the Imperfection and Deadnefs which he still labours under, and incessantly implore the Communications of the Spirit of God, that he may be actuated with the Holy Flame, and become Zealous of Good Works,

The Particulars, which have been Illustrated, do bear so Near and Plain a Relation to the Occasion and Purposes of this great Assembly, that Your Thoughts must needs run easily into the Application of them. For as we may safely attribute the Character of Good Works, to Those Charitable Provisions, which we have* now under Consideration; So we may with Equal Propriety, Approve and Recommend the Zeal of those Charitable Souls, which have engaged in This Good Work, and which have been Earnest and Eager in their Desires and Endeavours, to, propagate and carry it on to Perfection.

'Tis not more evident, that the Advancement of God's Honour, and the Benefit of our Brethren, are Proper Ends of Good Works, than it is that Those Great and Glorious Ends are duely Answer'd by that Education, which is given in the Charity-Schools, to Those Helpless Children, whose Happiness it is, that 'you Justly regard their Misery.

Is not That Work Manifestly and Highly conducive to God's Honour, wherein 'tis provided, that the Image of God, Originally stamp'd upon Man, shall not be intirely wore out and finally disappear, but be Renewed and Restored to Beauty and Lustre in great Numbers of those, on whom it must Otherwise have remained Miserably Defaced and Neglected: Wherein 'tis provided, that That Noble muJiaQriierwise have been



,y #

Barren and Unfruitful, or over-run with Tares and Noxious Weeds, shall be abundantly Cultivated, and Inriched, and Productive of a Glorious Harvest: Wherein 'tis provided, that those Souls, which had Otherwise been exposed an Easy Prey to Evil Spirits and Evil Men, shall be reduced from the Snares and Captivity of Satan, and become at once the Witnesses, and the Instruments of the Glory of God: Wherein 'tis provided, that Those, whose Voices had Otherwise been turn'd into Strains of Profanenefs and Blasphemy, and all Iniquity, shall be qualified to bear a Blefled part, as your Ears have heard this Day, in Melodious and Moving Sounds of Praises and Thanksgivings to God, Preludes to the Transporting Hallelujahs, which shall be sung by the Choir of Heaven, before the glorious Throne of God for ever: Wherein 'tis provided, that the various Circumstances of Benefit in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord, shall be properly and diligently Applied and Improved, for the Furtherance of the Gospel; and that the Temples of the Holy Ghost may



be multiplied: Wherein 'tis provided , that Thofe who, even in the Land of Promise, might yet continue Strangers unto the Covenant of Promise ^ shall be taught betimes the Necessity of Building Christian Lives upon Christian Principles, that they may not Dishonour God, by Denying or Neglecting that Faith, which he hath required as the necessary Foundation of Morality under the Gofpel, and the indispensable Condition of Salvation: Wherein 'tis provided, that the Glory of God may mine forth in This great Article of it, the Effect of This Gracious Promise, which the Holy Spirit hath laid great Stress upon, All shall know me,' from the least of them unto the greateji of them: And, wherein 'tis provided, not only that the Doctrines of the Gofpel may be Inculcated and Embraced at present, but that They may be handed down with Advantage to Succeeding Generations. God is pleased to express a particular Approbation and Acceptance of that Sollicitude for his Honour, which Abraham testified, by Transmitting a Sense of Religion to his Posterity. Shall

I hide.'

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