The Oxford Sausage, Or Select Poetical Pieces, Written by the Most Celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford

Thomas Warton
G. Robinson, in Paternoster Row, and E. Newbury, the corner of St. Paul's Church Yard, London; W. Dawson and Company in Oxford; and sold, 1772 - 224 páginas

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Página 47 - Wisheth her health, and joy, and equal love. Meanwhile, he smokes, and laughs at merry tale, Or pun ambiguous, or conundrum quaint. But I, whom griping penury surrounds, And Hunger, sure attendant upon Want, With scanty offals, and small acid tiff, (Wretched repast!) my meagre corpse sustain: Then solitary walk, or doze at home...
Página 32 - (He cries) for benefice and wife? " Return, ye days ! when endless pleasure " I found in reading, or in leisure! " When calm around the common room " I puff'd my daily pipe's perfume ; " Rode for a stomach, and inspected, ' At annual bottlings, corks selected: ' And din'd untax'd, untroubled, under ' The portrait of our pious founder!
Página 50 - Of loving friend delights ; distressed, forlorn, Amidst the horrors of the tedious night, Darkling I sigh, and feed with dismal thoughts My anxious mind ; or sometimes mournful verse Indite, and sing of groves and myrtle shades, Or desperate lady near a purling stream, Or lover pendent on a willow-tree.
Página 51 - An horrid chasm disclose, with orifice Wide, discontinuous ; at which the winds Eurus and Auster, and the dreadful force Of Boreas, that congeals the Cronian waves, Tumultuous enter, with dire chilling blasts Portending agues.
Página 82 - tis not at all hard, For it was a swapping, swapping MALLARD. Oh ! by the blood, &c, Therefore let us sing and dance a galliard, To the remembrance of the MALLARD: And as the MALLARD dives in pool, Let us dabble, dive, and duck in bowl. Oh ! by the blood of King Edward, Oh ! by the blood of King Edward, It was a swapping, swapping MALLARD.
Página 64 - Phoebus' ire, When wintry storms around us beat, Tobacco cheers with gentle fire. Yellow autumn, youthful spring, In thy praises jointly sing. Recitativo Like Neptune, Caesar guards Virginian fleets, Fraught with Tobacco's balmy sweets ; Old Ocean trembles at Britannia's pow'r, And Boreas is afraid to roar. Air Happy mortal ! He who knows Pleasure which a Pipe bestows ; Curling eddies climb the room, Wafting round a mild perfume.
Página 48 - Disastrous acts forebode ; in his right hand Long scrolls of paper solemnly he waves, With characters and figures dire...
Página 46 - HAPPY the man who, void of cares and strife, In silken or in leathern purse retains A Splendid Shilling. He nor hears with pain New oysters...
Página 66 - When agen the Cricket's gay (Little Cricket, full of Play) Can afford his Tube to feed With the fragrant Indian weed : Pleasure for a Nose divine, Incense of the God of Wine. Happy thrice, and thrice agen, Happiest he of happy Men.
Página 28 - And mouths out Homer's Greek like thunder. If you'd examine — and admit him, A scholarship would nicely fit him ; That he succeeds 'tis ten to one ; Your vote and interest, sir!

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