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LETTER III. p. 41.

Advantages of a Public Table-Pedestrian Ramble - Castle

HapsburgBridge of WettingenTomb at Hindelbanck-
BerneState of Society-Criminals-- Bears View of the
Alps-Mount Jura-Neufchatel-Moutiers Travers-
Rousseau— Ipand of St. Pierre-Benighted Walk-Lake
of Thun_Village of Unterseen--Lake of Brientz-Night
VoyageMountain VillageValley of HassliCanton of
Schweitz-Lake of the Four CantonsModel

Model of Switzer-
landTell's Chapel-Lake of Zug-Zurich.

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Schweitz-Lake of the Four Cantons-Republic of Gerisau

-Tells Chapel-Altdorf-William Tell-Ascent of St.
GothardWasenSchoellenenThe Devil's Bridge-Ge-
neral Suwarrow-Valley of UrserenView of the Gri-
sonsTavetch-Even-Song-Female DevotionHospice of
St. Gothard-Zig-Zag descent--AiroloThe Val Le-
vantina-BellinzonaThe Lago Maggiore-Borromean
Islands-Milan-The Cathedral - Te Deum.

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Switzerland-Supposed Ascent-General ViewLakesVal-

leys-Mountains-Crags-Sources of the Rhine, the Rhone,
and the Po-Origin of Swiss Freedom-Battle of Morgar-
ten-Alliance of Uri, Schweitz, and Underwalden-Acces-
sion of the Ten other Cantons-Revolution of 1798-Com-



parative Observations Constitutional Defects_Love of
Country-Distinctions, Religious, Political, and Linguacu-
lar-Variations of TemperatureSensations at unusual
Heights Comparative Elevation of Mountains - Marine
Petrifactions Productions of Switzerland-Public Grana-
ries Surplus PopulationConcluding Reflections.

LETTER VI. p. 117.

Italian Travelling-by Poftby Voiture_by Procache_Voi-

ture preferred— Imposition of the Vettorino-Bridge of Lodi
-Rich MeadowsThe PoThe Duchy of ParmaCor-
reggio-ModenaBolognaThe Carrachi, Guido, Dome-
nichino-Charles V-Clement VIIGiovanni di Bologna
-Convent of St. Luke-Dominican Monk-The Apen-

LETTER VII. p. 142.

Florence -The Old Palace-Benevenuto CelliniThe Gallery

-Venus de Medicis-Julius IIThe Academy of the Fine
ArtsThe Museum of Natural History-Anatomical
Preparations Observatory-Andrea del SartoThe Palaz-
zo Pitti-Leo X-Raphael, Michael Angelo, Salvator Ro-
sa-Carregi de MediciPratolino--Vigil of San Giovan-
ni - The Madonna del Sacco_The Cathedral ---Assassina-
tion of Julian de MedicisThe Baptistery-Lorenzo Ghi-
berti-The Mausoleum of the MedicisThe Library of San



Lorenzo-Bible of the VII Century-Virgil of the V-

The Tomb of Galileo--of Michael Angelo.

Americus Vesputius-The Academia della Crusca-Institu-

tions of Leopold-Wine-Cellars ImprovisatoriDr. John-
son--Anecdote of a Tuscan Prince.

St. Peter's Church- The Outer Court-The Piazzas-The

Fountains-The Obelisk-The Frontispiece-The Nave-
The High Altar-The Dome - The Choral Service-The
InscriptionsThe ChapelsThe Superstructure-Nicholas
V. Leo X. Sixtus V-Bramante, Michael Angelo, Fontana

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