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-The Solar Obelisk of Augustus - The Column of Tra-
janThe Quirinal Palace-The Capitol-The Forum-
Roman TriumphsThe Coliseum-St. John de Lateran
-The Obelisk of Thebes The Tomb of Caius Cestius
The Baths of CaracallaThe Appian Wag-The Aque-
ducts--Historic Mementos-Mutius Scavola-Horatius
Cocles ---Curtius-Regulus - Coriolanur-Cincinnatus-
Washington-BuonaparteThe Temple of Romulus and
Remus-The Mausoleum of AugustusThe Gardens of
- LucullusThe Palace of Macenas-Appii Forum-St.
Paul-Defection from Primitive ChristianityConver-
sion of Constantine-Convents-Tribunal of the Inquisi-
tion_Hannibal General Berthier-Conclusion.

LETTER XVII. p. 442.

Italians, in low life, rude_high, adulatoryMarkets

Hours counted to four-and-twenty-Beggars Instances
of Importunity-Roman NoblesTheir Palaces-Man-
ner of livingThe Cardinal de Bernis--Albani_Idlers
-StatuariesThe first American that ever was at Rome-
Anecdotes of Ganganelli Comparative merits of Paintings
and Painters_The Last Day of Michael Angelo_The
Madonna della Sedia of RaphuelThe Farnese Hercules
_Popular Devotion-LotteriesAnnual Exhibitions-In-
different performance of Religious ceremonies-Description
of the Mass-Singing before the Madonnas.



Apostolical Visitation-Chiaramonti-Papal Functions at the

Celebration of Christmas--Forms observed, when the Pope
goes out in state-Incongruities, when he rides to take the air

-The Papal Troops The PriestsThe Monks-High
Mass at the Pope's Chapel-Cardinal rork_The Senator
of Rome-Imitation of Primitive Devotion Latin Sermon
-The Confraternity of the Dead-Charnel House - Roman
FuneralsThe Prince de M-Confinement of the
Author for want of his passport --His Release-Coronation
of Pius VILThe Papal Benediction.

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