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These papers were printed from week to week in the Indianapolis News under the title Case and Comment. For permission to use them in the present form the author is under obligation to the News, an obligation which he very cheerfully acknowledges. If long prefaces were permitted much might fittingly be said by way of deprecation or apology. But it is enough to express the hope that old friends will be glad to renew their acquaintance with the author, an acquaintance which he values highly, and that through the mediatorship of this book other friendships may be formed.

Indianapolis, March, 1911.




THE thought of the Advent season, a

I thought which is fundamental to Christianity, is one of preparation. The closer one gets to the simple realities of religion the more is one impressed by the necessity of fitting oneself for what is to come. There are thus a real Christian prudence and foresight which, so far from being worldly in character, are of the essence of the faith. Life itself is a preparation for something to come, precisely as a man's school days are a preparation designed to fit him for the performance of the duties that devolve on him when he reaches the years of maturity. Properly considered, there is no conflict here between the worldly and the religious life. The business man who simply lives from day to day, who never works and plans for the future, and who fails to train

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