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Página 43 - And here we go backwards and forwards, And here we go round, round, roundy.
Página 32 - Musick that ever was, did, after his humoursome way, stoop downe to Baltzar's feet, to see whether he had a huff on, that is to say, to see whether he was a devil or not, because he acted beyond the parts of man.
Página 367 - ... the worthy parson who had fiddled for us at the puppet show at Little Rock. They told him that he had had a narrow escape, and he replied that he had found that out an hour ago. He said he had been fiddling to the fishes for a full hour, and had exhausted all the tunes that he could play without notes. We then asked him what could have induced him to think of fiddling at a time of such peril ; and he replied, that he had remarked in his progress through life, that there was nothing in...
Página 31 - But before the restoration of King Charles II. and especially after, viols began to be out of fashion, and only violins used, as treble violin, tenor, and bass violin ; and the king according to the French mode, would have twenty-four violins playing before him while he was at meals, as being more airy and brisk than viols.
Página 26 - ... of their heads, and the manner in which they were made to move, evinced the ignorance and inattention of the managers; the dialogues were mere jumbles of absurdity and nonsense, intermixed with low immoral discourses passing between Punch and the fiddler, for the orchestra rarely admitted of more than one minstrel; and these flashes of merriment were made offensive to decency by the actions of the puppet. In the reign of James II. there was a noted merry-andrew named Philips; " This man," says...
Página 64 - While thus occupied, he discovered, in 1714, the phenomenon of "the third sound," ie the resonance of a third note when the two upper notes of a chord are sounded ; and, after seven years' practice, obtained the situation of leader of the orchestra in the cathedral of St. Anthony at Padua. In this capacity he continued to act till death, with increasing reputation, and declining, from devotion to his...
Página 31 - Your Best Provision, (and most Compleat) will be, a Good Chest of Viols; Six in Number; viz. 2 Bases, 2 Tenors, and 2 Trebles: All truly, and Proportionably suited.
Página 366 - We took another spell of listening, and now the musician struck up, in a brisk and lively manner, "Over the water to Charley.
Página 32 - AW standing behind in a corner near " the door, they haled him in among them, and play, " forsooth, he must, against him. Whereupon he " being not able to avoid it, he took up a violin, as " poor Troylus did against Achilles. He, abashed " at it, yet honour he got by playing with, and " against such a grand master as Baltzar was.
Página 397 - ' My very much esteemed Signora Maddalena, " ' Finding myself at length disengaged from the weighty business which has so long prevented me from performing my promise to you, a promise which was made with too much sincerity for my want of punctuality not to afflict me, I shall begin the instructions you wish from me, by letter; and if I should not explain myself with sufficient clearness, I entreat you to tell me your doubts and difficulties, in writing, which I shall...

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