The Metropolites: Or Know Thy Neighbor. A Novel ...

American News Company, 1864 - 575 páginas

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Página 49 - WILL you walk into my parlor?" said the Spider to the Fly. " 'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy; The way into my parlor is up a winding stair, And I have many curious things to show when you are there.
Página 529 - She paused, for she felt rebuked by the earnest and melancholy gaze of the young sculptor. Marie loved him as much as it was in her nature to love — more than she suspected herself.
Página 404 - Carnation, lily, rose, And in her hand a crook she bore, And sweets her breath compose. The beauteous wreath that decks her head Forms her description true...
Página 176 - ... sunlight and twinkling with diamonds and spangles. He had gone ahead. At the outskirts of the wood he halted to wait for his mother. Looking back, he watched her coming through the trees. A strong, tall figure, still young and agile, the young face puckered into a smile. Down she came toward him, and she was the most beautiful and at the same time the most homely and comforting and familiar of beings. "Well!
Página 174 - It was not what she said, but the manner in which she said it ; she had the ease and distinction of a highborn lady. And little as she was and brown (
Página 422 - ... birds had come. The voice of the turtle was heard in the land, the fig tree put forth its green figs, and the vines of the tender grape filled the air with a sweet aroma.
Página 25 - I don't know what will be done ; but this I do know, that the Doctor is a gentleman.
Página 459 - Go where glory waits thee, but while fame elates thee, still remember me...
Página 473 - Oh leave me to my sorrow, for my heart is oppressed to-day.

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