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Página 174 - The Temple Musick : or an Essay concerning the Method of singing the Psalms of David in the Temple, before the Babylonish Captivity; wherein the Musick of our Cathedrals is vindicated, and supposed to be conformable not only to that of the primitive Christians, but also to the Practice of the Church in all preceding Ages. Both by Arthur Bedford, MA and Vicar of Temple in the City of Bristol.
Página 42 - SONGS COMPLEAT, Pleasant and Divertive; set to MUSICK by DR. JOHN BLOW, MR. HENRY PURCELL, and other Excellent Masters of the Town.
Página 191 - Musick's monument; or, A remembrancer of the best practical musick, both divine, and civil, that has ever been known, to have been in the world.
Página 116 - PARTHENIA, or the Maidenhead of the first Musicke that ever was printed for the Virginalls. Composed by three famous masters: William Byr.d, Dr. John Bull, and Orlando Gibbons...
Página 44 - The Whole Booke of Psalmes: with their wonted Tunes, as they are song in Churches, composed into foure parts: All which are so placed that foure may sing ech one a seueral part in this booke.
Página 199 - Christmas Carols, ancient and modern, including the most popular in the West of England, and the airs to which they are sung, also specimens of French Provincial Carols, with an introduction and notes.
Página 185 - An Historical Enquiry respecting the Performance on the Harp in the Highlands of Scotland, from the earliest times until it was discontinued about the year 1734; to which is prefixed an account of a very ancient Caledonian harp, and of the harp of Queen Mary.
Página 42 - WIT AND MIRTH ; or, PILLS TO PURGE MELANCHOLY. Being a Collection of the best Merry Ballads and Songs, Old and New. Fitted to all Humours, having each their proper Tune for either Voice or Instrument ; most of the Songs being new set.
Página 126 - SELECT AYRES AND DIALOGUES For One, Two and Three Voyces: TO THE THEORBO-LUTE or BASSE-VIOL. Composed by John Wilson, Charles...
Página 176 - Medicina Musica ; or a Mechanical Essay on the Effects of Singing, Musick, and Dancing, on Human Bodies; to which is annexed a new essay on the Nature and Cure of the Spleen and Vapours. Revised and corrected by Richard Browne, Apothecary in Oakham, in the County of Rutland,

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