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ISALARI which among them hath declared these things. 8 Thus saith the Lord, In an acceptable The Lord hath loved him: he will do his time bave Heard thee, and in a day of salvapleasure on Baby!on, and his arın sluill be on tion have I helped thee: and I will preserve The Chaldeans.

thee, and give thee for a covenant of the

peo15 I, even 1, have spoken; yea, I have ple. to establish the earth, lo cause to inherit called him: I have brought him, and he shall the desolate heritages : make his way prosperous.

9 Thatlbou navest say to the prisoners, Go 16 1 Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; Toribi; to them that are in darkness, Shew I have not spoken in secret from the begin- yourselves: they sl:all leed in the ways, and ning; from the time that it was, there am 1: Weir pastures shall be in all high places. and now the Lord God, and his Spirit, hath 10 They shall not hunger nor ilıirst; nei

ther shall ihe heat nor sun smite them: for he 17 Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the thai hath mercy on them shall lead thein, even Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God by the springs of water shall he guide them. which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth 11 And I will make all my mountains a thee by the way that thou shouldest go. way, and iny lighways shall be exalled.

18 Oh that thou hadst hearkened to my 12 Behokl, these stall come from far; and, commandments! then bad thy peace been aslo, these from the north and from the west : a river, and thy righteousness as the waves and these from the land of Sinim. of the sea :

13 | Sing, O heavens; and be joyful, O 19 Thy seed also had been as the sand, and earth; and break forth into singing, O mounthe offspring of thy bowels like the gravel tains: for the Lord hath comforted his people, thereof; his name should not have been cut and will have mercy upon his afflicted. off nor destroyed from before me.

14 But Zion said, The Lord liath forsaken 20 1 Go ye forth of Bahylon, fee ye from me, and my Lord bath forgotten me. the Chaldeans, withi a voice of singing de- 15 Can a woman forget her sucking child, clare ye, tell this, ulter it even to the end of that she should not have compassion on the the earth; say ye, The Lord hath redeemed son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet his servan! Jacob.

will I not forget thee. 21 And they thirsted not when he led them 16 Behold, I have graven thee upon the through the deserts: he caused the waters to palms of my hands ; thy walls are continually Aow out of the rock for them; he clave the before me. rock also, and the waters gushed out.

17 Thy children shall make haste; thy de22 There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto stroyers, and they that inade thee waste, shall the wicked.

go forth of thee. CHAP. XLIX.

18 [ Lift up thine eyes round about, and ISTEN,O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye behold: all these gather themselves together,

people, from far; The Lorv hath called and come to thee. As I live, saith the LORD, me from the womb; from the bowels of my thou shalt surely clothe thee with them all, mother hath he made mention of iny name. as with an ornament, and bind them on thee,

2 And he hath made iny mouth like a sharp as a bride doeth. xword; in the shadow of his hand bath lie 19 Forthy waste a.idthy desolate places, and bid me, and made me a polished shaft; in the land of thy destruction, shall even now be nis quiver bath he hid me;

too narrow by reason of the inhabitants, and 3 And said unto me, Thou art my servant, they that swallowed thee up shall be far away. Israel, in whom I will be glorified.

20 The cbildren which thou shalt have, af4 Then I said, I have laboured in vain, 1 ter thou hast lost the other, shall say again in have spent my strength for nouglit, and in thine ears, The place is too sırait for me; vain ; yet surely my judgment is with the give place to me that I may dwell. Lord, and my work with my God.

21 Then shalt thou say in thine heart, Who 57 And now, saith the Lord that formed hath begotten me these, seeing I have lost my me from the womb to be his servant, to bring children, and am desolate, a captive, and reJacob again to him, Though Israel be not ga- moving to and fro? and who hath brought thered, yet shall I he glorious in the eyes of up these? Behold, I was left alone ; tiese, the Lord, and my God shall be my strength. where had they been?

6 And he said, It is a light thing that thou 22 Thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I will shouldest be my servant, to raise up the tribes list up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Is- my siandard to the people: and they shali rael; I will also give thee for a light to the bring thy sons in their arms, and thy laughiGentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation ters shall be carried upon their shoulders. unto the end of the earth.

23 And kings siiall be thy nursing-fathers, 7 Thus saith the Lori), the Redeemer of and their queens thy nursing-mothers; they Israel, and his Holy One, to him whom mau shall bow down to thee with their face toward despiseth, to him whom the nation abhor- the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet, reth, to a servant of rulers, kings shall see and thou shall know that I am the Lord: for and arise, princes also shali worship, because they shall not be ashamed that wait for me. of the LORD that is faithful, and the foly 24 1 Shall the prey be taken from the One of Israel, and he shali choose thee. imighty, or the lawsui captive delivered?



upon me, and cu

25 Bathus saith the LORI), Even the cap-l 3 For the LORD shall comfort Zion. he will tes of the miglity shall be taken away, and comfort all lier waste places; and he will

e prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for make ber wilderness like Eden, and her deI will contend with him that contendeth with sert like the garden of the Lord; joy and thee, and I will save thy children.

gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving, 26 and I will feed them that oppress thee and the voice of melody. with their own fleshı; and they shall be 4 I Hearken unto ine, my people: and drunken with their own blood, as with sweet give ear unto me, () my nation: for a law wine: and all fesli shall know that I the shall proceed from me, and I will make my LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the judgment to rest for a light of the people. mighty One of Jacob.

5 My righteousness is near; my salvation CHAP. L.

is gone forth, and mine arms shall judge the your mother's divorcement, whom I have mine arm shall they trust. pat away? or which of my creditors is it 10

6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and whom I have sold you ? Behold, for your ini-look upon the carth beneath; for the beaquities have ye sold yourselves, and for your vens shall vanish away like smoke, and the transgressions is your niother put away. earth shall wax old like a garment, and they

2 Wherefore, when I came, wus there no that dwell therein shall die in like manner : man when I called, wus there none to an- but my salvation shall be for ever, and my swer? Is my hand shortened at all, that it righteousness stall not be abolished. cannot redeem ? or have I no power to deli- 7 f Hearken unto me, ye that know righrer? behold, at my rebuke 1 dry up the sea, teousness, the people in whose heart is my I make the rivers a wilderness: ineir fisti law; fear ye not the reproach of men, neiseinketh, because there is no water, and dieth her he ye afraid of their revilings. or thirst.

8 For the moth shall eat them up like a gar3 I clothe the heavens with blackness, and ment, and the worin shall eat them like wool: i make sackcloth their covering.

but my righteousness shall be for ever, 4 | The Lord God hath given me the and my salvation from generation to generongue of the learned, that I should know houk ation. o speak a word in season to him lhal is wea- 9 1 Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm y: lie wakeneth morning by morning; be of the Lord; awake, as in the ancient days, wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned. in the generations of old. Art thou not it

5 1 The Lord God hath opened mine ear, that hath cut Raliab, and wounded the dragon? and I was not rebellious, neither turned 10 Art thou not it which hath dried the sea, away back.

the waters of the great deep; that bath made 6! gave my back to the smiters, and my the depthis of die sea a way for the ransomed cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: 1 to pass over : jid not my face froin shame and spitting. 11 Therefore the redeemed of the LORD

71 For the Lord God will help me ; there shall return, and come with singing unto fore shall I not be confounded: therefore Zion; and everlasting, joy shall be upon their have I set my face like a flint, and I know head! they shall obtain gladness and joy; and that I shall not be ashamed.

sorrow and mourning shall flee away. 8 He is near that justifieth me; who will con- 12 1 1, even I, am be that comforteth you: lend with me? lei'us stand together; who is who art thou, that thou shouldest be afraid mine adversary ? let him coine near to me. of a man thul shall die, and of the son of

9 Behold, the Lord God will help me: who man which shall be made as grass ; is he that shall me? lo, they all shail 13 And forgettest the LORD thy Maker, wax old as a garment; the moth shall eat that hath stretched forth the heavens, and hein up

laid the foundations of the earth; and hast 10 'Who is among you that feareth the leared continually every day, because of the LORD, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, fury of the oppressor, as if he were ready to that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? destroy? and where is the fury of the oppress let him trust in the name of the Lord, and sor: Kay upon his God.

14 The captive exile hasteneth that he may in Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that be loosed, and that he should not die in the compass yourselves about with sparks; walk pil, nor that his bread should fail. in the light of your fire, and in the sparks 15 But I am the LORD thy God, that divithat ye have kindled. This shall ye have orded the sea, whose waves roared : The Lord mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow. of hosts is his name. CHAP. LI.

16 And I have put my words in thy mouth, TEARKEN to me, ye that follow after and have covered thee in the shadow of mine look onto the rock whence ye are hewn, and the fou adations of the earth, and say unto to the hole of the pil whence ye are digged. Zion,' hou art my people.

2 Look unto Abraham your father, and an- 17 1 Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusa w Sarah thut bare you : for I called him alone, lem, bich hase drunk at the band of the and blessed him, and increased bim. LORD be cup of his lury thuu bust drunken



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ISAIAH. e dregs of the cup of trembling, aiul wrung of the midst of het; be ye clean, that bear the

vessels of the LORD. 13 There is none to guide her among all the 12 For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go ons whom she hath brought forth ; neither by Bigbt for the Lord will go before you

there any that taketh her by the land of all and the God of Israel roill be your rere-ward. he sons that she hath brought up.

13 1 Behold, my servant shall deal prudent19 These two things are come into thee; iy, be shall be exalted and extolled, and be ho shall be sorry for thee? desolation, and very high. destruction, and the famine, and the sword: 14 As many were astonished at thee; (his by whom shall I comfort thee?

visage was so marred more than any man, 20 Thy sons have fainted, they lie at the and his form more than the sons of men :) head of all the streets, as a wild bull in a net: 15 So shall be sprinkle many nations, the they are full of the sury of the LORD, the re- kings shall shut their mor hs ai him: for that buke of thy God.

which had not been told Lem shall they see, 21 I Therefore hear now this, thou afflict. and that which they had not heard shall they ed, and drunken, but not with wine : consider. 22 Thus saith thy Lord the Lori), and thy

God that pleadeth the cause of his people, Thø hath believed our report? and to
Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the Taom is the arm of the LORD re
cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of vealed!
my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again : 2 For he shall grow up before him as a ten-

23 But I will put it into the hand of them der plant, and as a root out of a dry greund
that affict thee; which have said to thy soul, le liath no form nor comeliness; and wlien
Bow down, that we may go over: and thou we shall see him, there is no beauty that we
hast laid thy body as the ground, and as the should desire bim.
street, lo them that went over.

3 He is despised and rejected of men; a

man of sorrows, and acquainted with gries WAKE, awake; put on thy strengt!, 0 and we hid as it were our faces from him : he

Zion, put on thy beautiful garments, 0 was despised, and we esteemed hiin not. Jerusalem, ile holy city: for benceforth there V4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and sijall no more come into thee the uncircum- fried our sorrows; yet we did esteem bim cised and the unclean.

stricken, smitten of God, and afflicied. 2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and 5 But he was wounded for our transgres. sit down, 0 Jerusalem : loose thyself from the sions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the bands of'iby neck, Ocaptive daughter of Zion. chastisement of our peace was upon him;

3 For thus saith the LORD, Ye have sold and with his stripes we are healed. vourselves for nouglit; and ye shall be re- 6 All we, like sheep, have gone astray; we deemed without money.

have turned every one to his own way; and 4 For thus saith the Lord God, My people the LORD hath laid on him the iniquiiy of us went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn all. there; and the Assyrian oppressed them with- 7 He was oppressed, and be was afflicted;

yet he opened not his mouth : he is brought 5 Now therefore, what have I liere, saith as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep the Lorn, that iny people is taken away for before lier shearers is dumb, so he opened nouglit? They thai rule over them make not bis mouth. them to howl, saith the Lor); and my name 8 He was taken from prison and from continually every day is blasphemed. judgment; and who shall declare his gene.

6 Therefore my people shall know my ration? for be was cut off out of the land of name : therefore they shall know in that day the living; for the transgression of my peothat I am he that doth speak; behold, it is 1. ple was he stricken.

7 How beautiful npon the mountains are 9 And he made his grave with the wicked, the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, and with the rich in his death; hecause he that publisheth peace ; that bringeth good bad done no violence, neither wus any de tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; ceit in his mouth. that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth ! 10 f Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise

8 Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; him; he hath put him to gries: when thou with the voice together shall they sing: for shall make bis soul an offering for sin, he shall they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and shall bring again Zion.

the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his 9 1 Break forth into joy, sing together, ye land. waste places of Jerusalem: for the Lord hath 11 He shall see of the travail of his soul. comforted his people, lie hath redeemed Je- and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall rusalem.

my righteous servant justify many; for le 10 The Lord hath made bare his holy arm sball bear their iniquities. in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends 12 Therefore will I divide him a portion of the earth shall see the salvation of our God. with the great, and he shall divide the spo?

di i Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from with the strong; because lie hath poured thence, touch so unclean thing; go ye oullout his soul unto death : and he was nun


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thy God.

berewill the transgressors; and he bare liee shall prosper and every longue tha: the sin of many, and made intercessiou for shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt the transgressors.

a indemn. This is the heritage of the ser. CHAP. LIV.

vants of the LORI); and their righteousness S'NG, Frarrimi, none that didst not bear; is of me, saith the lor!" forth singing, cry ,

CHAP. LV. thou that dids! not travail with child: GO HOevery one that thirsteth, come ye to

desolate than the the lie no children of the married wife, saith the LORD. come ye, buy and eat; yea, come, buy wine

2 Enlarge the place of ty tent, and let and milk without money, and without price. them stretch forth the curtains of thine babi- 2 Wherefore do ye spend money for that tations : spare not, lengthen thy cords, and which is not bread and your labour for that strengthen thy stakes :

which satisfieth not ? hearken diligently un. 3 For thou shalt break forth on the rigletto me, and eat ye thut which is good, and let hand and on the lefl; and thy seed shall in your soul deliglit itself in fatness.

herit the Gentiles, and make the desolate 3 Incline your car, and cone unto me 1 cities to be inhabited.

Thear, and your soul shall live; and I will 4.1 Fear not; for thou shalt not be asha- make an everlasting covenant with you, even med: neither bé thou confounded; for thou lhe sure mercies of David. shalt not be put to slıame : for thou shalt forget 4 Behold, I have given him for a witness the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remem- to the people, a leader and commander to ber the reproach of thy widowhood any more. the people.

5 For ihy Maker is thine husband; the 5 Behold, thou shall call a nation that thou Lord of hosts is his name : and thy Redeem-knowest not; and nations that knew not thee er the Holy One of Israel ; The God of the shall run unto thee, because of the LORD thy whole earth shall he be called.

God, and for the lloly One of Israel; for be 6 For the LORD hath called thee as a wo-hath glorified thee. man forsaken, and grieved in spirit, and a 6 Seek ye the LORD while he may be wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith found, call ye upon him while he is near:

7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and this 7 For a small moment have I forsaken thee; unrighteous man his thoughts: and let bim but with great mercies will I gather thee. return unto the Lori), and he will have mer.

8 In a little wrath I hid my face from thee cy upon him; and to our God, for he willy for a moment: but with everlasting kindness abundantly pardon. will I have mercy on thee, saith the LORD 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughits, thy Redeemer.

neither are your ways my ways, saith the *9 For this is as the waters of Noah unto Lord. me: for as I have sworn that the waters of 9 For as the heavens are higher than the Noah should no more go over the earth; so earth, so are my ways higher than your have I sworn that I would not be wrotb with ways, and my thouglas than your thoughts. thee, nor rebuke thee.

1o For as ihe rain cometh down, and the 10 For the mountains shall depart, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thibills be removed; but my kindness shall not ther, but watereth the earth, and maketh it depart from thee, neither shall the covenant bring forth and bud, that it may give seed of any peace be removed, saith the Lord to the sower, and bread to the eater ;. that hath mercy on thee.

11 So shall my word be that goeih forth 11 10 thou afflicted, tossed with lempest, out of iny mouti : it shall not return unto and not comforted ! behold, I will lay thy me void ; but it shall accomplish that which stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundas please, and it shall prosper in the thing tions with sapphires.

whereto I sent it. 12 And I will make thy windows of agales, 12 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy forth with peace: the mountains and the hills borders of pleasant stones.

İshall break forth before you into singing, and 13 And all thy children shall be taught of all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. the LORD; and great sholl be the peace of 13 Instead of the thorn shall come up the thy children.

fir-tree, and instead of the brier shall come 14 In righteousness shalt thou be establish- up the myrtle-tree: and it shall be to the ed: thou shalt be far from oppression; for Lord for a name, for an everlasting sign, thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it that shall not be cut off. shall not come near thee.

CHAP. LVI. 15 Beliold, they shall surely gather toge: Thaud do justice: for my salvation is near

THUS ther, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake. to come, and my righteousness to be revealed.

16 Beliold, I have created the smith that 2 Blessed is the man that doeth this, and bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bring the son of man that layeth hold on it ; that eth forth an instrument for his work; and keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and have created the waster to destroy.

kcepeth his hand from doing any evil. 171 No weapon that is formed against

S'. Neither let the son of the strangery

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thal hath joined himself to the LORD, speak, made thee a covenant with them; thou lo saying, The LORD hath utterly separated me vedst their bed where thou sawest it. from his people; neither let the eunuch say, 9 And thou wentest to the king with opt Behold, I am a dry tree.

ineni, and didst increase thy perfumes, and 4 For thus saith the LORD unto the connchs didst send thy messengers far off, and did: that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things debase thyselj eren unto hell. that please me, and take hold of my covenant; 10 Thou art wearied in the greatness of the

5 'Even unto them will I give in mine way; yet saidst thou not, There is no hope house, and within my walls, a place and a thou hast found the life of thine band; theiename belter than of sons and of daugliters : fore thou wast not grieved. I will give them an everlasting name, that 11 And of wliom hast thou been afraid on shall not be cut ofT.

feared, that thou hast lied, and liast not re6 Also the sons of the stranger, that join membered me, nor laid it to thy heart bare themselves to the Lord, to serve him, and to not I held my peace even of old, and thou Juve the name of the Lori), to lic his servants, fearest me not? every one that keepeth the sabbath from pol- 12 I will declare thy righteousness, and thy luting it, and taketli hold of my covenani; works ; for they shall not profit thee. 7 Even them will I bring to my holy moun

13 " When thou criest, let thy companies inin, and make them joyiui in my liouse of deliver thee: but the wind shall carry there prayer: their burnt-offerings and their sacri- all away; vanity shall iake them · hut he tices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for that putieth bis rust in me shall possess the mine liouse shall be called an house of prayor land, and shall inherit my holy mountain ; for all people.

Il and shall


Cast ye up, cast ye up: 8 The Lord God, which gathereth the out.prepare the way; take up the stumbling: casts of Israei, saith, Yet willlgatherothers to block out of the way of my people. hiin, besides those that are gathered unto him. 15 For ilms saith the ligh and lofty One 91 All

ye heasts of the field, come lo de- that inhabiteth cierpily, whose name is Holy; vour; yea, all ye beasis in the forest. I dwell in ihe high and holy place, with low

10 His watchmen are blind: they are allig- also that is of a conurile and numble spirit, norant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot to revive the spirit of the humble, and io re back; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. vive the heart of the contrite ones.

il Yea, they are greedy dogs which can 16 For I will not contend for ever, neither never have enough, and they are shepherds will I be always wroth: for the spirit should that cannot understand: they all look to fail before me, and the souls which I bave their own way, every one for his gain, from made. his quarter.

17 For the iniquity of his covelousness was 19 Come ye, say they, I will retch wine, |I wroth, and smole lim: 1 bid me, and was and we will Åll ourselves with strong drink; wroth, and he went on frowardly in the way and to-morrow shall be as this day, anu' much of his lieart. inore abundant.

18 I have seen his ways, and will heal him; CHAP. LVII.

I will lead him also, and restore comforts uneth lo ; and are 19 I create the fruit of the lips ; Peace, taken away, none considering that the righ-peare 10 him that is far off, and to him that is teous is taken away from the evil to come.


saitli the LORD; and I will heal him. 2 He shallenter into peace: they stialirest in O But the wiched are like the troubled their heds, enchore walking in bisuprightness, sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters east

3 1 Bui draw near hither, ye sonsolibe sor- up pire and dirt. ceress, the secciof the allulterer and the whore. There is no peace, saith my God, to the

4 Against whom do ye spore yourselves?baked. against whom make ye a wide mouths, and

CHAP. LVII. draw out the tongue are alldren of ChYcalonde spare most elit up the voice liki

IRY , a seed of falsevood;

trumpet, and shew my people their 5 Enflaining yourselves with idols under transgression, and the house of Jacobileirsis. every green tree, slaying the children in the 2. Set they seek me daily, and delight to valieys under the clefts of the rocks? know my ways, as a nation that did righicous

6 Among the smooth stones of the stream ness: and forsook not the ordinance of their is thy portiou; Uiey, they are thy lot even God: they ask of me the ordinances of justice: to them hast inou poured a driuk-offering, they take delight in approaching to God. thou hast offered a meal-offering. Should I 3 Warefore have we fasted, say they, and receive comfort in these?

thou seest noi? therefore wave we afilicled 7 Upon a lofty and bigh mountain l'ast our soul, and thou takest no knowledge. thou sei thy bed: even thither weniest thou Befold, in the day of your sast, ye find plea up to offer sacrifice.

sure, and exact all your labous. 8 Belind the doors also and the posts liast 4 Behold, ye last for strile and debate, and thou set up thy remembrance; for ihou hast to smile with tlie fist of wickedness: ye shall discovered thyself to another than me, and not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice

Te righteous perisheting and wo man layatolojm, and to luis mourners:

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