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7 The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet : on the whole earth; and this is the lisnd that hey break forth into singing

is stretched out opon ali the nations. 8 Yea, the fir-trees rejoice at thee, and the 27 For the Lord of hosts hath purposed. redars of Lebanon, saring, Since thou art and who shall disannul it? and aisland is laid down, no seller is coine up agiiinst us. stretched out, and who shall turn it back?

9 Hell from beneath is inoved for thee in 28 In the year that king Alaz died was meet thee at thy coming : it stirrede np the this burden. dead for thee, een all the chief ones of the 129 Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, earth ; it hath raised up from their throue because the roud of liim liat smote thee is all the kings of the nations.

broken: for out of the serpent's root slia!! 10 All they shall speak and say unto thee, come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shult Art tbou also become weak as we? art thou be a fiery fiving serpelit. become like unto iis?

30 And the first horn of the poor shall roedd, 11 Tlis pomp is brought down to the grave, and the needy shall lie down in salet! ; and and the noise of thy viols: the worın is spread I will kill oliy root will lamine, and lie sha! under thee, and the worms cover thee. slay thiy remuant.

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, o 31 Howl, () gale: rry, Ocity; thou, wbkle Luciser, son of the morning! how are thou Palestina, art dissolved: for there shall come cut down to the ground, which didst weaken from the north a smoke, and none sluli le the nations!

alone in his appointed times. 13 For thou hast said in thine leart, I will 32 What shall crue then answer the messenAscend into heaven. I will exalt my throne gers of the nation! That the Lord liath above the stars of God; I will sit also upon founded Zion, and the poor of his people the mount of the congregation, in the sides shall trust in it. of the north :

CHAP. XV. 14 I will ascend above the heights of the


THE burden of Moab. Because in be clouds; I will be like the most Hig!ı.

night Ar of Moab is laid waste, and 15 Yet thou shalt he brought down to hell, brought to silence; because in the night kir to the sides of the pit.

of Moab is laid waste, and brought to silence : 16 They that see thee shall narrowly look 2 He is gone np to Bajith, and to Dibon, rpon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the high places, to weep: Moab shall how the man that inade the earth to tremble, over Nebo, and over Medeba: on all their that did shake kingdoms;

heads shall be baldness, and every beard cut 17 That made the world as a wilderness, off. and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened 3 In their streets they shall gird themselves not the house of his prisoners ?

with sackcloth: on the tops of their houses, 18 All the kings of the nations, even all of and in their streets, every one shall bowl, them, lie in glory, every one in his own house; weeping abundantly.

19 But thou art cast out of thy grave like 4 'And Heshbon shall cry, and Elealeh; an abominable branchi, and as the raiment their voice shall be heard even unto Jalaz. of those that are slain, thrust Hirough with therefore the armed soldiers of Moab shall a sword, that go down to the stones of the cry out; his life shall be grievous unto him pit; as a carcase trodden under feet. 5 My heart shall cry out for Moah; his su

20 Thou shalt not be joined with them in gitives shull flee unto Zoar, an heiler of three burial, because thou hiasi destroyed thy land, years old: for by the mounting up of Lubith and slain thy people: the seed of evil doers with weeping sliall they go it up; for in die shall never be renowned.

way of Horonaim they shall raise up a try 21 Prepare slaughter for his children for of destruction. the iniquity of their fathers; that they do 6 For the waters of Nimrim shall be desu not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face late : for the hay is withered away, the grass of the world with cities.

faileth, there is no green thing. 22 For I will rise up against them, saith 7 Therefore the abundance they have gole the Lord of hosts, and cut off from Babylon ten, and that which they have laid op, shall the name, and remnant, and son, and ne-they carry away to the brook of the willous. phew, saith the LORD.

8 For ihe cry is gone round about the bor 23 'I will also make it a possession for the ders of Moab; the howling thereof unto Eg. bittern, and pools of water; and I will sweep laim, and the howling thereof unto Beer-elim. it with the besom of destruction, saith the 9 For the waters of Dimon shall be full of Lord of hosts.

blood: for I will bring more upon Dinon, 24 IThe Lord of hosts hath sworn,saying, lions upon him that e-rapeth of Moab, ana Surely as I have thought, so shall it come io upon the remnant of we land. pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it staud;

CHAP. XVI. 25. Matu barillmoreak nie sopran in my Send ye dhe banube to the ruler of the land land, and upon my mountains tread him una from Sela to the wilderness, unto the der foot : then shall his yoke depart from oft mount of the daughter of Zion. them, and his burden depart fiom off their 2 For it shall be, thał, as a wandering bira shoulders.

cast out of the nest, so the daughters o Mc 26 This is the prrpose that is purposed up. an shall be at the furds of Aruon.

3 Take counsel, execute judgment; make gathereth the corn, and reapeth ine ean tiy shadow as the night in the midsi of the with his arm , and it shall be as he that ga. noon-day; hide the outcasts; bewray not him thereth ears in the valley of Rephaim. that wandereth.

6 ! Yet gleaning grapes shall be left in it, 4 Let mine outcasts dwell with thee, as the shaking of an olive-tree, lwo or three Moab; be thou a covert to them from the berries in the top of the uppermost boug!, face of the spoiler: for the extortioner is at four or five in the outmost fruitful branches og end, the spoiler ceaselli, the oppressors thereof, saith the LORD God of Israel. are consumed out of the iand.

7 At that day shall a man look to his Ma5 And in mercy shall the throne be esta- ker, and his eyes shall liave respect to the blished ; and he shall sit upon it in truth: in Holy One of Israel. the tabernacle of David, judging, and seek- 8' And he sha!l not look to the altars, the ing judgment, and hasting rigliteousness. work of his hands, veither shall respect that

61 We have heard of the pride of Moab, which his fingers have made, either the (he is very proud,) eren of bis bauglitiness, groves or the images. and his pride, and his wrath: bui his lies 9 9 In that day shall his strong cities be as shall not be so.

a forsaken bough, and an uppermost branch, 7 Therefore shall Moab howl for Moab, which they left because of the children of every one shall bowl: for the foundations of Israel: and there shall be desolation. Kir-hareselli shall ye mourn; surely they are 10 Because thou hast forgotten the God of Stricken.

thy salvation, and hast not been mindful of 8 For the fields of Heslbon languish, and the Rock of thy strength, therefore shalt the vine of Sibmalı: the lords of the leathen thou plant pleasant plants, and shalt set it have broken down the principal plants there with sirange slips : of; they are come even unto Jazer, they wan- ilin the day shall thou make thy plant to dered lhrough the wilderness: her branches grow, and in the morning shalt thou make thy are stretched out, they are gone over the sea. seed io flourish, but the barvest shull be a heap

Therefore I will bewail with the weeping in the day of grief and of desperate sorrow. of Jazer the vine of Sibmah: I will water 12 Woe to the multiude of many people, thee with my tears, Olleslibon, and Elea- which make a noise like the noise of the seas; . leh; for the shouting for thy summer-fruits, and to the rushing of nations, thut make a and for thy harvest, is fallen.

rushing like the rushing of miglity waters! 10 And gladness is taken away, and joy 13 The nations shall rush like the rushing of out of the plentiful field; and in the vine inany waters: but God shall rebuke them,and yards there shall be no singing, weilin-r shall they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as there be shouting : the treaders shall tread the chaff of the mountains before the wind, out no wine in their presses; I bave made and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. their vintage-shouting to cease.

11 And behold at evening-tide trouble ; 11 Wierefore my bowels shall sound like md before the morning he is not. This is an harp for Moab, and mine inward parts the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot for kir-haresli.

of them that rob us. 12 1 And it shall come to pass, when it is


TOE to the land wings, that he shall come lo bis sanctuary to pray but he shall not prevail.

opia : ! This is the word that the Lord liath 2 That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, epok ! concerning Moab since that time. even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters,

1+ Bill now the Lord hath spoken, saying, saying, Go, ye swift messengers, to a nation Vithin three years, as the years of an lire-scattered and peeled, to a people terrible ling, and the glory of Moal şiiall be con- from their beginning bitherto; a nation lenined, with all that great multitude ; and meled out and trodden down, wbose land the remnant shall be very small and feeble. the rivers lave spoiled ! CHAP. XVII.

3 All ye inliabitants of the world, and mascus is taken away from being a city, up an ensign on the mountains; and when and it shall be a ruinous heap.

be bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. 2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken ; they 4 For so the LORD said unto me, I will take shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and my rest, and I will consider in my dwelling, none shall make them asraid.

place like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a 3 The fortress also shall cease from Eph-cloud of dew in the lieai of harvest. raim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and 5 For afore the harvest, when the lud is the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the glory of the children of Israel saith the LORD Mower, be shall botlı cut off the sprigs with of hosts.

pruning-looks, and take away and cut down 4 And in that day it shall come to pass, ihe branches. that the glory of Jacob shail be made ihin, 6 They shall be left together unto the and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean. fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of 6 And it shall be as when the barvest-man 'the earth: and the fowls sbóll summer upon

seen liat Moah is weary on the high place. Wich beyond the rivers of Ethi

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them, and all the beasts of the earth shall Egypt, which the head or tatl, branch a winter upon thein.

rusn, may do. 71 In that time shall the present be 16 In that day shall Egypt be like unto brought unto the LORD of hosts of a people women; and it shall be afraid and fear, bescattered and peeled, and from a people ter- cause of the shaking of the hand of the LORD rible from their beginning liitherto ; a nation of hosts, which he shaketh over it. meted out and trodden under foot, whose 17 And the land of Judah shall be a terror land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of unto Egypt; every one that maketh mention the name of the Lord of hosts, the mount thereof shall be afraid in himself, because of Zion,

the counsel of the Lord of hosts, which ise CHAP. XIX.

hath determined against it. HE burden of Egypt. Behold, the LORD 18 1 In that day shall five cities in the land come into Egypt; and the idols of Egypt swear to the Lord of hosts: one shall be call shall be moved at his presence, and the hearted, The city of destruction. of Egypt shall nielt in the midst of it. 13 In thai day shall there be an altar to the

2 And I will set the Egyptians against the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and Egyptians: and they shall fight every one a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. against his brother, and every one against 20 And it shall be for a sign and for a wit. his neighbour; city against city, and king- ness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of dom against kingdom.

Egypt: for they shall cry unto the Lord be. 3 And the spirit of Egypt shall sail in the cause of the oppressors, and he shall send midst thereof'; and I will destroy the coun-them a saviour, and a great one, and he shall sel thereof; and they shall seek io the idols, deliver them. and to the charmers, and to them that have 21 And the Lord shall be known to Egypt, familiar spirits, and 10 the wizards. and the Egyptians shall know the Lord is

4 And the Egyptians will I give over into that day, and shall do sacrifice and oblation; the land of a cruel lord; and a fierce king yea, they shall vow a vow &nto ine Lond, shall rule over them, saith the LORD, the and perform it. Lord of hosts,

22 And the Lord shall smite Egypt; he 5 And the waters shall sail from the sea, shall smile and leal il : and they shall return and the river shall be wasted and dried even to the LORD), and he shall be entreated up.

of them, and shall bea! thein. 6 And they shall inrn the rivers far away; 23 1 In that day shall there be a lighway and the brouks of defence shall be emptied out or Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian and dried up: the reeds and flags shall wither. shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian in

7 The paper-reeds by the brooks, by the 19 Assyria; and the Egyptians shall serve mouth of ihe brooks, and every thing sown with the Assyrians. hy the brouks, shall wither, be driven away, 24 In that day shall Israel be the third with and be no more.

Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in 8 The fishers also shall mourn, and all the midst of the land; they that cast angle into the brooks shall la- 25 Whem the Lord of hosts shall bless, ment, and they that spread uets upou the saying, Blessed be Egyp! my people, and waters shall languish.

Assyria the work of my hands, and 'srael 9 Moreover, they that work in fine fax, mine imbieritance. and they that weave net-works, shall be con

CHAP. XX. founded. 10 And they shall be broken in the pur

the year iliai Tartan came unto Aslidod IN

(when Sargon the king of Assyria sen roses thereof, all that make sluices arut liin,) and fought against Ayidod, and took it ponds for fist.

Al the same time spake the LORD by 11 1 Surely the princes of Zoan are fools, Isaialı, the son of Ainoz, saying, Go and the counsel of the wise counsellors of Pha loose the sackcloth from off iliy loins, and raol is become brutish : how say ye unto put off thy shoes from thy foot. And he did Pl:araoh, I am the son of the wise, the son so, walking naked and barefoot. of ancient kings?

3 And the LORD said, Like as my servant 12 Where are they? Where are thy wise Isaiah liath walked naked and barelove three men ? and let them tell thee now, and let years for a sign and wonder upou Egypt and thern know what the Lord of bosts hath upon Ethiopia; purposed upon Egypt,

So shall the king of Assyria lead away 13 The princes of Zoan are become fools, the Egyptians prisoners, and the Ethiopians the princes of Noph are deceived; they have captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, also seduced Egypt, even they that are the even with their buttocks uncovered, to the stay of the tribes thereof.

shame of Egypt. 14 The Lord liath mingled a perverse spi- 5 And they shall be afraid and ashamed of rit in the midst thereof; and they have naus- Ethiopia their expectation, and of Egype ed Egypt to err in every work thereof, as a their glory. drunken man slaggereth in his vomit. 6 And the inhabitant of this isle shall say 15 Neither shall there be any work for in that day, Behold, auch is our expectation

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sither wr Nee for lieip to be delivered from city, a joyons city : thy slain men are not the king of Assyria: and how sal weescape: slain with the sworil

, nor dead in hattle. CiTAP. XXI.

3 All thy rulers are tied together, they are THE burden or the desert the . bound by the archiers : :in so it cometh Trom the desert, froin a terrible from far. and.

4 Therefore said I, Look away from me ; 2 A grievous vision is declared unto me; I will weep hinterly, labour noi to comfori The treacherous dealer dealth treaclierously, ine, because of the spoiling of the daughter and the spoiler spoileth. Go up, 0 Elam; of my people. besiege, 0 Media : ail the sighing thereof, 5 for it is a day of trouble, and of treading have I made to cease.

down, and of perplexity by the Lord God of 3 Therefore are my loins filled with pain ;| hosts in the valley of vision, breaking down pangs have taken hold upon me, as the pangs the walls, and of crying to the mountains. of a woman that trarailelli: I was bowed

6 And Elam bare the quiver with chariots dows at the hearing of it; I was dismayed of men and horsemen, and Kir uncovered at the seeing of it.

the shield. 4 My heart panted, fearfulness affrighted 7 And it shall come to pass, that thy me: the night of my pleasure hat! he turned choicest valleys shall be full of chariots, and into fear unto me.

the horsemen shall set themselves in array at 5 Prepare the table, watch in the watch the gate. lower, eai, drink: arise, ye princes, and 811 And he discovered the covering of Juanoint the shield.

dah, and thou didst look in that day to the 6 For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, armour of the house of the forest. set a walchman, lethim declare what he seeth. 9 Ye liave seen also the breaches of the city

7 And he saw a chariot with a couple of or David. that they are many; and ye gather horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a charioted together the waters of the lower pool : of camels; aud he hearhened diligently with 10 And ye have numbered the houses of much heed

Jerusalein. and the houses liare ye broken 8 And lie cried, A lion: My lord, I stand down to fortify the wall. continually upon the wateli-lower in the day- 11 le made also a ditch between the two time, and I am set in my ward whole nights : walls for the water of the old pool : but ye

9 And, behold, here cometh a chariot of have not looked unto the maker thereof, nemen, with a couple of horsemen. And heller liad respect unio him that fasliioned it answered and said, Balıylon is faller, is fall- long ago. en; and all the graven inages of her gods 12 Ånd in that day did the Lord God of he hath broken unto the ground.

hosts call to weeping, and to mourning, and 10 O my thrashing, and the corn of my to baldness, and to girding with sackcloth: floor: that which Lave heard of the Lord 13 And behold joy and gladness, slaying of hosts, the God of Israel, bave I declared oxen and killing sheep, eating, flesh and onto you.

drinking wine : let us eat and drink, for to11 The burden of Dumalı. He calleil tomorrow we shall die. me out of Seir, Watcliman, wlial of the 14 And it was revealed in mine ears by the right? Watclinian, what of the night? Lorn) of hosts, Surely this iniquity shall not

12 The warliman said, The morning co- he purged from you till ye die, saith the Lora mell, and also the night: if ye will enquire, God of hosts. enquire ye; relurn, come.

15 1 Tlus saill: the Lord Gop of hosts, Gc 13 1 The buen upon Arabia. in the fo- gel thee upin this treasurer, eren unto Sheb. rest in Aralia shall ye loulgo, O yo di avelling out, which is over the liouse, and said, companies of Dedaviin.

10 What lizst thou here and whom nast Hi The inliabitants of the land of Tema thou here, that thou hast liewed thee out a brouglie water to him that was thirsty, they sepulchre here, as he that lieweth bim out a prevented with their bread bin that tied.

sepulclire or ligli, anul that graveth an ha 15 For they fled from the six ords, from the viation for bimsell in a rock? drawn sword, and from the beni bow, and 17 Behold, the Lord will carry thee awa from the grievousness of war.

with a miglis captosity, anrl will surely co 16 For thus bali the Lord said unto me, ver thee. Within a year, according to the years of an 18 He will surely violently turn and tos hireling, and all the glory of Kedarshal lail: thee like a ball into a large country: there

17 And the residue of the number of archi- shalt thou die, ard there the charinis of thy ers, the miglity men of the children of ke-glory shall be the shame of thy lord's house. dar, shall be dininished: for the Lord God 15 And I will drive thee from thy' station, of Israel batlı spoken il.

and from this state shall be pull dhee down. CHAP. XXII.

09. And it shall come to pass in that ciay THE burden of the valley of vision. What that I will call my servant Eliakim the son ol

aileth thee now, thai thou art wholly Hilkiah ; gone up to the hruse-tops ?

21 And I will clothie him with ly robe, and • Thou that art full of stirs, a tumultuous strengthen him with dry girdle, and I will



Commit thy government into his hand; and 15 And it shall come to pass in that day, that he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Je- Tyre shall he forgotten seventy years, accord. rusalem, and to ilie house of Judai. ing to the days of one king: alter the end of

22 And the key of the house of David will seventy years shall Tyre sing as an h:arlot. [ay upon his shoulder: solie shall oper, and 16 Take an harp, go about the city, thou nove shall sliut; and he shall sliut, and none barlot that last been forgotten; make sweet shall open.

melody, sing many songs, that thou mayest 23 And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure be remembered. place; and he shall be for a glorious throne 17 4 And it shall come to pass, after the io his father's house.

end of seventy years, that the LORD will visit 24 And they shall hang upon him all the Tyre, and she shall turn to her bire, and glory of his father's house. the offspring and shall commit fornication with all the king. the issue, all vessels of small quantity, from doms of the world upon the face of the earth. llie vessels of cups, even to all the vessels of 13 And ber merchandise and her hire shall Hagons.

be holiness to the LORD: it shall not be trea. 25 In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall sured nor laid up; for her merchandise shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be be for them that dwell before the LORD, to removed, and be cut down, and fall; and the eat sufficiently, and for durable clothing. burden that was upon it shall be cut off : for

CHAP. XXIV. the Lord hath spoken il. CHAP. XXIII.

empty, and makeih it waste, and turn

scauleresh abroad Tarshish; for iť is laid waste, so that the inhabitants thereof. Iliere is no house, no entering in : from the 2 And it shall be, as with the people, so land of Chillim it is revealed io them. with the priest; as with the servant, so with

2 Be still, ye inhabitants of the isle ; thou his master; as with the maid, so with her whom the merchants of Zidon, that pass over mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller, the sea, have replenished.

as with the lender, so with the lorrower; as 3. And hy great waters the seed of Sihor, with the laker of usury, so with the giver of The harvest of the river, is ber revenue; and usury to him. the is a mart of nations.

3 The land shall be utterly emptied, and 4 Be thou ashamed, 0 Zidon; for the sea utterly spoiled : for the Lord hail spoken hath spoken, eren the strengtlı' of the sea, this word. taying, I travail not, nor bring forth chil- 4 The earth mourneth, and fadetli away; dren, neither do I nourish up young men, nor the world languisheth, and fadeth away; this bring up virgins.

haughty people of the earth do languish. 5 As ai the report concerning Egypt, so shall 5 The earth also is defiled under the inha. they be sorely pained at the report of Tyre. bitanes thereof; because they have transgress

6 Pass ye over io Tarshish ; howl, ye in- ed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken Nabitants of the isle.

the everlasting covenant. 7 Is this your joyous city, whose antiquity 6 Therefore bath the curse devoured the is of ancient days ? her own feet shall carry earth, and they that dwell therein are desohier afar off to sojourn.

late: therefore the inhabitants of the earth 8 Who hath taken this counsel against are burned, and few men left. Tyre, the crowning city, whose merchants 7 Tlie new wine mourneth, the vine lanare princes, wlose traffickers are the honour- guisheth, all the merry-learted do sigh. able of the earth?

8 The mirth of labrets ceaseth, the noise ! The Lord of hosts hath purposed it to of them tbat rejoice endetli, the joy of the otain the pride of all glory, and to bring into harp ceaseth. contempt all the honourable of the earth. 9' They shall not drink wine with a song :

10 Pass through thy land as a river, O! strong drink shall be biller lo them thal daugliter of Tarshish : there is no more drink it. strength.

10 The city of confusion is broken down: 11 He stretched out his hand over the sea ; every house is shut up, that no man may he shook the kingdoms: the Loru hatlı given come in. a commandment against the merchant-cily, 11 There is a crying for wine in the streets : 19 destroy the strong holds thereof. all joy is darkened, the mirth of the land is

12 And he said, Thou shalt no more rejoice, gone. O thou oppressed virgin, daughter of Zidon : 12 In the city is left desolation, and the arise, pass over to Chillim; there also shall gate is smitten with destruction. thou have no rest.

13 | When thus it shall be in the midst of 13 Beliold tie land of the Chaldeans: this the land among the people, there shall be as people was not, till the Assyrian founded it the shaking of an olive-tree, and as the glean. for ilem that dwell in the wilderness: they ing-grapes when the vintage is done. ept up the lowers thereof, they raised up the 14 Thiey shall lift up their voice, they shall palaces thereof; and he brougint it to ruin. sing for the majesty of the LORI), they shall

14 Howl, ye ships of Tarshish : for your cry aloud from ile sea. strength is laid waste

15 Wherefore glorify ye the LORD is the

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