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CAP. II, IV, V. 4 A time to seen, and a time to laugh : a already dead more than the living which are time to mourn, amt a time i dance :

yet alive. 5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to 3 Yea, better is he than both they which gather stones together: a time to embrace, hath not yet heen, who hath not seen the evil and a time to refrain from embracing: work that is done under the sun.

6 A line to get, and a time to lose : a time 4 1 Again, I considered all travail, and to keep, and a time to cast away:

every right work, that for this a man is en7 A time to rend, and a time to sew: a vied of his neighbour. This is also vanity time to keep silence, and a time to speak : and vexation of spirit.

8 A time to love, and a time to hate : a 51 The fool foldeth his hands together, ime of war, and a time of peace.

and eateth his own flesh. 9 What profit hath he that worketh in that 6 Better is an handful with quietness, than wherein he laboureth?

both the hands full with travail and vexation 10 I have seen the travail which God hath for spirit. given to the sons of men to be exercised in it. 7. Then I returned, and I saw vanily un

11 He hath made every thing beautiful in der the sun. his time : also lie liath set the world in their 8 There is one alone, and there is not a seheart; so that no man can find out the work cond; yea, he hath neither child nor brother : that God maketh from the beginning to the yet is there no end of al' bis labour ; neither end.

is his eye satisfied with riches; neither saith 12 I know that there is no good in them, he, For whom do I labour, and bereave my but for a man to rejoice, and to do good in soul of good? This is also vanity, yea, it is his life.

a sore travail. 13 And also that every man should eat and 91 Two are better than one; because they Irink, and enjoy the good of all bis labour, have a good reward for their labour. It is the gift of God.

10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his 1+ I know that whatsoever God doeth, it rellow: but woe to him that is alore when shall be for ever: nothing can be put ) !he salleth ; for he hath not another to help nor any thing taken from it; and God doeth him up. thai men should fear before him.

11 Again, if iwo lie together, then they have 15 That which hath been is now; and that heat: but how can one be warm alone ? Zwhich is to be liath already been ; and God 12 And if one prevail against him, two requireth that which is past.

shall withstand bim; and a threefold cord is 16 | And, moreover, I saw under the sun not quickly broken. the place of judgment, thut wickedness was 13 si Better is a poor and a wise child than there ; and the place of righteousness, that an old and foolish king, who will no more be iniquity was there.

admonished. 177 said in mine heart, God shall judge the 14 For out of prison he cometh to reign; righteous and the wicked : for there is a time whereas also he ihat is born in his kingdom there for every purpose, and for every work. becometh poor.

18 I said in mine heart concerning the 15 I considered all the living which walk estate of the sons of men, that God might under the sun, with the second child that manifest them, and that they might see that shall stanı up in his stead. they themselves are beasts.

16 There is no end of all the people, even 19 For that which befalleth the sons or of all that have been before them : ihey also inen befalleth beasts; even one thing befall- that come after shall not rejoice in lim. eth them : as the one dieth, so dieth the Surely this also is vanity and vexation of other, yea, they have all one breath : so that spirit. a man hatli no pre-eminence above a beasi :

CHAP. V. for all is vanity: 20 All go unto one place : all are of the

EEP thy foot when thou goest to the K

bouse of God, and be more ready to dust, and all turn to dust again.

hear than to give the sacrifice of fools: for 21 4 Who kuoweth the spirit of man that they consider not that they do evil. goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that 2 Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not goeth downward to the earth >

thine heart be basty to utler any thing before 22 Wherefore I perceive that there is no- God; for God is in heaven, and thou upon thing better, iban that a man should rejoice earth: therefore let thy words be few. in his own works; for that is bis portion : 3 For a dream cometh through the multi. for who shall bring him to see what shall be tude of business ; and a fool's voice is known after him?

by multitude of words. CHAP. IV.

4 When thou vowest a vow unto God, deI returned, and considered all the op- fer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in

pressions that are done under the sun : fools: pay that which thou hast vowed. and, behold, the tears of such as were op- 5 Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, pressed, and they had no comforter ; and on than that thou shouldest vow and not pay., the side of their oppressors there was power;} 6 Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh but they had no comforter.

to sin; neither say thou before the angel, 2 Wherefore I praised the dearl which are hhat it was an error wherefore should Gou


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be angry at thy voice, and desuoy the work 5 Moreover, he hath not seen the sun, nor of thine hands?

known anything : this hath inore rest than 7 For in the multitude of dreams and ma- the other. ny words there are also divers vanities: but 6 Yea, though he live a thousand years fear thou God.

twice told, yet hath be seen no good: do not 8 1 If thou seest the oppression of the poor, all

go to one place? and vi»lent perverting of judgment and jus- 7'! All the labour of man is for his mouth, tice in a province, marvel not at the matter: and yet the appetite is not filled. for he that is higher than the liighest regard- 8 For what bath the wise more than the eth; and there be higler than they. fool? what hath the poor, that knoweth to

9'1 Moreover, the profit of the earth is for walk before the living? all : the king himself is served by the field, 9 ! Better is the sight of the eyes than the

10 He that lovethi silver shall not be sail wandering of the desire : this is also vanity red with silver; nor he that lovethi abus and vexation of spirit. dance with increase. This is also vavity. 10 That which hath been is named alrea.

11 When goods increase, they are increased dy, and it is known that it is man: neither that eat them; and what good is there to the may be contend with him that is mighter owners thercos, saving the beholding of them than be. with their eyes?

11 9 Seeing there be many things that is· 12 The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, crease vanity, what is man the better ? whether he eat little or much: but the abun- 12 For who knoweth what is good for man dance of the rich will not suffer liim to sleep. in this life, all the days of his vain lise which

13 There is a sore evil which I have seen he spendeil: as a shadow ? for who can tell a ander the sun, namely, riches kept for the man what shall be alter bim under the sun owners thereof to their hurt.

CHAP. VII. 4. But these mieliesporina biex il travait: A Gomet prame je beter dhan, precious and begellelh , there is nothing ointment; and the day of than the in his hand.

day of one's birth. 15 As he came forth of liis mother's womb, 21 It is better to go to the house of mournnaked shall be return to go as die came, and ing than to go to the house of feasting; for shall take nothing of his lalour, which he that is the end of all men ; and the living may carry away in his band.

will lay it to his heart. 16 And this also is a sore evil, that in all 3 Sorrow is better than laughter : for by points as he came, so shall he go: and what the sadness of the countenance the heart is protit hatli he that liath lahoured for the wiod? made better.'

17 All his days also he eateth in darkness, 4 The heart of the wise is in the house of and lie hath much sorrow' and wrath with lis mourning : but the heart of fools is in the sickness.

house of mirth. 19 1 Behold that which I have seen : it is 5 lt is better to hear the rebuke of the wise good and comely for me to eat and to drink, than for a man to liear the song of fools. and to enjoy the good of all his labour that lie 6 For as the crackling of thorns under a laketh under the sain all the days of his life, pot, so is the laughter of the fool. This also which God giveth him; for it is his portion. "is vanity.

19 Every man also to whom God hath 791 Surely oppression maketh a wise man given riches and wealth, and batu given him mad; and a gift destroyeth the lieart. power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, 8 Better is the end of a thing than the beand to rejoice in his labour : this is the gift ginning thereof; and the patient in spirit is of God.

better than the proud in spirit. 20 For he shall not much remember the 9 Be not hasty in this spirit to be angry days of his life; because God answereth him for anger restetli'in the bosom of fools. in the joy oi liis heart,

10 Say not thou, What is the cause that CHAP. VI.

the foriner days were better than these ? for TH THERE is an evil which I lavescen under thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this.

the sun, and it is common among men: 11 | Wisdom is good with an inheritance, 2 A man to whom God hath given riches, and by il there is profit to them that see the wealtlı, and honour, so that he wanteth no- sun. thing for his soul of all that he desireth, yet 12 For wisdom is a defence, and money is God giveth him not power to eat thereof, bui a defence : but the excellency of knowledge a stranger eateth it: this is vanity, and it is is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it. an evil disease.

13 Consider the work of God: for who 3 ? If a man beget an hundred children, can make that straight which he hath made And live many years, so that the days of his crooked ? S'ears be inany, and his soul be not filled with 14 In the day of prosperity be joyful, but good, and also that he have no burial; I say, in the day of adversity consider: God also ihot an untimely birth as better than lie: hath set the one over against the other, to the

4 For he cometh in with vanity, and de-end that man should find nothing after him. parteth in darkness, and his name shall be 15 All things have I seen in the days of my covered with dark pese.

vanity : there is a just man that serisheth in


his righteousness, and there is a wicked mun discharge in thal war; neither shall wicked Ural prolongeth his life in luis wickedness. ness deliver those that are given to it.

16. Be not righteous over-much; neither 9 All this have I seen, and applied my make thyself over-wise: why shouldest thou heart unto every work that is done under the destroy thysell ?

sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth 17 Be not over-much wicked, neither be over another to his own hurt. thou foolish : why shouldest thou die before 10 And so I saw the wicked buried, who thy time?

had come and gone from the place of the ho. 18 It is good that thou shouldest take hold ly, and they were forgotten in the city where of this ; yea, also from this withdraw not they had so done. This is also vaniiy. thine hand: for he that fearetu God shall I Because sentence against an evil work is come forth of them all.

not executed speedily, therefore the beart of 19 Wisdom strengthenethi the wise more the sons of men is fully set in them to do evii than ten mighty men which are in the city. 12 ! Though a sinner do evil an bundred

20 For there is not a just man upon earth, times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely that doeth good, and sinneth not.

I know that it shall be well with them that 21 Also take no beed unto all words that are fear God, which fear before him; spoken ; lest thou hear thy servant curse thee: 13 But it shall not be well with the wicked,

22 For oftentimes also thine own heart neither shall he prolong his days, which are as knoweth that thou thyself likewise hast curs- a shadow ; because he leareth not before God. ed others.

14 There is a vanity which is done upon the 23 | All this have I proved by wisdom : I earth; that there he just men, unto whom it said, I will be wise ; but it was far from me. happenetli according to the work of the wick.

24 That which is far off, and exceeding ed again, there be wieked men, to whom it deep, who can find it out?

happenculi according to the work of the righ 25 I applied mine heart to know, and 10 reous. I said that this also is vanily. search, and to seek out wisdom, and the rea- 15 Then I commended mirth, because a son of things, and to know the wickedness of man hatli no better thing under thie

sun, iban folly, even of foolishness and inadness : 10 eat, and to drink, and to be merry; for that

26 And I find more bitter than death the shall abide with him of his labour the days of woman whose heart is snares and nets, and Iris life, which God giveth bim under the sun. ber liands as bands : whoso pleaseth God shall 16 When I applied mine heart to know escape from her ; but the sinner sliall be ta- wisdom, and to see the business that is done ken by her.

upon the earth: (for also there is that neither 27 Behold, this have I found, (saith the day nor mglit seeth sleep with his eyes :) Preacher,) counting one by one, to find out

17 Then i belield all the work of God, that the account ;

a man cannot find out the work that is done 28 Whichi yet my soul seeketh, but I find under the sun : because though a man labour not: one man among a thousand havel found; to seek it out, yet lie shall not find it; yea but a woman among a!) those have I noi farther, though a wise mon think to know it, found.

yet shall be liot be able to find it. Lo, this only have I found, that God

CHAP. IX. made man uprigione

, but they have Fade this laconisered in my heart, even had out inventions.

declare this, that , and CHAP. VIII.

the wise, and their works, ure in the nand of THO is as the wise man and who know-God: no map kroueth either love or hatred


man's wisdom maketh luis face to shine, and 2 All things come alike to all: there is one the boldness of his face shall be changed. event to the righteous, and to the wicked;

2 ! I counsel thee to keep the king's com- to the good, and to the clean, and to the-un. mandment, and that in regard of the oa:h of clean; to liim that sacrificein, and to him God.

that sacrificeth not: as is the good, so is the 3 Be not hasty to go out of his sight: stand sinner; and he that sweareth, as he that fearnot in an evil thing; for he doeth whatsoever eth an oath. pleaseth him.

3 This is an evil among all things that are 4 Where the word of a king is, there is power; done under the sun, that there is one event unto and who may say unto him, What does thou ? all: yea, ało the heart of the sons of men is

5 Whoso keepeth the commandment shall full of evil, and inadness is in their lieart while feel no evil thing: and a wise man's lieart they live, and after that they go to the dead. discernetis both time and judgment.

* For to bim that is joined to all the liv. 6! Because to every purpose there is time ing there is liope: for a living dog is better and judgment; therefore tlie misery of man than a dead lion. is great upon him.

5 For the living know that they shall die': 1 For he knoweth not that wluch shall be: but the dead know not any thing, neither for wbo can tell him whien it shall be? bave they any more a reward; for the me

8 There is no man that hath power over mory of them is forgotten. the spirit, to retain the spirit; neither hath he 6 Also their love and their hatred, and their power in the day of death : and there is no envy, is now perished; neither have they


V. 6

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any more a portion for crer in any thing that therewith; and he that cleaveth wood shall is done under the sun.

be endangered thereby. 7! Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, 10 If the iron be blunt, and lie do not whet and drink thy wine with a merry liearı; for the edge, then must be put to more strength God now accepteth thy works.

but wisdom is profitable to direct. & Let thy garments be always white; and Il Surely the serpent will bite williout enlet thy head lack ro ointinent.

chantment; and a babbler is no better. 9 Live joyfully with the wife whom thou 12 The words of a wise man's mouth gre lovest allibe dars of the life of thy vanity, gracious: but the lips of a fool will swallow which he hati, given thee under the sun, all up limself. the days of thy vanity: for that is thy por- 13 The beginning of the words of his month. tion in this life, and in thy labour which ilou is foolishness; and the end of liis talk is mis. sakest under the sun.

chievous madness. jo Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do 11 A fool also is full of words a man canil with thy miglit; for there is no work, nor not tell what shall be; and what shall be ai device, nor kulowledge, nor wisdom, in the ter him, who can tell him? grare, whither thou goesi.

15 The labour of the foolish wearieth every 11 I returnerl, and saw under the sun, one of them, because he knoweth not low io that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle go to the cily. to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, 16 4 Woc to thee, Oland, when thy king is nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor a child, and thy princes eat in the morning! yet savour to men of skill; but time and 17 Blessed are dou, O land, when thy king chance happeneth to them all.

is the son of nobles, and they princes calin due 12 For inan also knoweth not his time: as season, for strengili, and not for drımkenness : the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and 18 ! By nucli slothsulness the building deas the birds that are caught in the snare; so cayelh; and through idleness of the bands the are the sons of men snared in an evil time, house droppetl through. when it falletlı suddenly upon them.

19 1 A least is inade for laughter, and 13 ( This wisdom have I seen also under wine maketh merry: but money answereth the sun, and it seemed great unto me:

all things. 14 There was a little city,and sew men within 201 Curse not the king, no not in thy it; and there came a great king against it, and thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedbesiegedit and built great bulwarks against il. chamber; for a bird of the air shall carry the

15 Now there was found in it a yoor wise voice, and that which hath wings shall tell man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city, the matter. yel no man remembered that same poor nian.

CAP. XI. 16 Then said l, wisdom is better than VAST thy bread upon the waters : for thou strength: nevertheless the poor man's wis- shalt find it after many days. dom is despised, and his word: are not lieard. 2 Give a portion to seven, and also to eight;

17 The words of wise men are heard in for thon knowest not what evil shall be upon quiet, more than the cry of him that rule the earth. among fools.

3. If the clouds be full of rain, ibey empty 18 Wisdom is better than weapons of war: themselves upon the earth: and if the tree But one siuner destroyeili much good. fall toward the south, or toward the uguis, CHẤP, X.

in the place where the tree falletb, there is D shall be

thecary to send forth a sinking savour: 4 lethat observethillie wind shall not sow'; so doth a little folly him that is in reputation and hic ibat regardeth the clouds siiall noi reap. for wisdom and lionour.

5 As thou know est not what is the way % A wise man's lieart is at his right hand; of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in but a fool's heart at his left.

the womb of lier that is with child; even 3 Yea also, when he that is a fool walketh so thou knowest not the works of God who by the way, his wisdom l'aileth him, and be maketh all. saith to every one that he is a fool

6 In the morning sow thy seed, and in the 4 If the spirit of the ruler rise up against evening withhold not thine hand: for thou thes, leave not thy place; for yielding paci- knowes! not whether shall prosper, either tieth great offences.

this or that, or whether they both shall be 5 here an evil which I have seen under alike good. The sun, as an error which proceedeth from 7 l Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant the ler:

thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun : 6- Folly is set in great dignity, and the & Bui ir anan live many years, and rejoice richi sic in low place.

in them all, yet let him remember the days ? I have seen servants upon horses, and of darkness; for they shall be many. All princes walking as servants upon the earth. Wat comelli is vanity.

8 He that diggeu a pit shall fall into it: 9 $ Rejoice, O young man, in thiy youth and whoso breakeun an hedge, a serpeut shall and let thy Jieart cheer tiee in the days of bite him,

thy youth, and walk in the ways of únine 9 Whoso removeth stones shall be luerelheart, and in the sigle of tine eyes: but

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know thou, that for all these things God will 6 Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the bring thee into judgment.

golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be 10 Therefore remove sorrow from thy broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken heart, and put away evil from thy fiesh: for at the cistern: childhood and youth ure vanity.

7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as CHAP. XII.

it was: and the spirit shall return unto God EMEMBER now thy Creator in the days who gave it.

8.1 Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher; not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shall all is vanity: say, I have no pleasure in them ;

9 And moreover, because the Preacher was 2 While the sull, or the light, or the moon, wise, he still tanght the people knowledge; or the stars, be not darkened, nor the clouds yea, he gave good heed, and sought oul, and recurn after the rain :

set in order many proverbs. 3 In the day when the keepers of the house 10 The Preacher souglit to find out accepte shal) tremble, and the strong men shall bow able words; and that which was written was themselves, and the grinders cease because upriglie, ecén words of truth. they are few, and those that look out of the II The words of the wise are as goads, and windows be darkened ;

as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, * And the doors shall be shut in the streets, which are given from one shepherd. when the sound of the grinding is low: and 12 And Turther, by these, my son, be adhe shall rise up at the voice of the bird; and monished: of making many books there is no all the daughters of musick shall be brougliu end ; and much study is a weariness of the low:

nesh. 5 Also ichen they shall be afraid of that 13 | Let us hear the conclusion orilie wliole which is high, and Tears sholl be in the way, matter ; Fear God, and keep Inis commandand the alınond-tree shall flourishi, and the ments : for this is the whole duty of man. grassliopper shall be a burden, and desire shall 14 For Cod shall bring every work into lail; because man goeth to his long home, judgment, will every secret thing, whether and the mourners go about the streets : it be good, or whether it be evi!.


imy spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof. THE Song of songs

, which is Solomon's 13 A bundle of myrrli is my well-beloved 2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his unto me; be shall lie all night betwixt my mouth : for thy love is better Dian wine. breasts.

3 Because of the savour of the good oint- 14 My beloved is unto me as a cluster of ments, thy name is as ointment poured forth, camphire in the vineyards of En-gedi. therefore do the virgins love thee.

15 Behold, thou art fair, my love; beliold, 4 Draw me, we will run after thee. The thou art fair ; thou hast doves' eyes. king hath brought me into his chambers : 16 Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, we will be glad and rejoice in thee; we pleasant : also our bed is green. will remember thy love more than wine : 17 The beams of our house are cedar, and the upright love thee.

our rasters of fir. 5 I am black, but comely, 0 ye daugli

CHAP. II. eres corren sales as the teuls of Kedar, as I 4.Mile rose of Sharon, and the lily of the the curtains of Solomon.

valleys 6 Look not upon ine, because I am black, 2 As the lily among thorns, so is my love because the sun hath looked upon me : my ainong the daughters. mother's children were angry with me; they 3 As the apple-tree among the trees of the made me the keeper of the vineyards, brit wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I mine own vineyard have I not kept. sat down under his shadow with great deliglit,

7 Tell me, 0 thou whom my soul loveth, and luis fruit was sweet to my taste. where thou feedest, where thou makest thy 4 He brought me to the banqueting-house, flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as and his banner over me was love. one that turneth aside by ile fucks of thy 5 Stay me with Hagons, comfort me with companions ?

apples; for I om sick of love. 81 If thou know not, thou fairest ainong. 6 His left hand is under my head, and his women, go thy way forth by the footsteps of right hand doth embrace me. the flock, and feed thy kids beside the shep-l 71 charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusaherus' tents.

lem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the 9 I have compared thec, O my love, to a field, that ye stir not up, vor awake my love, company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots. will be please.

10 Thy cheeks are coinely with rows of 8 1 The voice of iny beloved ! behold, he jewels, thy neck with chains of gold. cometh leaping upon the mountains, skip

11 * We will make thee borders of gold, ping upon the hills. with studs of silver,

9 My beloved is like a roe, or a young hart : 12 1 While the king sitleth at his table,Ibeliold, he standeth behind our wall, he look

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