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they be thy due, and thy sons' due, which arel. 12 Whatsoever hath no hins nog senion in given out of the encrifices of peace-offerings tho watcre, that oludl be au abomination un. of the children of Israel.

to you. 15 The heare-shoulder and the wave. 139 And diese are they which ye shall have breast shall they bring, with the offerings in abomination among the fowls; they shall made by fire of the fat, to wave it for a not be eaten, they are an abominative: T1wave-offering before the Lord; and it shall eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray, be thine, and thy sons with thee, by a statute 11 And the rulure, and the kile altec bis for ever; as the Lord liath commanded. kinl:

16 | And Moses diligently sought the goot! 15 Every raven after his kind; of the sin-offering, and, bebold, it was burne;f 16 And ihe owl, and the niglit-hawk, and and he was angry with Eleazar and Itha- the cuckoo, and the lawk after his kind, mar, the sons of Aaron which were lest alive, 17 And iine little owl, and the cormorant, saying,

and the great owl, 17 Vherefore have ye not eaten the sin- 18 And the swan, and the pelican, and the offering in the holy place, seeing it is most gier-eagle, noly, and God liath given it you to bear the 19 And the stork, and the heron after her iniquity of the congregation, io make alone- kind, and the lapwing, and the bat. mout for them before the LORD?

20 All fowls thet creep, going upon alı 18 Behold,the blood of it was not brought in four, shall be an abomiration unto you. within the holy place : ye should indeers have 21 let these may ye eal, of every flying eaten it in the lioly place, as I coinmanded. creeping thing thai gcetii uron all four

19 And Aaron said unto Moses,Behold, this which have legs above their feet, to leaf day have they offered their sin-offering and withal upon the earth; their burnt offering before the LURD; and 22 Even these of them ye may eat; the such things have befallen me : and if I had locust after liis kiud, and trie baid locust af eaten the sin-ntfering to-day, should it have ter liis kind, and the beetle after his kind been accepied in the sight of the LORD? and the grasshopper after luis kind. :

20 And when Moses beard ihul, he was 23 But other fying creeping things. content.

which lave four feet, shull be an abomina CHAP. XI.

tion unto you. ND the LORD spake unto Moses and to 24 And for these re shall be vuclean:

wliosoever touc!ieth the carcase of them shall - Speak' unto the children of Israel, say- be imclean until the even. ing, These are the beasts which ye shall eat 25 And wliosoever bearetli ought of the Einong all the beasts that are on the earth. carcase of tiem sai wash his clothes, and

3 17 talsoever partesh the hoof, wsd is he unclean until the even. cuven footed, and clieweth the cad, sinong 26 The carcases of every beast which di. the beasts, that shall ye eat.

videth the boof, and is noi cloven-footed, not 4. Nevertheless, these shall ye not eat or cheweth the cud, are unciean unto you: over them that chew the cud, or of their that ry one that touchell them shall be uncleau. divide the boof: as the cainel, beca ise lie 27 And whatsoever goeth upon his paws, cheweth the cud, but divideth not tiie lool*; among all manner of beasts that go on al die is unclean unto you.

four, those are unclea: unto you: wl:9.5 5 And the coney, because he cheveth the toucheth their carcase shall be unclean umil cud, Lut dividedi nol the loof; he is un- the even. clean unto you

23 And lie that beareth the carcase of 6 And the hare, because he chewetu the them shall washi liis cloties, and he vuclean cud, but divideth not the hool'; be is un- until the even : they are unclean unto you. clean unto you.

29 These also shull be uncienn unto you 7 And the swine, though le divide the among the creeping things that creep upan hoof, and be cloven-footed, yet lie cheweth the earth; The weasel, and the minussuu Raúl live cud; he is unclean to you. • 8 of their flesh shall ye noi eai, and their

30 And the fese snail, and the ... carcase shall ye not touch ; they are unclean the lizne care unclean to you among all that to jo).

creep: whosoever doth touch them, when they l There shall ye eat of all that scales be dead shall be unclean unt the even. the waters : Whatsoever halla' in the rivers, 32 And upon whatsoever any of them, when in the walers, in the er

they are dead, doth fall, it shall be unclean; them shallay that have not fins and scales in whether it be any vessel of wood, or raiment, the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move or skin, or sack, whatsoever vessel it bor in the waters, and of any living thing which wherein any work is done, it must be pu! is in the waters, they shall be an abomina- into water, and it shall be unclear until the rion unto you:

even; so it shall be cleansed. 11 They shall be even an abomination 33 And every earllen vessel whercinto ond onto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but of them falleth, whatsoever is in it shall be ye sliall have their carcases in abomination. lunclean; and ve shall break it.

llie tortoise after bis hin'le chameleon, ard

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44 Or al mcal which may be eaten, that to the sanctuary, until the days of her puri. on which such water cometh shall be un- fying be fulfilled. elean; and all drink that may be drunk in 5 But if shie bear a maid-child, then she every such vessel shill be unclean. shall be unclean two weeks, as in ber sepa.

31 And every thing whereupon any part ration; and she shall continue in the blood of their carcase falleth shall be unclean : forber purifying threescore and six days. whether it be oven, or ranges for pols, they 6 1 And when the days of her purifying are shall be broken down ; for they ure unclean, fulfilled, for a son, or for a danghter, she shall and shall be unclean unto you.

bring a lamb of the first year for a burnt-of36 Nevertheless a fountain or pit, woherein tering, and a young pigeor, or a rurtle dove, there is plenty of water, shall be clean : but for a sin-offering, un:o the door of the leberthat which toucheth their carcase shall be nacle of the congregation, unto the pries ; unclean

7 Who shall offer it before the Lord, and 37 And if any part of their carcase fall up- make an atoneinent for hier, and she shall be on any suwing-seed which is to be sown, it cleansed from the issue of 'lier blood. This shall be clean.

is the law for her that hath born a male or 38 But if any water be put upon the seed, a female. and any part of their carcase fall thereon, ii 8 And if she be not able to bring a lanıb, shall be unclean unto you.

then she shall bring two turtles, or two 33 And if any beast, of which ye may eat, young pigeons; the one for the burnt-offerdie; he tha ioucbeth the carcase thereofing, and the other for a sin-offering : and the shall be unclean until the even.

priest shall make an atonement for her, and 40 And he that ealeths of the carcase of it she shall be clean. shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until

CHAP. XIII. of it shall wash his clothes, and be cacheae AND the Loro spake unto Moscs and

saying, until the even.

2 When a man shall have in the skin of his 41 And every creeping thing that creep-flesh a rising; a scab, or briglit spot, and it be eth upon the earth shall be an abomination; in the skin of his flesh like ilie plague of leit shall not be eaten.

prosy; then he shall be broughi unto Aaron 42 Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and ibe priest, or unto one of his sons the priests. whatsoever goeth upon all four, or whatsı)- 3 And the priest shall look on the plague in ever hath more feet among all creeping the skin of the flesh: and when tlie liair in dings that creep upon the earth, them ye the plague is turned wbite, and the plague shall not eat; for they are an abomination. in siglii be deeper than the skin of his flesh,

43 Ye shall not make yourselves abomi- it is a plague of leprosy : and the priest shali nable with any creeping thing that creepeth, luok on lum, and pronouuce him unclean. neither shall ye make yourselves unclean with 4 If the bright spot be while in the skin of them,

that ye should be detiled thereby. his fesli, and in sight be not deeper than the 44 For I'am the LORD your God: ye shall skin, and the hair thereof be cot turned therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be woite; then the priest shall shut up him that holy; for I am holy: neither shall ye defile hoth the plague seven days. yourselves with any manner of creeping thing 5 And the priest shall look on bim the sethat creepeth upon the carth.

venth day; and, behoid, if the plague in his 45 For I am the LORD that bringeth you siglit be at a stay, and the plague spread nol up out of the land of Egypt: to be your God in the skin; then the priest shali shut him up ye shall therefore be huly; for I am holy. seven days more,

46 This is the law of the beasts, and of 6 And the priest shall look on him again the fowl, and of every living creature that the seventh day: and, bebold, if the plague moveth in the waters, and of every creature be somewhat dark, and the plague spread not that creepetli upon the earth ;

in the skin, the priest shall pronounce him 47 To make a difference between the un- clean ; it is but a scab: und we shall wash clean and the clean, and between the beas: his clothes, and be clean. that may be eaten and the beast that may 7 But if ile scah spread much abrond in the not be ealen.

skin, after that he hath been seen of the priest CHAP. XII.

for his cleansing, he siiall be seen of the ND the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, priest again.

2 Sreak unto the children of Isreal, 8 And if the priest sce that, behold, the saying, if a woman lave conceived seed, scab spreadeth in the skin; then the priest and born a man-cluild ; thien-the sliall heun shall pronounce him uncian: it is a leprosy clean seven days ; according to the days of y d'When the plague vi leprosy is in a man, the separation for her infirniity shall slie betben be shall be brought unto the priest; unclean.

10 and the priest sl:all see him; and, be: 3 And in the eighth day the flesh of his bold, if ile rising be while in the shin, and foreskin shall be circumcised.

it have turned the trair white, and there be 4 And she shall then continue in the blood quick raw flesh in the rising, of her purifying three and thirty days : she 11 It is an old leprosy in the skin of his shall touch no hallowed thing, vor come in Brah; and the priest shall pronounce hiw an

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clean, and shall not shut hin up: for he is 30 Then the priest shall see the plagire unclenn.

and, behold, if it be in siglit deeper than the 12 And if a leprosy break out abrond in the skin, and there be in it a yellow thin hair ; skin, and the leprosy cover all the skin of him then the priest shall pronounce him unclean, that hath the playlie, from his head even to it is a dry scall, eren a leprosy upon the head his fool, whereroever the priest looketh ;

or heard. is Then the priest xhall consider: and, be. 31 And if the priest look on the plague of hold, if the leprosy bave covered all bis Resh, the scall, and, behold, it be not in sight deeper he shall pronounce nim clean that hath the than the skin, and that there is no black hair plagile ; it is all lurred wliile: he is cran. in it; then the priest stial! shut up him that

À But when raw Mesli appearetu in bin, huth the plague of the scall seven days. he shall be unclean.

32 And in the seventh day the priest shall look 15 And the priest shall see the raw flesh. on the plague: and, behold, if the scail spread aud pronounce nim to be unclean; for the not, and there be in il no yellow biair, and the raw Hoshi is unclean : it is a leprosy. scall he noi in sight deeper than the skin;

16 Or if the raw flesh turn again, and he 33 He shall be shaven, but the scall shail changed into white, he shall come unto the he not slave: and t!re priest shell slut UP priest;

tła: hath the scall seven day's more. 17 And the priest shali sme liim. and. he- 31 And in the seventh day the priest shall hold, if the plague be turned into white ; look on the scall: and, belold, if the scall then the priest shall pronounce him clean le not spread in the skin, nor be in sight that hath the plague: he is clean. deeper than the skin; then the priest shall

18 !! The Besh also, in which, eren in the pronounce him clean : and he shall wash his skin thereof, was a boil, and is liealed, clothes, and be clean.

19 And in the place of the boil there be a 33 But if the scall spread much in the skin white rising, ora bright spot, white,and some after his cleansing; wllut recidish, and it be shewed to the priest : 36 Then the priest shall look on him: and,

20 And if, whien the priest seeth il, bebold, belold, if the scall be spread in the skin, the it be in sight lower than the skin, and the priest shall not seek for yellow hair; he is hair thereof be tvrhed white, the priest shall unclean. pronounce him unclean: it is a plague of 37 But if the scall be in his sight at a stay leprosy broken out of the boil.

and that there is black hair grown up there 21 But if the priest look on it, and, behold, in; the scall is healed, ise is clean : and tho there be 119 white hairs therein, and if it be not priest shall pronounce him clean. lower than the skin, but he somewliat dark, 38 | If a man also or a woman have in the then the priest shall shut iim up seven days. skin of their tiesii bright spots, even white

12. And if it spread much abroad in ihe bright spols; skin, then the priest shall pronounce lim un- 39 Then the priest shall look : and, behold, clean: it is a plague.

lif the bright spots in the skin of their flesh 23 But if the bright spot stay in his place, be darkish white; it is a freckled spot that and spread not, it is a burning boil; and the groweth in the skin : he is clean. priest shall pronounce him clean.

40 And the man whose hair is fallen off his 2+ ! Oi if there be any flesh, in the skin head, he is bald : yet is lie clean. whereof there is a lot burning, and the quick 41 And be thai bath his liair fallen of flesh that burneth have a white briglit spot, from the part of his lead toward his face, somewhat reddisti, or white ;

he is forehend bald : yel is lie clean. 25 Then the priest shall blok upon it: and 42 and if there be in the bald head, or behold, if the hair in the briglie spot be inrn- hald forehead, a white reddish sore, it is a erd white, and it be in sig: deeper than the leprosy sprung up in bis bald head, or iiis skin, it is a leprosy broken out of the burn- bald foreboad; ing : wherefore the priest shall pronounce +3 Then the priest shall look uponit: and, he. him unclean ; it is the plaglie or leprosy. bold, if the rising of the sore be white reddish

26 But if the priest look on it, aul, behold, in his hald head, or in his hald forehead, as there be no white linir in the bright spol, and live leprosy appeared in itse skin of the tiesh, it be no lower than the other skin, but le 41 He is a leprous man, he is unclean: the somewhat dark ; tien the priest sbail shirt priest shall pronounce iim utterly unclean him up seven days.

bis plague is in iis bend. 27 And the priest shull look upon him ile And tiy leper in, whom the plague is severth day: and if it be spreau nuci abroad Mis clothes shen be redund Sean hare in the skin, then the priest shall pronource and be shall polimeriikarpon his upper him unclean : il is the plague of leprosy. and shall cry, Unclean, unclean.

28 And if the Srigit spot stay in place, 46 All ile days wherein the plague shal arua xpread not in the skin, but it be somewhat he in him he shall be defiled; he is unclean. dark; it is a rising of the buruing, and the lie shall dwell alone; without the camp shult priest shall pronounce him clean ; for it is an his habitation be. inflammation of the burning.

47 1 The gnrmen: also that the plague of 2: Sli'a man or woman lave a plague up- leprosy is in, whether it be a woollen garment "he load or the heard ;

or a linen garment,

43 Whether it be in the warp or woof, of hyssop, and shall dip them and the living nnen, or of woolles, whether in a skin, or in bird in the blood of tlie bird that was killed any thing made of skin;

over the running water; 49 And if the plagne be greenish or red- 7 And he shall sprinkle upon him that is dish in the garment, or in the skin, either in to be cleansed from the leprosy seven times, ihe warp, or in the woul, or in any thing oljard shall pronounce him clean, and shall let skin ; it is a plague of leprosy, and shall be the living bird loose into the open field. shewed unto the priest.

8 And lie that is to be cleansed shall wash 50 And the priest shaillook upon the plague, his clothes, and shave off all lair,and wash and shut up it that halh the plague seven days. himself in water, that he may be clean; and

51 And he shall look on the plague on the after that he shall come into the camp, and seventh day: is the plague be spread in the shall tarry abroad out of his tent seven days. garment, either in the warp, or in the woof, or 9 Bullit shall be on the seventh day, that in a skin, or in any work that is made of skin, he shall shave all liis hair off lijs head, and the plague is a freiting leprosy; it is unclean. bis beard, and his eye-brows, even all his

52 He shall thereture burn that garment, hair he shall shave off': and he shall wash his whether warp or woof, in woollen or in lin- clothes, also be shall wast liis flesh in water, ea, or any thing of skin, wherein the plague and he shall be clean. is: fer it is a freiting leprosy; it shall be burnt 10 And on the eighth day he shall take two in the fire.

he-lambs without blemisli, and one ewe-lamb 53 And if the priest shall look, and, behold, of the first yetir without blemish, and three the plague be not spread in the garment, ei- ienth-deals of fine four for a meat-offering, ther in the warp, or in the woof, or in any mingled with oil, and one log of oil; thing of skin;

Jl And the priest that maketh him clean 54 Then the priest shall command that they shall present the man that is to be made clean, wash the thing wherein the plagiie is, and he and those things, before the Lori), at the shall shut it up seven days more.

door of the tabernacle of the congregation. 5.) And the priest shall look on the plague, 12 And the priest shall take one he-lamb, after that it is washed : and, behold, if the and offer him for a trespass-ofiering, and the * plague have not changed his colour, and the log of oil, and wave tliein for a wave-offerplague be not spread, it is unclean ; thousing before the Lord. shalt burn it in the fire : it is fret inward, 13 And he shall slay the lamb in the place whether it be bare within or without. where he shall kill the sin-offering, and the

i And if the priest look, and, behold, the larut--ffering, in the holy place : for as the plague be somewhat dark after the washing sin-offering is the priest's, so is the trespass. of it; then he shall rend it out of the gar- offering ; it is most boly, ment, or out of the skin, or out of the warp, 14 And the priest shall take some of the or out of the woof.

blood of the trespass-offering, and the priest 57 And if it appear still in the garment, ei- shall put it upon the tip of the right ear of ther in the warp, or ið the wool, or in any him that is to be cleansed, and upon the thing of skin, it is a spreading plague : thou thumb or his right hand, and upon the great shali burn that wherein the plague is with fire. toe of his right foot.

53 And the garment, either warp or woof, 15 And the priest shall take some of the log er whatsoever thing of skin it be, which tlou of oil, and pour it into the palm of his own shalt wash, if the plague be departed from left hand: thein, then it shall be washed the second 16 And the priest shall dip his right firger time, and shall be clean.

in the oil that is in his leli' hand, and shall 59'1 bis is the law of the plague of leprosy in sprinkle of the oil with his finger seven Lines a garment of woollen or linen, eitier in the before the Lord. warp or woot, or any uliing of skins, to pro- 17 And of the rest of the oil that is in iis Aounce it clean,

or to pronounce it unclean. hand shall the priest piit upon the tip of the CHAP. XIV.

riglil ear of him that is to be cleansed, ard A ND the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon

2 This shall be the law of the leper in the great toe of his riglit foot, upon the blood the day of his cleansing ; He shall be brought of the trespass-offering. unts the priest.

18 And the remnant of the oil that is in the 3 And the priest shall go forth out of the priest's hand he shall pour upon the head of camp: and the priest shall look, and, tehold, him that is to be cleansed: and the priest shail is the plague of leprosy be healed in the leper; make an atonemeni for him before the LORD

4 Then shali the priest command to take 19 And the priest siiall offer the sin-offerfor him that is to be cleansed two birds alive ing, and make an atonement for him that is and clean, and cedar-wood, and scarlet, and to be cleansed from his uncleanness, and afbyssop.

terward he shall kill the burnt-offering. 5 And the priest shall command that one 20 And the priest shall offer the burnt-of.. of the birds be killed in an earthen vessel tering; and the ineut-offering upon the altar ; over running water.

and ibe priest shall make an alonement for 6 As for the living bird, he shall take it, bin, and he shall be clean. and the cedar-wood, and wie scarlet, and thel 21 And if he be poor, and cannot get su

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then he shall take one lamb for a tres-to the door of the house, and shut up the house pass-offering to be waved, to make an atone- seven days. ment for him, and one tenth-deal of fine 39 And the priest shall come again the seflour mingled with oll for a meat-offering, venth day, and shall look : and, behold, if the and a log of oil,

plague be spread in the walls of the house ; 2 And two turtle-doves, or two young 40 Then the priest shall command that pigeons, such as he is alle to get; and the they take away the stones in which the plague one shall be a sin-offering, and the other a is, and they shall cast them into an unclean burnt-offering :

place without the city. 23 And he shall bring them on the eighth 41 And he shall cause the house to he scraday for his cleansing unto the priest, unto ped within round about, and they shall pour che door of the tabernacle of the congrega- out the dust that they scrape off without the tion, before the Lord.

city into an unclean place. 24 And the priest shall take the lamb of 42 And they shaltake other stones, and put the trespass-offering, and the log of oil, and them in the place of those stones; and he shall the priest shall wave them for a wave-offer- take other mortar, and shall plaster the bouse. ing before the Lord.

43 And isthe plague come again, and break 25 And be shall kill the lambof the trespass- out in the house, after that le haih taken offering, and the priest shall take some of the away the stones, and after he hath scraped blood of the trespass-oilering, and put it Ipon the house, and after it is plastered; the tip of the right ear of him that is to be 44 Then the priest shall come and look : cleansed, and upon the thumb of his right and, behold, if ihe plague be spread in the hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot. house, it is a Treuing leprosy in the house ;

26 And the priest shall pour of the oil into it is unclean the palın of his own left hand.

45 And he shall break down the house, the 27 And the priest shall sprinkle with his stones of it, and the timber thereof, and all the righit finger some of the oil that is in his left moriar of the house; and he shall carry them hand seven times before the LORD. forth out of the city into an unclean place.

28 And the priest shall put of the oil that 46 Moreover, he that goeih into the house is in liis hand upon the tip of the right ear of all the while that it is shut up shall be unhim that is to be cleansed, and upon the thumb/clean uritil the even. of his right hand, and upon the great toe of 47 And he that lieth in the house shall his right foot, upon the place of the blood of wash his clothes; and he that eateth in the the trespass-offering.

house shall wash his clothes. 23 And the rest of the oil that is in the 48 | And if the priest shall come in, and priesi's hand be shall put upon the head of look upon it, and, behold, the plague bath him that is to be cleansed, to make an atone- not spread in the house, asier the house was ment for hin before the LORD.

plastered; then the priest shall pronounce the 30 And he shall offer the one of the turtle-house clean, because the plague is healed. doves, or of the young pigeons, such as he 49 And be shall take to cleanse the house can get;

iwo birds, and cedar-wood, and scarlet, and 31 Even such as he is able to get, the one hyssop, for a sin-offering, and the other for a burnt- 50 And he shall kill the one of the birds oilering, with the meat-offering: and the in an earthen vessel over running water. priest shall make an atonement for him that 51 And he shall take the cedar-wood, and is to be cleansed hefore the Lord. the hyssop, and the scarlet, and the living

32 This is the law of him in whom is the bird, and dip them in the blood of the slain plague of leprosy, whose hand is not able to bird, and in the running water, and sprinkle gei thal which pertaineth to his cleansing. the house seven times.

33 | And the LORD spake unto Moses and 52 And he shall clanse the house with the unto Aaron, saying,

blood of the bird, and with the running wa. 34 When yé come into the land of Ca- ter, and with the living bird, and with the naan, which I give to you for a possession, cedar-wood, and with the hyssop, and with and I put the plague of leprosy in a house of the scarlet. the land of your possession ;

53 But he shall let go the living bird out of 35 And he that owneth the house shull come the city into the open fields, and make an and tell the priest, saying, lı seemeth to me atonement for the house: and it shall be clean. there is as it were a plague in the bouse: 54 This is the law for all manner of plague

36 Then the priest shall command that they of leprosy, and scall, emply the house, before the priest go into i 55 And for the leprosy of a garment, and to see the plague, that all thai is in the house of a house, be pot made unclean; and afterward the 56 And for a rising, and for a scab, and priest shal! go in to see the house.

for a bright spot; 37 And he shall look on the plague: and, 57 To leach when it is unclean, and when behold, if the plague be in the walls of the it is clean: this is the law of leprosy. house with hollow streaks, greenish or red

Tlucu tie priest shall go out of the house'


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